Friday, March 28, 2008

Why I Follow the French Blog and Post There --Though Unwelcome and Harrassed

I have been banned, asked to leave 3 blogs (all related blogs sharing bloggers) -- all extremely left wing. Mudrake's is one, and he blocks all the religious right-wingers when they are too persistent and effective in opposition to his views. But he keeps coming to MY blog. (His, by the way, is

In general, when I peek at a blog, I have reserved the right to jump back in --even though unwelcome, if I or Christians are being unfairly maligned. I feel justified in going to Mudrake's because he goes to mine even after blocking me on his and then writes about me libelously --or just re-posts my perfectly good comments as though I should be embarrassed about them --which I never am.

I have likened the blog to a living room in which people of divergent views should be able to politely exchange those views with the tolerance so touted by liberals. They are the tolerant ones, they think --but in fact, I could stay in the living room with them; they could not with me. I know this was because of the impact of the Holy Spirit on both sides. When the Hound of Heaven pursues one's soul, he runs because conviction is not a pleasant feeling. Initially, he hates to be reminded of mortality --of the need to "choose this day whom you shall serve."

Of course, they claim they just don't believe in God or the Bible --so I said, then, "Why don't you just scroll past my posts when I post on that topic?" They could not. Too much work for their scrolling finger, I guess.

The link to this French blog is on my blogroll on this home page to the right --but beware --because there are posts of my face--a picture exchanged in pleasanter times --and a picture of me from younger days --on top of an anonymous nude female crucified on a cross. So don't go there if you don't want to be shocked and deeply offended as a Christ-follower. However, anyone can post there until hounded off or blocked--but you had better have a thick skin and ears and eyes that can bear the obscene. It is as Mark Twain said (paraphrased): Man was created a little lower than the angels and has been slipping lower ever since --somewhere between the angels and the French."

Granted, the Americans on that blog can trash-talk and create obscene art as well as the French. Lately there are two women who can't write English --two of the host's new girlfriends, I understand --and so there is more French language than previously. They go to the Google translator and come up with these nonsensical translations. I don't have time to bother translating with such inane inaccuracy, judging by their results.

Porquois Pas
professes to be a welcoming place of tolerance for diversity. But it never was that, welcoming, that is, though they sometimes tried --if I would stay away from Biblical quotation and just banter and have silly talk with them which I did often. About Monty Python goofiness, a running "dead parrot" joke, e.g.

There was probably NO serious topic on which our world views didn't clash, though I would agree with the basic premise: yes, war is bad; Christian and Biblical and American histories are not all good; poverty is bad and the rich should be compassionate and sharing; racism is bad --but the compassionate conservative and capitalist view on poverty and other social issues is just not welcome there.

A couple of us WERE able to share some mutual appreciation for classical and jazz music as musicians --and I could appreciate and commend the pleasant art work by several who were artists. There was some friendly, benign humor at times --like about Microdot's wife making him move the bushes around every fall, just doing what he was told--he didn't ask questions. And we all enjoyed Ratatoille, the movie. Romeo, the Muslim engineer from Texas, provided comic relief saying he couldn't fix Parisienne Valerie's washing machine because the security police always stopped him at the airport for his tool belt under his vest --and took him off to jail. I was the one who suggested he come to Paris to fix her washing machine which was always leaking and being overworked as she has "urge incontinence" (the medical term) when she laughs. He would always flirt with the single girls, professing to be single himself.

A couple of us were accused of bragging about our charitable impulses. Understand, we only told about Christian charity, ours and others, because we GOP Republicans were accused of having no compassion for the needy. That just wasn't true --so in defending ourselves, we were accused of boasting.

I was also accused of boasting when I revealed we had a lake cottage. NO matter how humble it is or how I described it as humble, they considered it an offense that I owned one. I was actually telling about a calamitous vacation at the lake where one thing after another went wrong and my husband landed in the hospital. Instead of giving sympathy, a couple of the Americans focused on me telling these allegedly poor people --2 of whom had such tiny apartments --that I had a 2nd dwelling.

Like a bunch of school peers, they followed each other's lead in taking offense --and giving offense. Always, they would pat each other on the back for expressing egregious intolerance in the vilest language.

But I like them anyway --because God puts that in my heart. I marvel at it myself.
Even Mudly. I'd like to meet him --and I could greet him with a big smile. But I don't believe he could rise to the occasion in a similar spirit --YET. Maybe some day...after all, we visit daily!

