Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Taliban vs. Christians re: Homosexuals --Haggard Rehabilitated?

Ted haggard needs to seek employment other than the preaching or teaching ministry, as he has a pretty severe problem and while I believe in God's miraculous power to forgive and heal, the years of duplicity as a minister preaching against homosexuality while seeking male prostitutes, cannot be ignored. He only quit because he was caught, apparently.

I said the same of Bakker and Swaggart. Ted needs to find some other secular way to replace his lost income and keep the standard of living to which his family has become accustomed. Either that, or work out his repentance by going into sacrificial ministry, such as practical work on a mission field --building habitat houses or something like that. I feel sorry for his family who was used to living well financially. And I'm sorry the church has lost a gifted minister. I hope they don't back down and put him back in the pulpit at his church or any other. His word and integrity have simply lost credibility. I feel sorry for him, for this compulsion he had, but we can't trust him so quickly to not be a wolf in sheep's clothing.

As for your charge, LD, that the Christians who believe homosexual acts are sin, who don't believe in ordaining gay ministers and thus have pulled their churches out of denominations which have changed to condone homosexuality --for you to say they are the same as Taliban who would murder homosexuals--that's just illogical, unfactual, wrong--hyperbolic to the extreme.

The American Christians are not calling for murder of homosexuals. St. Paul and the Old Testament did say that homosexual acts deserve death --he didn't call for their death because they already receive it. Paul and the rest of the Bible list homosexual acts with a host of other sins that all of us have committed, to some degree or other --and he said that the wages of ALL sin are death --The death penalty and curse for sin in general are already upon all of us --we are mortal because of sin. And we ALL deserve it because "All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God." "There is none righteous, no not one."

so Paul was stating the obvious, homosex is sin and sin has already earned death from God --MORTALITY.

It is when we repent of our sin, trusting Christ for our eternal salvation, that we REGAIN the spiritual IMmortality God intended for us at Creation.

As for the Creationism book, I'm sure that Muslims are just as divided on this issue as Christians. The fundamentalists in either religion would not believe in evolution. it's just not as self-evident as, say, gravity. And we don't see the evidence ongoing today --no humans evolving --in fact, some might say devolving is more obvious. We certainly aren't becoming more civilized or godlike with time. Witness the ongoing childish conflicts between democrats and conservatives --such as the irrational charge that Christians want to murder gays.

Notice a NASA gal who would travel in a diaper and disquise to threaten or kill a rival.

A man who would kidnap 2 boys.

We know better than to live like animals and follow every base inclination--but we do it anyway.

And that's why we die --but while "the wages of sin is death; the gift of God is eternal life through jesus Christ, Our Lord."

the problem with the gays in the churches, is that they want us to "call evil good and good, evil" --to change the definition of sin in the Bible.

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