Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Abortion Battle Rages On

Liberal dem--I don't get any of my comments right out of magazines --unless I attribute to them.

You are being very judgmental to say i don't care about kids after they are born. And wrong. Your bigotry and vitriol are leaking out for all to see.

I don't really get ANY magazines that are primarily about "pro-life" --a couple of news bulletins in the mail now and then. I don't even read them often because I know the position. However, we do read occasionally in conservative press about the deaths of women in abortion clinics. I told you before, but you deleted it, about my young friend in Angola who wanted to back out of her abortion after paying $600 to the clinic --and they forced her on to the table and forced her to go through with the procedure. If I knew a good lawyer.....

FAR FEWER women sought abortions when it was illegal --so overall, fewer died then, than die now from being aborted. and there were more shotgun weddings as boyfriends didn't have an alternative to kill the child --many of those couples stayed together and made good marriages.
I think we've killed 40 million so far.

And don't tell me pregnancy is more dangerous to women than abortion --not so with the one for one breast cancer rate.

Watch LD delete me --He posts his own prejudicial garbola as truth, and very little that disagrees with it. He wants a totally consistent liberal point of view on his blog --without challenge or exception. Except when he has time to try to persecute me. But sometimes, he's at a loss for words and then deletion is easier.

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