Tuesday, February 20, 2007

On Weyrich's Criticism of Bush, Call for 50's Values

Paul Weyrich and Bill Lind call for a revival of 50's values in The American Conservative. Bush simply is too conservative for the left--and too left for the right --I say, because he IS a compassionate conservative and spent money like democrats (AIDS relief in Africa, e.g.) --and he DOES have the long view regarding the Middle-East --BUT he's no Lone Ranger in his views --he has plenty of advisors on foreign policy and from the military. He can't heed all of them, so he goes with the ones whose views sync most with his own --and Rice's. And I think he's absolutely right about IRaq --we better win --or die. Announcing withdrawal and pressuring us to do it, gives the terrorists and insurgents lots of patience --they'll just wait us out, only to really step it up after we leave.

Dems are very strident and loud right now -- really afraid of a victory for Iraq because that might mean another Republican president --and THAT might mean the eventual end of legalized abortion as birth control --and the prospect of gay marriage--their two pet projects.

If we abandon the peace loving moderates of Iraq who just want peace and safety more than revenge against each other and Israel, we will leave the place in a worst tempest than they've had since our presence in the country. And don't think we brought the mess to Iraq --unless you think Sadam was a humane and orderly leader. Orderly, perhaps --if that's what you call exterminating all your critics in the most grisley manner. His own death at the hands of his victims was his just dessert, not that we approved of the method, but he did deserve to experience what he had done to so many during his reign of terror.

I certainly do agree with the authors, that we must win the cultural war in America --both legislatively and judicially --and in the hearts of the citizenry. Porn and extra-marital sex are going to reap a harvest of broken homes and gov't dependent citizens in therapy.

As for 50's Culture, as I recall, it wasn't all that great --however, we did have more respect for family, church, believers, the Bible --generally --in those "good ol' days --and less filth in entertainment media.

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