Sunday, November 22, 2009


Andthensome, the cordial agnostic/atheistic? blogger from Lancaster, CA, wrote the following:
I'll make a deal with you then, Barb, if you truly want me to stay.
If three professed conservative Christians who have never commented before indicate I should stick around, I will. Let's give it 3 days--an average of 1 a day. Does that sound reasonable?

Mudrake thinks I'll go to church to get these conservative Christian bloggers who could entice AndThenSome to stay here. Yes, I will try that.

Meanwhile, I'm going to those of you who stop in here once in awhile who have never commented --If you are CONSERVATIVE Christian, leave a comment and EXPLICITLY MENTION THAT Andthensome, the blogger, should keep commenting here. I need 3 in 3 days.

See how much we value your presence and your soul, Andthensome!

Come on, Team, CONSERVATIVE Christian commenters, COMMENT FOR THE FIRST TIME. Don't let me down!!! No one says you have to stay!

See how different this is from an atheistic blog --where they tell their philosophical opposites to GET LOST!!!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Anonymous said...

Here's one for your count of three. But I've never seen this blog until today. And I'll probably never happen upon it again. :D But here you are.

Piano Princess said...

Keep up the good work, Barb!

I'm so thankful for your willingness to be an online missionary and to faithfully speak the truth in love, even while being misinterpreted by those who don't know your loving heart and misunderstand your motives.

Please know that there are many of us out there who agree with you.

"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you." Matthew 5:11-12

Barb said...

Thanks --now, at least one more --but it would be fun to have a deluge of comments, wouldn't it!

AndThenSome said...

I don't think Piano Princess counts, I'm afraid. She seems like a conservative Christian, and as far as I know this is her first time commenting, but she didn't write anything about wanting me to stay.

So by my count, that's one from Anonymous. Which is, so far, averaging one a day, so things are still on track.

AndThenSome said...

Sorry, just noticed the Christy comment in the Hitchens thread below. I'm afraid she doesn't count either, though, because she isn't a conservative Christian and she didn't indicate I should stay.

And now that I look more closely, all Anonymous wrote was "here's one for your count of three." I'm not sure if this person means they are a Christian leaving a comment, or he or she is a conservative Christian indicating they want me to stay, as I originally stipulated.

I'm not trying to be difficult, honestly! What I was looking for was something very explicit like "I am a conservative Christian and I want AndThenSome to stay."

The fact that you would devote an entire post to this issue does say a lot, however.

Barb said...

Piano Princess is as conservative as they come --in all the good ways --and the reason she wrote was to fulfill your requirement. I just didn't note that you wanted them to "indicate" by stating it that you should stay. That's WHY they are writing.

Christy is probably conservative by your standards --in terms of her belief in Christian faith for salvation --her basic belief in scriptures as the Word of God. She is very much into Bible memorization and helping kids to do it and compete with their knowledge. Like a fundy!!

mud_rake said...

Piano Princess and Anonymous could be phony people just made up by barb to keep you here.

There has been quite a bit of skulduggery here, especially with one named Jeanette who appears, disappears, comments, deletes comments, and then claims that people comment in her name.

Yes, lots of strange people here as one would expect in the World of Delusion.

Come on christian conservatives, barb is going to the highways and byways looking for Fellow Delusionalists.

Helloooooooooooooooooooooo If you are a DELUSIONAL christian, come here before her 'new' victim escapes into the real world!!


Barb said...

HA! Mudly--I like your new photo --it looks like you --your shock of light, straight hair parted on the side and hanging forward on the forehead --but this guy does have a more beefy appearance, I think.

Andthensome: the multiple Jeanettes here are because Mudrake created one, thus impersonating her --very bad blog etiquette.

I almost always use Barb when I comment. I've been anonymous on other blogs, but very rarely. These are genuine people --not me: Piano Princess, Anonymous, and Christy.

ATS is HARDLY a victim, Mudrake. He can leave if he wants --and so can you, of course!!

AndThenSome said...

I suppose Anonymous and Piano Princess could be frauds, but I have no way to verify that one way or another. So if Barb says they are "real" people, I will take her word for it.

And, for the record, I'm an atheist, which I thought I had made clear earlier, but perhaps not.

Barb said...

Whence comes "intelligence?" ATS --it evolved? But what intelligence is BEHIND DNA itself?

AndThenSome said...

We don't know if there has to be any intelligence behind DNA. And we may never fully understand how life first formed on our planet.

mud_rake said...

I visited the PP blog- the one that asked you to leave- and found your old, befuddled pal, Jeanette, posting there. Of course, three weeks ago she 'quit' the blog for her 11th time, but then who is counting?

