Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pelosi's Plane Problems for Micro Dot of France/also global warming discussion

If LD would not have deleted my comment, you would know that I asked if the security people said Pelosi needed to fly non stop. That did not come out in the original news stories --and I suspect it was subsequent spin.

I saw video of her commenting about keeping up with the boys in perks --she was not to be denied what was due her just because she was a woman --she was angry. She sounded as though she was the one who insisted it be non-stop flight --even if it meant she had to fly commercial, she said.

The spin on it NOW says security people wanted her to fly non-stop --but that's not how it came out in the tv news outlets or in her public remarks. I'll get the full story from time or newsweek--not that they always have the facts, but they are better than tv for a longer story anyway.

Note that Tony Snow himself defended Pelosi and said it was "much ado about very little." So her problems weren't the result of a "vast right wing conspiracy" fueled by the White house, as Dems would normally assume.

But why would she suggest flying commercial (with those security risks, putting a whole plane of people at risk --if the non-stop flight wasn't her OWN objective?) She made it clear in her public comments that SHE felt entitled to a non-stop flight if her predecessor, Hastert, who lived closer, had one.

Record high for February in Maumee was 71 degrees --and that was not lately. We've had an average Feb. here --but like I said in deleted remark --more hot air in France.

As for my soccer moms comment --I said liberal, not because of soccer, but because they were known for support of Clinton--(yes, I know that is just media spin from the Clinton election cycle --) and also known for their SUV preference.

And so I did conclude that IF global warming is a problem --it is because of all of us who have our lifestyle preferences --including liberals like Pelosi and the SUV drivers.

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