Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More on Abortion and Sex Ed in Africa

Don --I said a constitutionally faithful court will recognize partial birth abortion for what it is. I didn't address the legislative issue.

In Roe V Wade, the law of the land was against all abortion. They may have only legalized 1st term, but that, in effect, legalized abortion in general, especially in the public mind -- the state at first had no laws to address abortion with a 1st trimester exception, since all abortion was illegal.

Someday the partial birth abortion issue will reach the federal bench, i suspect, given the extreme position of pro-choicers who DO favor abortion as birth control --for whatever reasons women choose at any time during the pregnancy.

You said the court had consistently weighed in to protect fetal life --obviously not in 1973 --after which the abortion of the allegedly raped Roe never occured --whose child is a pro-life activist today --and the mother, also, after being converted to Christ and leaving lesbianism and her job in an abortion clinic. Her alleged rape was not a rape. The phony Rape claim made the court more sympathetic to her plight as a pregnant woman.

So the great Roe decision was founded on fraud.

Microdot, Uganda embraced the abstinence before marriage style of sex ed in their nation and is the leading African nation in REDUCTION of new HIV infections and AIDS victims.

You tout the condom advocacy method of sex ed without realizing it only gives our youth license to become sexually active --because of the way the info is given--non-judgmentally, with expectation that premarital sex is inevitable and even desirable --without moral instruction about the realities of promiscuity, the real risks to emotional and physical health, the jeopardy to future family stabilty --even with condoms and birth control --

I DO favor KNOWLEDGE of condoms and the Pill and all their risks --and knowledge of the fact that promiscuity, even with safeguards, cannot guard the heart or one's romance --nor prevent all pregnancy or disease --nor the MANY other negative side effects of promiscuity and extra-marital activity at any age --but especially for the young.

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