Friday, February 9, 2007

See this week's Newsweek about Prosti-Tots --Little Girls Gone Wild

WOW, See this week's Newsweek with Brittney and Paris on the cover. I'm always thrilled to see the secular media wake up to the cultural influences that are corrupting our kids. Thrilled to see that they recognize corruption when they see it--and don't just report on it, but TAKE A SIDE!

I think MOST parents don't want their kids to live like Brittney --who even LOOKS bad after all she's been through. Hardened. Crazed --running around in short skirts without underwear. She looks like a druggie.

Anne Coulter was right when she said "liberals are godless." They aren't typically the guardians of a moral culture because the elites of liberalism tend to be very anti-orthodox religion --anti-christian --almost atheistic --at least agnostic. Their religion is from their imaginations. "There is a way that seems right to man, but it leads to destruction --death."

And so it is that Liberals advocate sexual experimentation called "exploring your sexuality"--they believe goofy things like little girls and boys being in the wrong body and needing to trans-gender, that parents can't teach or promote a normal sexual self-identity (Oprah's programs)--they think condoms make teen sex safe and permissable--they believe premarital teen sex is inevitable --they think gay sex is inevitable for 10 per cent of the population (it's 2 percent that identify gay, at last report)--they will put their teens on birth control, rather than chaperone and teach abstinence. Their kids are shacking up without marriage; they think drugs and alcohol use are inevitable by youth; some will accommodate by letting under age kids have drinking parties in their homes. they condone gay marriage and abortion as birth control.

Conservatives' kids are doing some of these things --but their parents are resisting and resent a school and media culture that entices kids into sinful addictions and choices.

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