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I have a theory --that liberals, in general, have no idea what GLSEN is trying to do in our schools --besides promoting "tolerance" for persons of all sexual orientations. GSLEN stands for Gay Straight Lesbian Education Network. I doubt very much that GLSEN explains their specific educational aims to their liberal supporters --but only to those on the GLBT (gay,lesbian, bisexual, transgender) mailing lists. At least, I have this HOPE that normal folks who happen to be liberal would nevertheless not want what GLSEN wants in our schools!

CWA, Concerned Women for America, reports the following pornographic propaganda which GLSEN is promoting for sex ed. --successfully in some cases. All the info below is shortened slightly from their letter:

refers to the time when GLSEN got caught teaching Mass. schoolchildren as young as 14 about the dangerous and painful gay activity of "fisting." I don't think they were saying, "Don't let this happen to you!" Even if they were, do kids have to hear about this practice??? They conspired with school officials to hide the info from the parents and sued a man who publicly exposed the obscene classes.

The above link tells about GLSEN's sex ed conference in Boston to which they bused students in, age 14 up. The supposed goal is to prevent AIDS by teaching kids some "safer sex" activities, including the use of "dental dams" for the mouth, and various mutual masturbatory activities which, ostensibly, wouldn't give anyone HIV or a baby.

Years ago, when the Red Cross was educating my school board and all the others in the area about AIDS, they listed several unheard-of activities like "golden showers" that the gays of San Francisco themselves were saying they should avoid--anything that mixes fluids. I would hope that GLSEN would not even mention activities like golden showers ( which includes urinating on wounds from sado-masochistic whipping.) It's just one more example of the mental illness which is same sex orientation.

The Red Cross nurse educator noted that the rectal lining is so thin that the practice of anal sex is very dangerous as abrasion is likely, condom or no condom. But GSLEN thinks we should tell kids that the use of dental dams will protect the practice of "rimming," or putting the mouth on the behind --where fecal matter would be ingested without use of a dental dam. They suggest to youth that condoms and other prophylactics make everything safe enough.

I noticed the BLADE editorial last week saying there is a yuk factor to kissing pets on the mouth or giving them CPR --and wondered that no one but me and other "intolerant" folks note the ycch factor to gay sex. Why are we afraid to speak the truth about these unhealthy and promiscuous practices?

Kevin Jennings is the founder and longtime director of GLSEN whose avowed goal is to promote homosexual and transsexual acts as "good for kids" --and he is Obama's new ass't deputy sec'y for public schools!! He's the one who tells the story repeatedly about a 15 year old boy who came to him for help when he was a teacher. The boy said he had sex with a man he met in a Boston bus station. Jenning's response was to tell him --according to his own words, "Well, I hope you knew to use a condom," instead of alerting police, the school and the boy's parents to this report of statutory rape.

Jennings has also spoken viciously in bigoted terms against Christians. He also describes in his autobiography, Mama's Boy, Preacher's Son, [potentially a gay-producing combo, I suspect] his extensive use of drugs and alcohol in h.s. and college. He made fun of his mother for not recognizing the smell of marijuana smoke on him.

I've mentioned before Jesse's Dream Skirt, a book for kids that promotes cross-dressing and gender confusion among children. This is actually part of GLSEN's "Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Lesson Plan Guide for Elementary Schools." Along with the book about the gay penguins and their "family" --I wonder where they get the kid. And various books featuring two moms or two dads as positive, minus the opposite sex parent in the home.

All the social indicators still say that the original mom and dad parenting as a functional family give their children a leg up in life, economically, academically, socially, emotionally. So why would we encourage any other arrangement?? Especially activities with the yccch factor.

Homosexuals deny it, but I'm sure that being deprived of a mother can incline a girl toward lesbianism and being deprived of a father could incline boys the same way--and I think the social science is out there to confirm this tendency for children who lack one parent or the other. The so-called "pregnant man" was such a girl, whose mother died and she was raised by Dad and brothers.

PARENTS, ASK YOUR SCHOOLS ABOUT THEIR SEX ED AND DIVERSITY EDUCATION. Ask if you can opt your child out. Ask if these perverse books are in the school libary. And if so, why? Schools make choices on how to spend the library funds provided by the taxpayers; schools DO censor and make choices in their purchasing; parents should have a say. We need to stop promoting to children this primrose path to perdition --the childless, abnormal, dangerous, typically promiscuous, same-sex lifestyle.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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