Why do I do it? Because the BIble says, "How shall they believe if they never hear?" and "Faith comes by hearing the Word of God."

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

Well you are welcome to visit and post on my blog. I'm thinking of writing a post that is just up your ally.

Barb said...

Thanks, Steve. I'll be over to see what you are going to say!

Jeanette said...


That place is poison and filled with hate. Philippe even has a distorted photo of you. Actually a poor job of photoshopping but he's obviously gone over the edge and those who defend him and what he's doing have gone over with him.

Just tell him, "Get thee behind me, Satan" and be finished with him. Let them all wallow in the pigpen where they are happiest, if there is any happiness in having only cyber friends and trampy women to associate with, even if he thinks they are not up to his standards of beauty. He's the Beast and wants God's gift to men for his partner. Lotsa luck to him if he catches her, if she exists anywhere but his alcohol soaked brain.

Rob R said...

I had the link to the french blog removed. It didn't belong under a banner of "usually civil if not like minded" as it is neither.

If anyone is really curious, I may be pursuaded to give the address. My email is geebob0 (the "O" is a zero) at

Jeanette said...


Thank you for removing the link to "Porky Pass" as it wasn't something friendly or courteous.

Leave them to their own misery. You will never win a debate with them because the blog host will always change the post to something filthy and post humiliating photos to go with it.

We can't control his insanity or irrationality, whatever it is, so just leave him to his cyber friends while you, Barb, enjoy your real friends in real place and time.

Barb said...

That was a joint project, BTW, --taking them off my blogroll --a shaking the dust off the feet sign of middle-eastern disrespect which Christ suggested for his followers to do to towns who don't receive their message--as Jeanette suggested a long time ago--however, her time was not my time to leave before. Just because one disciple leaves does not mean another shouldn't follow and tarry with the message. But the blog and the host have deteriorated badly; I don't really want people to have ready access to what has recently promised to become a porn site and a place for mere dirty talk and vitriol.

But "longsuffering" is also a Christian virtue, which is why I've been there a year in their more tolerant, friendly, sometimes fun and civil days --before Mudrake came over to infect his buddy, Macrodeceived and he became as ugly as Mud in his blog intolerance.

It has been nice to have a candid discussion with Steve here without Mud-rakes' nasty remarks coming in, so he must have finally realized that his appearance here was my invite to HIS blog --DUH! That's how I found Mudrake's new blog in the first place --he came here sounding like his old self, Liberal Democrat.

It all proves once again, that liberals are the intolerant ones who cannot abide respectful disagreement or a positive message of God's redemption and our mutual need for repentance at the cross.

Jeanette said...

Good on you and Rob, Barb. Now that the dust is shaken off your feet wash them spiritually speaking and be done with them.

The seed has been planted. Let the Holy Spirit do His work now. We'll see if it fell on rocks or fertile soil, though I rather think fallow ground at the least.

steve said...

Maybe MR and Microdot are old fashioned and think that women should be seen and not heard...

Oh zing...

I kid.. I kid..

Barb said...

Yes, I think they do think women should avoid debating with greater minds, such as theirs!

Jeanette said...

Don't go back to verify, but take my word that little Valérie has been lurking at your site and is telling WhyNot a few inconsistent with the truth stories.

While I was the one who mentioned his trashy girlfriends on your blog it has been translated into you doing it.

It appears to be a sin to reveal his full name even though he has posted his own driver's license on his blog showing his first, middle and last names.

Now he's rescued a seagull and somehow is harping on you and your Christian spirit.

I sent him an email clarifying I'm the one who talked of his trashy girlfriends as in good company you don't bed down with someone almost the minute you meet them.

We also have trashy women here, but most decent boys wouldn't take the trashy girls home to mom to introduce her as a prospective wife.

I realize we are not as enlightened as the French on social issues, but since this is your blog you can say what you want. You can even praise Jesus and that seems to be something little Valérie has told him you, Rob and I do here.

She also thinks I should give her a personal apology as well as one to Kristina and others for calling them the scum of the earth when I apologized in general to all for what I had said.

How much respect do these women have for themselves to even allow the sexual innuendo about them all the time? And Krisina, the Brain, thinks she knows more than anyone in the world.