Anyway, I told her to get herself over here because you gave an ALL-CALL to friendly fundamentalists to come here and save your sorry soul from Andthensome.

I expected that she would have arrived already, but you know how Jeanette is, in and out of reality.

Let's see if I can help-- HELLO JEANETTE!!! QUICK! BARB NEEDS YOU!!

I do hope she gets here fast as the clock keeps ticking...

[by the way this is the real mudrake, not the fake one]

Barb said...

For you, Mudly, I believe Jeanette was here on blog yesterday --and she also phoned from her home in the eastern US for a lengthy chat. But she doesn't qualify for AndThenSome's criteria: NEW participants here who have not commented previously. I guess he/she'd like a bigger audience to remain here --someone to chat with besides you and me, Jeanette, Matt and Rob. Fresh insight, perhaps.

By the way --what happened to all your co-bloggers on your site? You are down to 2! Did they disagree with you about something??

The PP blog Mudrake speaks of is the infamous French-based blog community I've mentioned to some of my friends. Where I was more recently received well enough by the congenial personable suffering alcoholic blog host when I dropped in briefly (I was never "blocked" there or moderated out as at Mudrake's blog) --and not asked by the host to leave UNTIL all those who hated my scripture posts threatened to leave the blog if I didn't go. Which they did do, about a year ago--led by one former Toledoan in France, Patrick Howe, who turned really nasty and sour on me--channeling the "spirit of Mudrake." But they got over their snit in the meantime. I hear the action is very slow there lately.

My observation is that people under conviction and insecure about their eternal destiny DO get testy in the presence of the Gospel. Rather than receiving it as the Good News it is --which is how I present it --they don't want to be reminded to THINK about it --because the Holy Spirit doesn't allow them to be joyful in their unbelief --when confronted with God's Word of Truth. He wants them to think about Eternity and DO something about it.

At PP, they were very libertarian and open about their unwed sex lives, including prostitution, and their irreverent jokes about abortion--and mockery of me in general. I tried to take light into a dark place. They are VERY intolerant and viciously rude to American conservatives and Bible-believers when those believers speak about what they believe and apply scripture to contemporary issues...."sitting in the seat of the scornful." It was a mostly atheistic blog and very liberal. And I wasn't the first or only person to be hounded off there despite my efforts to be friendly.

The host more recently told me I was welcome to stick around there if I could leave my scripture at home but I told him I was only making a brief visit and not there to stay in his little blog community--and I've kept that resolve.

His blog is a community of personalities who are tight with each other though they don't know each other except on the blog. All very bright and interesting people, many artist/musician types --and worth the witness --as all people are--being loved by God and to be loved by us.

Mary Beth said...

I am a conservative Christian and greatly appreciate those who continue to spread and intelligently debate the gospel truths of the bible. It is my first time on this blog but I may revisit. Hang in there Barb and thank you for never giving up on spreading the Good News!

Anonymous said...

I am a CONSERVATIVE Christian, and would like Andthensome to stay and keep commenting here. It would be good for all of us to learn something from each other. I have never been on a blog site and will check this out from time to time.


AndThenSome said...

I'd say Traci/Anonymous definitely counts. Which brings the total to...


C'mon, people! My eternal soul hangs in the balance, and time is running out! Two more to go by tomorrow at 10:49 PM!

tick, tock...

Barb said...

You're nitpicking ATS --to say they have to explicitly encourage you to hang in here. They are posting here because of your request -- for the purpose of encouraging you to stay active at this blog that attempts to be a "Christian blog."
Mary Beth, Christy and Piano Princess and the first Anonymous are IN --they count! I'm the judge of who qualifies as conservative Christian and what their intent was in checking in because the intent is clear in the blog --and was clear to some I told about this little proposition, also.

AndThenSome said...

Hey, it's your blog. You're free to do what you like. But the original deal has not been honored.


Piano Princess said...

I am a conservative Christian and I want AndThenSome to stay.

But what I'd really like is for AndThenSome to meet Jesus - by any means necessary!

mud_rake said...

Well, I tried!

What next?

ProLifeDem said...

I am a Christian and want AndThenSome to stay. Altough, I don't know if I count as a conservitive since I usually vote Democratic.

This is my first time commenting but I do enjoy your Blog Barb!

mud_rake said...

Speaking of Conservative Christians, I just saw a photo of Barb and Jeanette over on the Pourquoi Pas? blog. Great image of you two old birdshaving your daily gossip session. What ARE you two gossiping about these days?

Happy Darwin Day, gals!

Anonymous said...

I said I'd ask ANDTHENSOME to stay on the blog. So consider yourself asked. I've never posted on a blog before, and I hope to never post again. But I gave my word. I suppose that means I'm a conservative. (Have I met the requirements, Barb?)

