Sunday, February 18, 2007

Democrats and Hedonism/Hypocrisey

My Letter to the Blade

Democrats would advance hedonism

Former White House staffer J. David Kuo urges Religious Right voters to take a two-year "fast" from voting to show the Republicans that they are not in their pocket.

Of course, if they do, the Republicans would lose and the effect would be a disaster - as it will be if the Democrats win and embrace the socialistic, immoral, blindly dovish, anti-family ideologies of their liberal leadership.

Hopefully, a Republican Congress and President have given us some better judges who will help to put the brakes on our slide into national debauchery, already woefully advanced.

I am astounded by how many young couples don't bat an eye about living together without being married.

I am chagrined by Honeywell, Ford, Disney, Wal-Mart, and other Fortune 500 companies advancing the gay agenda with their support for gay events and financial benefits bestowed upon homosexual couples same as married hetero couples.

People who live by traditional mores and conceive and raise children are still the bedrock of civilization, sacrificing their time and money, trying to raise responsible, moral, and educated citizens for the future, who will in turn raise those who will support Social Security, defend the nation, and produce more children like themselves in the future.

The self-centered, promiscuous, porn-addicted, sexually confused hedonism of our culture will only be advanced by a Democratic majority in government.

Of the Republican "scandals," the charges are all about using money to get each other elected (forgetting the gross campaign finance offenses of the Clintons), and trying to mercifully, discreetly get the pederast Mark Foley to behave before he would bring down the party with him. Mr. Foley's gone; the adulterous Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy stayed in office. How can the Democrats call the Republicans the hypocrites? The GOP at least believes in morality.

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