Thursday, November 26, 2009


Trick title. No, I wasn't home alone, but our big feast is tomorrow as the inlaws of our two married children did their gatherings today, so we had a nice ham dinner with 2 grandmas and Rob--5 of us. John and Charlotte came in tonight to stay all night so she can go shopping on this side of town tomorrow morning. (It's a shame, to me, that Southwyck Mall has been razed --flat to the ground. That area is so blighted and it used to be such a bustling beautiful place to shop! Fallen Timbers, the new mall, is out in the boondocks! in the middle of cornfields! And may it stay that way! Why does the city have to keep shifting outward!)

BACK to the topic. HOME ALONE, THE MOVIE!!

I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Except for some bad language out of the mouths of one or 2 of the kids near the beginning, this is a really good holiday film. I laugh and laugh uproariously everytime good triumphs over evil in this film where the kid gets the best of the very funny crooks. Granted, what that child does to them would not be funny in real life --but the crooks did get their just desserts! Every prank is hilarious --for comedy. And I don't think the crooks cuss either! as one would surely be tempted to do, given what happens to them!

I love that the boy hides in the manger scene at the church---and meets the lonely grandfather in the church who says church is a good place to be when you feel bad about yourself. I love that the little boy encourages the older neighbor of his to make up with his son. I love the Christmas music of the church children's choir. I love the little boy's competency --and his resolve when he announces, words to this effect: "This is my house and I'm going to defend it!"

And we laugh really hard at the polka band with John Candy telling what bad parents the other guys are --compared to the mom they are taking home from her Paris vacation --on which she forgot her child --and left him home alone --accidently, of course.

So many American values herein. Is there anyone who has not seen it?

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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