Friday, February 16, 2007

Why Evolution is Impossible --one reason

"Here is just one reason why an evolutionary origin of life is impossible" --by Duane Gish, 2007

"All forms of raw energy are destructive. The energy available on a hypothetical primitive Earth would consist primarily of radiation from the sun, with some energy from electrical discharges (lightining) and minor sources of energy from radioactive decay and heat. The problem for evolution is that the rates of destruction of biological molecules by all sources of raw energy vastly exceed their rates of formation by such energy. The only reason Stanley Miller (Science 117:528) succeeded in obtaining a small amount of products in his experiment was the fact that he employed a trap to isolate his products from the energy source. Here evolutionists face two problems. first, there could be no trap available on a primitive Earth. Second, a trap by itself would be fatal to any evolutionary scenario, for once the products are isolated in the trap, no further evolutionary progress is possible, because no energy is available. In his comments on Miller's experiment, D.E. Hull stated that "These short lives for decomposition in the atmosphere or ocean clearly preclude the possiblity of accumulating useful concentrations of organic compounds over eons of time.....The physical chemist guided by the proven principles of chemical thermodynamics and kinetics, cannot offer any encouragement to the biochemist, who needs an ocean full of organic compounds to form even lifeless coacervates."

The Hull quote is from an article by him in Nature 186:693

Just happened to have this on my computer desk --from Institute for Creation Research.

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