Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Big Tent

I believe in the BIG TENT.

We are all welcome in the Family of God --if we simply acknowledge who we are (sinners) and who Christ is (Savior.)

Out of that Family, we go into all the world and tell people there is Good News --we tell people who do not believe, that God has made Himself, His Law and plan of salvation known through the bible and in the person and death and resurrection of Jesus.

I would rather spend my days talking with people who do not agree with me --who do not believe in the Bible --who do not know or believe that Christ has made an escape from death for us.

I don't expect to be popular for it --Jesus wasn't --HIs disciples weren't --early church martyrs were not --

In fact, a Christian who is universally adored and respected hasn't stepped on any toes --but the Word of God, when preached and taught and quoted --DOES step on toes. And avoiding toes, won't save anyone. We have to engage in crucial conversations. It's a matter of life or death.

Of course, it's most effective if we can have loving relationships and influence people to have faith out of those relationships --but anytime push comes to shove --and we are confronted with the claims of Christ and the necessity to do something about them before we die --the love relationship is strained.

Jesus did not make everyone happy --He stepped on toes --especially the toes of the proud --which might be all folks today.

I may speak as though I think "I know" --I sound confident in what I believe and that is not admired. But it isn't arrogance about ME. I'm not claiming to be the righteous one --He is--it's just that "I know whom I have believed" as the scripture says. i know my own spiritual experience --and I have become assured that this Gospel of Christ is truth and essential for everyone to know and believe.

And the gospel does apply to every social issue in the world.

So I'm here on forums and blogs because diversity should be desireable on forums. I should be able to say, "Liberals think this.... or that....." and have them come back and say yea or nay --I am either right or wrong about them. Likewise, things said about the religious right folks on line are often extremely wrong --I should be here to say so.

Or is delusion really preferable?

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