Tuesday, February 20, 2007

back up for my elsewhere post --on extremist Muslims and their disapproval of our decadent sex lives

Deny away, noah's ark --you with the leaky boat of leftist logic and overreaching satire.

Extremist Muslims being cultivated in the most fundamentalist schools of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and even in the u.s. -- think the west is decadent and filled with evil temptation and thus should be overcome by them so a Muslim theocracy can eventually rule the world.

If I am in error about this, LD is even in GREATER error for accusing the evangelicals/fundamentalist Christians in the U.S. of being just like these extremists. We'd like to see an eventual theocracy, all right, with Jesus as King --but He said His kingdom is not of this world. Though there is to be a 1000 year reign of Christ prophesied in Revelations. We don't think we have any duty to usher in that era by fomenting problems in the middle east--as we are accused of doing. And we don't think forced conversions are conversions at all. So we aren't like the extremist Muslims who will only spare your head if you convert.

These fundamentalist Muslims do share one thing with fundamentalist Bible believers in America--the belief that those big issues in America's "culture war," those big concerns to the "values voters," are sins and a symptom of America's decadence.

But I would agree that murder is a worse sin. The crime of 9/11 was worse than anything we do in our sex lives. But ALL sin is equally condemned by God and separates us from Him --such that we need to repent of it in order to receive His free grace and eternal life.

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