Friday, March 7, 2008

See the Religion Clause Blog --and Where is Kooz?

This is the place to go for up-to-date articles on religious legal cases. The host is a professor emeritus from UT School of Law. I would really enjoy discussing these cases with people of various views.

ALSO, where is Kooz who recently opened and closed an excellent blog? again. Are you getting threats of intimidation or anything like that, Kooz? affecting your career path?

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

speaking of religious legal cases, have you heard about the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention saying that it is a moral imperitive that Christians do what they can to combat global warming?

Barb said...

Certainly is a moral imperative --if true. The question is --have we not had periods of global warming before in world history? I remember that within the last 3 decades, (not exactly in the dark ages) scientists were speculating the sun might be dying as we seemed to be having global cooling.

I see where some studies say a little wine is a good idea --and others recently said, not so, not the health benefit they had thought. They go back and forth on this, based on various test groups.

Barb said...

Fortunately, the issue is not mine to decide.

steve said...

As the sun dies, it will get hotter because it will begin to expand.. Not enough mass in the core to keep it the same size, eventually it will become a red giant that will expand out to engulf earth and the inner planets. But the process won't begin for another BILLION years.

Speaking of red giants. One of my favorite stars in the universe is Beatleguese.. It's the red colored star in Orions shoulder. It's a red giant that is the size of about 700 of our suns!

But anywho... These southern baptist leaders seem convinced that man made emisions are a component of the warming trend.

But back to the sun expanding in a billion years. I think God wants us to become a space faring civilization and branch out into the universe. Otherwise what is the philosophical and theological point of a limitless universe? So we have a billion years to get space colonization into high gear. That's one reason I was leary of Obama. He wants to cut deeply into NASA to provide for funds for some of his campaign promises. I'm sorry! Space exploration is a HUGE issue with me.

steve said...

Speaking of the red expanding sun, doesn't revalations prophesize that the end of days will be harkened by a "red" moon. Maybe "red moon" is a metaphore for the expanding sun at the end of earth's days? If so, then the end of time, as far as the earth goes, isn't for another billion years. That's why we MUST take good care of the earth because it's God's creation and he has given it to as as a "talent" to keep. We are God's zookepers and horticulturalists, not his vandals.

Barb said...

I agree Steve that we are the stewards of the earth. We shouldn't be its vandals. But we shouldn't become earth-worshippers, per se, nor see the earth as a living organism itself --as the new-age types do.

Your view on space exploration is interesting.