Friday, February 9, 2007

St. Paul a Homosexual? No Way!

uptheflag said...
St. Paul was a homosexual himself. He rebukes homosexuality to cover this own gayness up. In the OT, Jews wrote against it because they needed males to fight against the Arabs. Christ didn't even have any words about it. It's time to come to grips with reality, barb, and accept that homosexuality is a development of our evolutionary existence. If a God is love, God is good, and if
salvation is only thru Jesus Christ, how can a mere human deny God created a dangerous and unfit person? To posit a "God" is to accept with love and goodness what "God" creates. Indeed, you and others may have to burn in hell
for rejecting and persecuting humanity that "God" created.

6:59 AM EST

Barb said...
Uptheflag: On what authority do you say Paul was a homosexual? He said he had the gift of celibacy --as Catholic priests are supposed to have before going into the priesthood.

Paul said it is better to marry than to burn (with lust) and that he didn't have that problem and that celibate single status freed one to give all his time to ministry.

He certainly denounced homosexuality --and then denounced judging people for sins when you are guilty of the very same sins --so I don't think he was like poor ted haggard --preaching against a sin he was committing.

He also would have been denounced by the Jews and Christians if he practiced homosexuality.

As for Jesus, He said He didn't come to reinterpret or change the Law of God --but to FULFILL it. He said the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. And He said that [while eye for an eye is a standard of justice}, he had a new command that we return good for evil. After all, the Old Testament God said, "Vengeance is MINE, I will repay" --meaning we were not to try to get even all the time by returning evil for evil. Both Testaments say we should leave the justice to God in our personal disputes and concentrate on the forgiveness that makes for peace. that didn't mean we ignore bullies who are oppressing the weak. That didn't mean there was never a "just war" or an episode where justice should be carried out.

Jesus said a man should "leave his parents and cleave to his wife." He didn't address homosexuality directly because it was not a condoned activity nor a common sin among the Jews to whom Christ preached. No one was trying to condone the sin of homosexuality in his audience --nor was He, by not speaking about it. They all agreed that the only rightful sex was hetero-marriage. Anything else was SIN: fornication, adultery, or abominations like homosex, bestiality, sex with close relatives (incest) --or "harming the little ones" (pedophilia.)

He spoke out against divorce except for cause of adultery. and we assume abusive exploitation of any kind would be just cause for the innocent party to divorce.

Incompatibility would be no excuse; and deciding to adulterate with a gay lover would be no excuse to divorce a wife and leave children--though the episcopalian church condones it for their bishop.

Homosex is certainly not a matter of evolution--because homosexuals don't reproduce. There is no evidence to date that homosexuality is caused by genes.

I don't reject or persecute murderers, thieves, adulterers, pedophiles, or homosexuals. All of these have entertained sinful thoughts and proceeded to act on them. They sinned first in thought and then in deed. The Bible warns us to resist temptation --FLEE it.

susannah Wesley said to her 17 children that they couldn't keep the birds of temptation from flying around their heads; but they needn't let them nest in their hair. So it is with sinful inclination. We have free will. We have choice. and there are consequences to our choices.

Homosexuals are not inevitably homosexual. they may be victims of parenting and other childhood influences --parents who don't help them have normalcy --who may cause their abnormalcy --but they are not MADE homosexual from birth by God. The Bible says God gives them up to their sins, however, because they CHOOSE to worship creature more than Creator --which is what happens when one first entertains any sinful thought --to do that which he knows to be wrong --but does it anyway.

I especially feel sorry for someone who feels homosexually attracted because they have sexual self image issues --because they identify with the opposite sex. We should be looking for causes to prevent this sad state in our children --we should consciously influence children to be normal in their sexuality because they are not designed for same sex activity. It's generally an unhealthy and extremely promiscuous, unsatisfying life --and shortened by disease for many men in these past few decades.

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