Thursday, February 15, 2007

On creationism/ID theory --didn't want to be erased on Mudville

Actually, I talked with Miller personally once --tracked him down on the phone. He sent me some materials.

It's as hard for me to want to read his book as it is for Darwinists to read anything by John Morris, Duane Gish, Michael Behe, phil Johnson, et al.

For me, Miller will probably be over my head. When he talked with me about findings in Pakistan, he still didn't convince me that these creatures were transitional, evolving to other forms --instead of just unique extinct creatures.

The creationist and ID writers are often very effective communicators to laymen --and thus win debates --so often that the evolutionists have decided the best way to refute creationists and ID people is to refuse to acknowledge they exist or have the credentials such to make a debate even-handed --so they no longer debate on campuses as they used to.

In one of the carolinas, the head of science ed. warned the evolutionists to avoid public discourse with the creationists because they would lose, being unfamiliar with the arguments they would present and thus ill equipped to deal with them. However, the spokespersons for creation and I D science understand evolution VERY well --in order to refute it well --and so they do.

I remember when PBS had a special on the topic and a debate between two panels, and the Darwinian side just didn't get it --they kept bringing religion into the discussion--saying what YOU are saying --that the bible isn't a book of science. THAT'S NOT THE POINT!

The point is that Darwin's theory of origins takes faith to believe in it because what evidence we have to point to the origin of life does not support the one-celled amoeba as the granddaddy of all life theory WITHOUT A DESIGNER/CONTROLLER --spontaneous and unguided by natural processes.

About your wife, yes, go figure. Ask her why a God who can rise from the dead, raise others from the dead with a command, calm a sea, walk on water, heal 10 lepers, change water to wine, make the blind see and the lame walk --why cannot this God-Man create with a word --with a command --like we lowly humans bring forth things instantly on a computer because of stored knowledge? Why can't the LOGOS do this with his logos? He did it before the eyewitnesses. THIS KIND OF GOD DOESN'T NEED DARWIN'S METHOD TO CREATE! HE SPEAKS THINGS INTO BEING OUT OF HIS KNOWLEDGE AND CREATIVITY! He makes the dead live again for goodness sake! With a word. So what does He need millions and millions of years of gradual, invisible natural selection, occuring so slowly that we say it's still going on? yet everything does just what Genesis described: each species reproducing after its own kind. --what God begets is God --what man begets is man --what chimp begets is chimp --etc.

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