Monday, November 2, 2009

Homosexuality - How Do We Dignify the Activities?

Tell me, Bloggers, what is natural about what homosexual males do to have sex??? How do you dignify it and make it harmless, aesthetically artistic, romantic, sanitary, and consistent with how we are designed for procreation and love-making? How do you explain the extreme promiscuity, high numbers of annual partners? or the tolerance for something like anal penetration and anal/oral contact --the latter was reported to be experienced by nearly all gay men and many lesbians, as well. I didn't see Brokeback Mountain, but I understand they tried to dignify the act of sodomy and make it romantic, but I believe that's futile. I'd call that movie a tragedy for normal women when men aren't real men for women.

As of 1997, 77% of U.S. AIDS cases in whites had occured in gays. According to the Seattle Daily Sexual Diary Study by Corey & Holmes about the transmission of Hepatitis A in homosexual men, 1980, averaged on a yearly basis, gays: fellated 108 men and swallowed semen from 48; exchangd saliva with 96; experienced 68 penile penetrations of the anus and ingested fecal material from 19. In three different studies, gays reported sex in public restrooms, ranging from 14 % to 41% to 66%. 45 to 64 to 90 % reported using illegal drugs. (If you want sources, I got 'em.)

This sound like something you want to encourage among children? that what men can do with men --even in a committed relationship which marriage doesn't make --is healthy? Or appealing? Romantic? Loving?

Clearly, the activities are addictive, and that should cause us to slow down in our advocacy.

I feel like their sense of SELF and dignity must be shot to heck! to endure such indignities, smells and tastes! to take such risks with so many strangers! I weep for anyone with such a loss of their sense of SELF to escapism in search of orgasms with anyone and everyone by repugnant methods at the expense of their health. I wonder how many were molested as children. (There is data suggesting many are.)

By 1970, by Kinsey reports of 1940 and 1970, only 1 % of gays and 63% of lesbians said that they had never had a one night stand --while 42% of the gays and 7% of the lesbians said that "over half" of their partners had been 'one night stands' 70% of gays and 29% of lesbians reported that they had had sex only ONCE with over half of their partners. This represents a big increase in these numbers from 30 years earlier --Yet there was much more openness and acceptance for gays in 1970.

Still their suicide attempts were very high in 1970 when gays were starting to have pride parades and these were attributed to problems with lovers instead of society's lack of approval. In 1991 there was a survey by the San Francisco Dept' of Public Health and the LA Times reported about it that "each successive generation is taking more risks than the one before."

This recklessness in the wake of the AIDS crisis -the continuing failure to use "safer sex" --accounts for the fact that more than half of all new AIDS cases every year are among homosexuals --the other figure representing other promiscuous and IV drug-using people.

Whether it's 10 percent or 2, do you want anyone to entice your kids into same sex activities --at ANY age??? And do you think that a good percentage of homosexuals are NOT enticed and lured --who could have otherwise been straight??? Considering the impact of self-image vs. peer pressure --and charismatic older men or women or more confident adventurous peers taking the insecure, uninitiated under their wing.

It's all too easy for a child to be influenced by another family's pornography --to have sons whose friends would con parents into thinking they were good friends and take them to a strip joint. If we think we can protect our teen and young adult kids in Sodom and Gommorrah while living in those cities when the culture gets that bad, we are probably kidding ourselves. God wanted Abraham to get his family out of there and sent angels to tell them so. Granted, regardless of others, sin abounds in our hearts --and we are all targets of Satan's temptations and the sexual libido is very errant --a place for Satan to establish a foothold. Which is why "Guard your heart," is a good message for us all.

The facts of our immoral culture explain why some people discard the TV's, undergo home schooling and form their own Christian schools. Culture has many inroads for Satanic influence from others, from media, from schools, from liberal hawkers on the internet --from internet porn, etc.

It's time for Christians to once again scrimp and save, live simply, and put their money into Christian colleges that still believe the Bible --like Patrick Henry --whose debate teams are world class champions preparing for a world which sorely needs such graduates in public service.

The normal rebellious tendency of the young, the natural challenge many adolescents pose to parental teaching and tradition, the inevitability of leaving home, going to college and using the internet-- puts all young people at risk for immorality.

I, for one, don't want any teachers for my offspring who aid and abet that rebellion or risk-taking in the name of education.

Homosexuality is just ONE of the forms of dangerous, promiscuous immorality out there --but the only one that adult culture and gov't are promoting to students as good (See Citizen magazine, Oct. 09) --and starting to protect with imposed silence on the truth.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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