Barb said...

AND THEN SOME ---I got 4 at least!!!! Piano Princess, Traci, and Anonymous and Pro-life democrat!

So don't say Farewell, YET! and a Pro-life democrat is a social conservative, at least on that issue.


Barb said...

See mudrake. We do differ. You fight to keep Christians OFF your blog and I work to keep people like YOU coming.

I and other Christians enjoy friendship with all people --and some of us actually ENJOY a vigorous, spirited, good humored exchange of ideas.

But my theory is that MOST atheists/agnostics can't stand the conviction of truth and the pondering of Eternity --the message that all of us need to repent and come to Christ for salvation instead of going our own ways and being self-sufficient. It makes you miserable --and angry--to think there might be Eternal life to gain through Christ which you are rejecting.

But it IS good news! That no matter how we've believed and lived all our lives, Jesus receives sinners and unbelievers who repent of the sins of unbelief, running our own lives and disagreeing with the Bible.

"All we like sheep have gone astray." He is the good shepherd who cares for the sheep --even if only one out of 100 is lost, the Good Shepherd will leave the safety of the fold to pursue the one --"whom He tenderly gathers in His arms."

but faith is your choice. "Whosoever will to the Lord may come."

this is GREAT News, this Gospel!!!

John R said...

I am a Chrisian conservative, and I believe Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, and that our world desparately needs him more than ever.

John R said...

AND I want AndThenSome to stay

Barb said...

Is the pro-life Dem from the south, by any chance?

Barb said...

Thanks for dropping by, John R!

ProLifeDem said...

Well, I have been in the south for about a year Barb. The Memphis area. I still attend HFM when visiting Toledo.

Barb said...

Are you he or she? I bet I know the family!

ProLifeDem said...

And Barb, thank you for all you do to spead the message of The Gospel.

ProLifeDem said...

I am a He. Don't worry, I don't think the she is quite a Democrat.

Barb said...

I'm so glad that you think that's what I do, PLDem! Some Christians have made me wonder if I'm too ornery in the process! When I think I have good intentions.

Perhaps, one day, you'll see the light --of the GOP! (Though granted, its bulb flickers at times!)

Hope you get transferred back some day!

I lived in Tennessee, too, as a toddler --my dad was with TVA after WWII --Knoxville, if I recall.

ProLifeDem said...

Maybe so, but at least you are doing. And I can't imagine your intentions ever being in question.

PS: I hope the light flickers back on soon.

Barb said...

All appreciation appreciated! Though we aren't to care what humans think of us!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your'n!

AndThenSome said...

Before anything else, I'd like Piano Princess to clarify something for me. She writes:

But what I'd really like is for AndThenSome to meet Jesus - by any means necessary! [emphasis added]

What "means" are you advocating, P.P.? "Any" would surely include imprisonment, torture, violence, and murder.

But perhaps I'm "nitpicking" again...

Barb said...

That was just colloquial speech --saying that your salvation is VERY important.

She certainly knows that people aren't saved by force. Salvation is a matter of your free will choice. No one can FORCE conversion.

She is thinking of the different means by which people ARE saved --some by TV or radio ministries --some by a local church --or through Christian education--some at a Bible study --some by a friend --some by a local crusade or revival series --and some because their parents raised them to believe --and some because they start to read the Bible and they have a Damascus road experience --and see the light!!

Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled --those who believe in Christ and receive Him by faith as their own Savior from sin and death will be saved. Those who seek, will find.

AndThenSome said...

I'd like to hear that from Piano Princess, if you don't mind.

Jeanette said...

It seems you are demanding a lot, ATS. Why not take it at face value and leave it at that.

You know she didn't mean imprisonment or any of the other negative things you said.

Salvation must be voluntary and cannot be forced upon anyone. By any means necessary could very well mean that the Holy Spirit makes your bed a bed of nails and your pillow a pillar of stone until you finally give in and accept Jesus as your Savior.

Then again I'm not Piano Princess so it won't matter to you. First you demand 3 conservative Christians to beg you to stay, then you say the rules were broken so farewell and now you make a demand that an innocent comment be explained to you.

Stay if you want. You provide interesting reading, even if it's wrong, but don't keep making demands of everyone to get you to stay or fix an insult that wasn't made.

Hope I didn't step on your toes, Barb. If I did, forgive me and delete the comment.

AndThenSome said...

It seems I've overstayed my welcome. I will no longer burden the readers here with my "nitpicking" and "demands."

Barb said...

Aww, now, ATS, we want you to stay!!!

the only reasonably pleasant atheist we've ever met!!! Stay and be a testimony of your tribe!