Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Letter to Sherrod Brown on Health Care, ETC.

I wrote this today:

Senator Sherrod Brown
713 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Brown:

It is more difficult to get ahold of your office through phones than others, so we are writing. And we shall probably point out this fact in the Blade, if we can get published on the topic. Even at the top of your home page, it doesn’t say, “Contact us.” Address and phones are at the bottom. But we didn’t see an email address to make you easily accessible. We also had to get through a “gov. page” first even though we typed in Brown. We get the distinct impression that you do not want to hear from your constituents. On more than one occasion we have tried all your phones and got the same run-around. I suspect it is because you are really at odds with most of your constituents who know what’s going on and would phone.

We do not want to pay for abortions. If the Senate healthcare bill passes with abortion provisions, expect a turn-over in the senate. Surely Ohio will not re-elect you if you make people violate their consciences and provide for abortions. After all, women have choice before they get into bed. It’s one thing to allow abortion in case of rape, incest, life threat to mother, and we should push the debate there. Those of you who want to see women have abortions for any reasons can establish your own abortion “charities.” Don’t make us pay for it. James Dobson says he and his wife will go to jail or lose money before they will pay taxes for abortion. I hope many of us will have the courageous resolve to join him. But who should lose their retirement for following their consciences? We should not. What is America coming to, anyway?!! When people figure out that they will also erode their pensions with high taxes with Democrats, that should cause a sea change in the next election.

Be sure and read the Manhattan Declaration at www.manhattandeclaration.org. There was a short time when the Christians thought they should ignore politics, since they are subjects in a different kingdom, but that day is over. We are also called to be salt and light in our nation.

If you really want to reduce the cost of healthcare, have tort reform. Look for the medicare fraud and weed it out. Also, improve the economy first without saddling us with more spending programs. National defense and the military are the constitutional commitments of federal gov’t. Healthcare is something to gain through a good economy, our jobs and the insurance companies. Yes, pressure the prosperous companies to take care of people –but don’t’ kill the economy with your present agenda.

Before Rome fell, that great power was awash in idolatry, infanticide and homosexuality. We think our economic crisis is a harbinger of disaster to follow if we don’t recognize that there are higher laws than man’s and heed those laws regarding sexual mores, marriage, and respect for life. The path we are on is disastrous.


Cc: Senator Voinovich; The Toledo Blade; Rev. Keith Simpson; www.thebarbwire.blogspot.com; President Obama; Marcy Kaptur

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Gorilla said...

I feel dumber for reading this...

Barb said...

With a screen name like yours, is that possible???

Barb said...

O I see, you mean it was over your head!