Tuesday, February 27, 2007

He is Risen Indeed! Lib. profs say otherwise

There was no reason for the Gospel writers to elaborate on a risen Jesus --they could have followed a religion without it. They believed --because there WAS a risen Jesus--and I take their accounts as reliable.

uptheflag does not. And apparently you do not, LD, since you scoff at the "irony" of those who "hold fast to a belief" in the resurrection. I know all about our liberal profs who dig up obscure myths of deities resembling Jesus to cast doubt on the faith of millions of college students--but none of their finds has so much historical documentation as the One whose temple of living stones housing the Holy Spirit has survived and flourished to this day--even in the hearts of highly educated, civilized people.

Easter will come and MILLIONS of Christians will say the age old greeting of the early church to one another: "He is Risen!" and answer, "He is Risen Indeed!"

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