Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Autism Gene Found & Implications

The possibility of healing by altering DNA is good news even from a conservative point of view. However, the prospect of abortion of disabled children is a temptation for us that we should flee. Pre-natal therapies and remedies should continue to be our goal.

God IS a loving God --and all of life's imperfections are a result of man's original rebellion --but Jesus also said God could be glorified in our weaknesses and infirmities --as Jesus healed such people. People's disabilities actually bring out the best in the rest of us, sometimes, as we see people approach sainthood with their tireless devotion to and affection for the disabled --such as those at Sunshine Children's Home--many of whom have happy dispositions and enjoy their lives, despite their afflictions --regardless of our judgment on the quality of their lives.

I know such a child, worse off than autistic, and he is joy personified --and could not be more loved than by his mother and grandparentss, nor more cared for by medical community. He was the product of a one-night stand UTI, but the mother would not abort. Her life is wholly devoted to this child whom she loves supremely.

Jesus promised a new future where there will be no more tears, sickness or death. The disabled often know of God and love Him completely --and they will go straight to Heaven like innocent children, covered by Christ's atonement regardless of their capacity for understanding. That's the kind of God we have in Christ --compassionate for the humble and the weak.

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Barb said...

Let me qualify this post --Of course most conservatives welcome all gene studies and true science. This post of mine was a response to Liberal Democrat of the blog Politics in Mudville, who suggested that conservatives don't approve of gene studies. He represents the bigoted, erroneous thinking of so many liberals--and promotes such thinking at least in one blog post per day --in his voluminous and shallow, terse comments on news articles he selects.