Friday, November 13, 2009

From My Wonderful Email Bag: "Two And A Half Men" Unfit for Prime Time or Any Time

November 13, 2009

Toys 'R' Us and Mac sponsored 'Two And A Half Men'

"Two and a Half Men" has always been a program with questionable content. Most parents agree this show is highly offensive and would like to see it off the air. OMM was especially concerned when this week's episode aired the two men whom are brothers in a 3-some with a total stranger they met at a bar. Keep in mind this program airs on CBS at 8:00/7:00 central.

The sitcom starts off with the family discussing Charlie Sheen's character being engaged and actually setting a wedding date. He is extremely concerned about the expense of the wedding and then his housekeeper reminds him how much money he has spent on "wh*r*s" and he agrees.

Followed by his teen nephew discussing how many women his uncle has slept with to Charlie's fiancée. He stated over 1,000 and his fiancée is not shocked at all by his accurate guess. His nephew also said, "One woman had a concealed weapon and you would not believe where she hid it!"

Stressed over setting a wedding date, Charlie and his brother go to a bar, get drunk and find themselves in a strange women's bed together. The three are shown in bed to portray a 3-some. And the two men sneak out before the mystery woman wakes up wearing each other's underwear.

The following morning they have flashbacks of their s*xual escapade. Sheen ends up lying to his fiancée after cheating as if it never happened since he doesn't have any recollection of the act itself.

This episode ended with the grandmother discussing cheating on her ex-husband when a circus group came into town and is vague with how many men, but she does tell exactly where she had to remove sequins from.

"Two and a Half Men" is following a trend to desensitize America, including children, to recognizing 3-somes as normal, casual fun or a simple accident. This irresponsible behavior is horrendous and dangerous to society and anyone who views these actions.

This "comedy" is not funny and not OK. No excuses!


Please send Toys 'R' Us and Mac (Apple) an email letter urging them to no longer sponsor "Two and a Half Men." Hopefully with Christmas around the corner they will decide to no longer support this disgusting program.

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Monica Cole, Director

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mud_rake said...

Listen- I can't stay for more than a minute and a half [holding my breath, you know] but wanted you to know that I just DELETED you comment. We were in Michigan visiting some secular humanists and just got home.

And, no I did not read it [again and again] even though you and your crazy gossiping goose from South Carolina would.

No need to, no desire to. Just PING!, delete.

Love one another. [gasping for fresh air....]

Barb said...

What comment did you delete?

I've no idea what you are talking about since you don't publish any of my comments. You make it sound as though I sneaked some comment into your blog. Surely not!!

You are somethin' else, Denis!

AndThenSome said...

As a parent and educator myself, I am often dismayed at how much sex permeats the media and popular culture.

Barb said...

It's one thing for freedom of speech, etc. to mean you can pay for a cable channel that caters to prurient interests --and quite another for networks which everyone gets to misuse prime time this way.

Of course, sadly, there are parents who allow TV's in bedrooms and have to work all the time --and have no idea what their kids are watching any time of the day.

Pressuring sponsors is one way to get better TV. But the law should help more to enforce public decency on the airways AND the internet.

I would hope Mudrake, also a parent, grandparent and former educator, could agree with parental concerns about irresponsible media.

What about it, Denis? Any common ground here, or are you one of those ostriches with heads in the sand, who says, simply, "Turn it off." Which doesn't address the problem of kids' ability to access everything --especially in their sexually volatile teen years.