Sunday, February 18, 2007

On original Sin

liberal_dem said...
But actually, there is nothing new under the sun--when it comes to mankind's sinful nature.

Why do you suppose, barb, that mankind IS so sinful? Was it the apple?

9:17 AM EST

Barb said...
It wasn't the apple. Call it allegory if you want. It was the temptor.

Mankind heard him at the door, and walked through with him --and has been doing so ever since --and receiving the death penalty for it. You can deny the cause, to your detriment, but you cannot deny the penalty. It's coming for each of us.

It's as though they accessed a forbidden icon on their desktop and received a curse for all of us for their disobedience.

I never LIKED this story --who would? But if it's true --there is a bright side --an escape from the curse --access the Repentence icon --and the Faith in Christ as Savior icon--and a whole new world opens up --and it's eternal. And as Jesus said, "My yoke is easy; my burden light." He is our mediator --our attorney --our defender --and when a Holy god looks upon our sin, it is covered by the blood of the Passover Lamb.

Whether you believe the Bible or not, death is the bad news which cannot be denied --and the Gospel of Christ is the good news which gives us great hope beyond the grave.

12:46 PM EST

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