She could be hit by a car tomorrow, God forbid, and have such serious brain injuries she would be lucky to know her own name.

Stay away. They've let the other thread die and seem to be baiting you to come over so they can have some discussion.

Barb said...

Jeanette, I DID mention on this blog topic that Whynot had two new girlfriends on the blog who couldn't write in English so were writing in France which I wasn't going to try to translate --seeing the Google efforts were nonsensical. I did not call them trashy, however.

Yes, I thought about whether to name Philippe --and thought, too, that the drivers license was evidence that he didn't feel a need to hide his real identity --and he said as much --when he wanted to belittle my complaint that Mudrake had posted personal info about myself. He saw no reason to view that as threatening in the least --so it would be a change if he suddenly now feels violated by his real name being printed here --where no one knows him --and I figure very few are interested in reading about my blog problems, anyway.

I need to get Site meter up and running.

Barb said...

I'm not even tempted to go back for now. I'm keeping so busy elsewhere.

As for Kristina, the disturbing thing about her is how she praises people in spite of their vileness --and how everyone then praises her for her objectivity. Objective, my foot!

Also, she jumps on the band wagon to recite the "false witness" allegations about me --when she really got mad at me it was about religion --that I said what I believed was true.

She wanted me to say that it was my opinion that Christianity was the Truth --and not be so sure in what I believe --she called it "arrogance. " Even Whynot got my point which I kept trying to make clear to Kristina without success--that being sure of your faith is not arrogance --it is assurance and confidence in the Word of God.

She wanted me to say that all religions have some validity or that I couldn't be sure that my religion was any better or more true than another. I couldn't do that. I am persuaded that Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life and that no one goes to the Father except through the Son.

I said it would be arrogant if I said i was better than others --not arrogant to say that Christ is the only Way. Christ was crucified for saying the same thing.

Barb said...

2 posts ago, I meant "writing in French" --not France.

Jeanette said...

You're right about translating these two women's French on Google. It makes no sense and lots of words are still in French.

Apparently they are using French slang from what I gather as Valérie is now using proper French so it translates better.

Have a great day!

Barb said...

My email is not working right, by the way. I've tried to send some things and this paper clip guy pops up and nothing sends.

steve said...

Reading all this is about as entertaining as "Days of Our Lives", or "As the World Turns".

Barb said...

I assume those programs do not interest you???

It really is quite dramatic to go to a blog and see your face on a crucified nude.

And it's disgusting also to be libeled --and to have people say "all manner of evil against you" for your religion--all the while denying that's the reason --when it can't be because I was mean or unkind to them. I never was.

but the cross of Christ is an offense to the world. It tells us we are sinners who needed someone innocent to die for us --and that without faith in Him we are doomed.

they should just be able to laugh about us silly believers --if what we posted didn't have the ring of truth. The Gospel makes them angry. Why? Jesus said it would. "They will hate you as they hated me."

I think a Christian who is popular with the mockers and scorners of Christ and Christianity is probably not doing something right in God's eyes.

steve said...

All that you listed is why I avoid going to that forum. It's a little too over the top for my tastes. And I agree that putting your face on that picture (I havn't seen it and don't want to see it) was in bad taste. All I can say is just don't go there. When I'm not welcome someplace I avoid going there at all costs. I'm not a glutton for punishment. But if it WAS me getting the photo shop treatment.. well I can certainly give as well as I receive. Not saying you should retailiate.. It might be pretty amusing.

Jeanette said...


I'm not sure what email program you use. The "paper clip guy" could be the help assistant icon if you use Outlook.

Otherwise it's probably something telling you to attach the file to your email in order to send it.

Barb said...

It was funny, creative and harmless there at times --but they are a volatile touchy lot --like bipolar and/or drunk or something --and the one praised for her objectivity is somewhat obtuse, taking offense when none is given --actually most of them did that. And the prostitute is praised for her fury by the obtuse one. It's a zoo, when I think back on it --or rather, a minefield.

I'm not missing it. They are fading from my memory --fading..fading...fading.......

Let's see --what were we talking about?? Ah yes! Soap operas!

Barb said...

My older son stopped by today and told me how to get rid of Mr. Paper clip guy--and I guess the emails went through today.

I really like the Religion Clause blog --as we are commenting on cases of the day and he posts many new ones daily -- I'm not popular there either, I doubt --but it's not a personality blog --it's people who want to comment on these cases --period!