Friday, November 13, 2009

Concerned Women for America Note Radical Homosexual Agenda

CWA says there is evidence that children in grades as early as kdgtn are being taught that cross-dressing is an acceptable practice. There is at least one book about Jesse's skirt that encourages cross-dressing. We know of schools that have installed uni-sex bathrooms for the use of transgendering/cross-dressing students --not that we want our little girls to share the bathroom with a boy in drag -- and granted, those little boys probably aren't safe in the boy's restroom.

I certainly feel sorry for children uncomfortable with their bio-assignments --but is it discomfort or something the parents have allowed to go uncorrected since infancy? Should a child not be helped to be glad for his own sex assignment and body? And the normalcy of it? instead of accommodated in his delusion?

Kindness should be our response in every case of confused sex identity/orientation--but accommodation by allowing cross-dressing and cross-bathroom use in school is not part of REAL kindness.

CWA also tells about programs in public schools that include "explicit and detailed instructions on and discussions of various homosexual practices including sodomy."

The Uni of Minnesota Press published the book "Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex," which advocates sexual activities with young children, and gives cover to pedophiles/child molesters.

Of course, children in public school are taught that homosexual "marriage' is another acceptable form of marriage . Elementary children are encouraged to read about homosexual animals and to see gay couples and parents as just another good and normal sexual and family arrangement.

In some school districts, they do not require parental notification and approval for such indoctrination.


Even straight sex ed has been lacking in moral values for years. I remember the video at Anthony Wayne Middle School that cited all the famous people throughout history that were known to have STD's --which film featured a boy student who became "responsible" by notifying his many sexual conquests that he had an STD and had probably given them one. Another film, rejected by the board curriculum committee, showed a couple going to the drugstore for condoms before gleefully taking advantage of an aunt's empty home when the nephew was given charge over that home. There was no suggestion that this was inappropriate, dangerous or immoral. Just normal!

The best sex ed DOES say "WAIT FOR MARRIAGE!" to another who has also waited. This is the only SAFE SEX. Yes, we should tell kids that if they don't wait, they MUST use condoms to HELP prevent getting or spreading disease. That if they are going to be promiscuous (involved with sex before marriage --leading to many partners), some form of birth control from their doctor or clinic is adviseable in case the condom fails or the partner fails to use a condom.

And we need to teach sex ed to boys and girls separately --as Dr. Dobson notes that natural and appropriate barriers to sexual intimacy between the sexes are eroded by co-ed presentations. The barriers delay sexual involvement; our explicit, value-neutral sex ed seemed to coincide historically with increases in youthful sex involvement and teen pregnancy.

What we really need is a consistent message to youth that monogamous hetero marriage is still the bedrock arrangment of civilized societies --and the only way to provide children for the future. And why that is important. Building an intact, functional family is a worthy GOAL for every young person. Children need to hear that a couple CAN choose happiness together and resolve conflicts and maintain happy homes. The problems in marriage are NOT marriage itself--but sinful, selfish ways in the lives of individuals. A functional, loving family, headed by intact parents, is a resource for mental, physical, social, and economic well-being of all its members.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


mud_rake said...

I knew you had it in you! CONGRATULATIONS, barb, you DID IT! And you were only a few days off of your scheduled full moon homophobic eruption.

Now remember, you have less than 28 days to get another one. Yet, we all know, that a strong OCD homophobe like you will always come through for Jesus.

Love one another. - Jesus.

Barb said...

Always glad to oblige with Truth, Denis.

Yes, love one another, Denis.

mud_rake said...

Hey, girls, I just posted an interesting topic on my blog [as opposed to the stale slop here].

Neuroscientists from UC-Irvine [that secular humanist university!] discovered a mutant gene variation that defaults in some people causing them to 'forget' the safe driving skills that learned.

But, why am I telling you this- you two lunks have already snooped as usual.

What do you think about my hypothesis that you, Jeanette, Matthew and Rob -the funny fundies- have a similar gene deviation causing you to have beliefs in the unnatural, the undead, angels, spirits and voices in your heads.

I've been wondering for many years now what it must be like to have a brain fulled with all of that paranormal activity. I suspected it was a mutant gene, but, since the neuroscientists have identified the specific brain-derived neurotrophic factor that causes reality-loss in some drivers, it is an easy step to extrapolate that you folks probably suffer a similar brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

When that has been nailed down, surely scientists will be able to move forward on a remedy- to bring you folks back to the real world, the world that the rest of us experience day after day.

That 'reality' will be difficult at first to experience, having lived in delusion for all of those years.

No doubt, psychiatrists will be needed to re-program you folks to reality. It will be painful and a slow process, but I'll bet it will be successful.

Here's hoping that right now, in some secular-humanist university laboratory, they are working on identifying the specific brain-derived neurotrophic factor from which you suffer.

I'll be praying for them and for you.

Love one another. - Jesus.

Barb said...

As a matter of fact, I have not been to your blog today, Denis.

Sometimes I go there to see what I might like to blog about but I have some ideas of my own today! Thanks, though.

I guess an awful lot of us have your gene variant. It might suit Calvinist doctrine to suggest that the gift of faith resides in a gene not possessed by everyone --but only the chosen.

Whatever, Jesus says "My sheep know my voice." Weslyans/Arminians believe that all people are called --but not all will listen and heed--by their own choice.