Wednesday, March 26, 2008

BLOG BATTLE FOR TRUTH --More Mud from Muckville

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The infamous Mud-rake has posted today, a blog topic which is all about me and Jeanette, challenging us on the issue of our Christian love. For sure, he picked out quotations from Jeanette when she was angry. (She's a Baptist, after all--it's just us Free Methodists who don't get mad! (joke, Jeanette!)--actually I have gotten angry at times in Blogville also.) The challenge is to "Be angry--but sin not."

In case you come over here, Mudrake, thanks for giving me more exposure for my well-reasoned views on homosex on your blog today. I would answer your charges over there, but as you know, you have blocked me and Jeanette on your blog.

About your question on vengeance and 9/11. About "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord; I will repay." NO to your question; I don't think we went to Iraq for God's vengeance or our own; we went to eliminate a WMD named Sadam and we believed he had WMD's --and we can't be sure that he didn't have them and just got them into Syria before we arrived --which is what one of his former official co-horts claims.

About my school board re-election--you say I'm the only board member to lose an election. That's not true; if memory serves me correctly, I beat out one when I got elected. There were also some one-termers who knew better than to run again. I won twice --and I think I won the 3rd time --because I was announced as a winner in 2nd place out of 5, remember --until a recount without any observers from my campaign --after which I lost by exactly 100 votes --an easy manual slip of a digit in the old voting machines.

By the recount, I went from 2nd place to 4th --out of 5. But it was ok with me --I protested weakly to the election board and could've made a stink with a lawyer but I'm too cheap--and we could not probably have proved the probable fraud which was politically motivated by haters like yourself who went door to door with flyers against me that were filled with lies like the ones you post.

AS for me trying to affect what the children were taught --you betcha! I certainly didn't want them to be shown any more R-rated movies in jr. high and reading books with graphic, humorously portrayed incest incident in the 9th grade on the supplemental reading list. I didn't appreciate the social studies teacher who said we aren't particular about the "what's" and "when's" of history but more concerned about the "why's." Great. His students would be the ones on Leno's Jaywalk that don't know the Civil War from the Rev. War or have any clue when they occured.

Another concern I had for schools was the life-skills courses with their authority-undermining, faith-undermining, decision-making model --"Well, now, class, no one can tell you what is right for you except YOU!" O great! Value-free "brainstorming" for any solutions at all: no right or wrong answers.

THEN the children were to apply THEIR values --"according to what is best for YOU and your future." (Well, for sure, sometimes telling the truth, not cheating, not aborting --don't seem like the best decision to a kid, but they are best in the long run according to GOD. Without God or any absolute right and wrong, this decision- making model was all about ME, Me, Me --what is best for me, not what is right or wrong for all. And the very year I protested the self-loving self-esteem exaltation in education, national media came out questioning "The Cult of Self-Esteem." I was vindicated for my views (just like Dan Quayle was eventually vindicated for saying that fathers are necessary.)

Mudly, you wrote of God's love, so I wonder if you are a Christian who feels obligated to love everyone --or if you just feel that Jeanette and I should love everyone because we claim to be Christian. I have many times offered you an olive branch and you have unrespectfully declined, preferring to keep up the war. So I'm not sure why you challenge us in this area of loving. We can do it. Or as Obama would put it, WE CAN! Meaning, Jeanette and I. I don't know if you can if you really don't believe that God has commanded you to do so. Change starts with faith. I'm pretty sure you don't love me now.

As for Jeanette calling you Dung Head, should that bother you --considering all the cow dung photos you posted that day when you gathered up many of my blog comments and printed them together as a blog topic? You surely don't think that her reference to excrement disqualifies her as a lover, now, do you? Or are we in agreement that dung used by you was NOT a loving gesture on your part, any more than on her part. Jeanette admitted that she was tempted to do wrong with knowledge she had that someone would not want revealed --but you don't resist temptation. She did. That's the difference between us. She knows it's just plain wrong --and unloving-- to post people's private info if it might bring them harm. You don't seem to realize that yet.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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Jeanette said...
Good post, Barb, but futile. He won't stop.

I saw his post about us early this afternoon and his comments were miraculously open now instead of just to his team members.

I'm not going to take the bait and respond on his blog. He's not worth the energy or the time for me to give.

He craves attention even if it's negative attention. He surely has a hang-up about born again Christians, yet he told me in an email he is a Catholic who goes to church at a university in Toledo or that area because it is liberal.

He likes to talk about tolerance, but tolerance to people like him is "you tolerate me but I don't have to tolerate you if I disagree with you."

Typical liberal hatred that has been going on since President Bush was elected in 2000 and will continue after President McCain is elected in November. His Messiah is Obama but the way Obama and Hillary are acting they are going to tear the democrats asunder and the election the Republicans are supposed to lose they will win.

I also predict we will come close to taking back the House if not doing so outright and pick up a couple of seats in the Senate or losing just one or two at worst.

This is what angers him. That and the fact we haven't yet become the complete socialist utopia he so longs for.

Pay him no mind. He thrives on it.

March 25, 2008 10:03 PM

Barb said...

Ignoring Mudly is sort of like ignoring the elephant in the room --or rather, the donkey!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


mud_rake said...

What? Nobody came here to comment about your wonderful post?

I feel sorry for you, barb. Looks like nobody really cares what you have to say.

Barb said...

They're in the blog now. Promoted.

Rob R said...

Yes, the topic of mudville may not stir up much interest.

maybe what goes on over there isn't that important.

That comment kind of bites both ways mudrake.

mud_rake said...

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mud_rake said...

So Jeanette was going to call her sister-in-law in Toledo whose husband is a Toledo Police Officer to investigate me???

And she was blackmailing a woman in France and threatened to send her ID to the authorities to deport her????

Oh, don't you love these Christian women!

Barb said...

Mudrake, don't you have anything better to do than type "sin and forgiveness" over and over again 100 or whatever times? (I didn't count; did you?) Is this penance for you or what?

I think you SHOULD be investigated --to see if you are as dangerous as your blogging habits suggest.

I guess you will soon be getting your wish --i'm tired of your harrassment games and lunacy --so I may start to ignore you. I've tried to treat you like a person by responding substantively to your views and even your nastiness --but I am moving toward shaking the dust off my feet where you are concerned.

We are 60 years old, for goodness sake --time for you to grow up and quit harrassing, insulting, threatening, etc. You were never harrassed --nor the PP blog --just because we wanted to respond to your posts --especially when you posted about us. But harrassment is your stock in trade. I saw how you treated Fonso --and Rob and Jeanette at first. You try to be pleasant with people until they disagree--and show that they have a Biblical faith. If you can't talk them out of it, you turn on them. With Jeanette, she was useful to you as long as she was opposing me.

But you have been adversarial to me from the first because you knew who I was from the first. What is your problem??? Did I help to get you fired over at AW or something? Are you the guy that quickly changed schools when some other mothers suspected him of a wrongful interest in boys? That would explain everything.

Barb said...

Jeanette was blackmailing no one --don't you know what that means? She was just saying, "Don't start your nastiness on me, because I know too much about you guys." That was a fair trade. Decent treatment in exchange for her silence --but since she IS a Christian, as she told them, she wouldn't do anything to get the illegal citizen prostitute into trouble, no matter what the provocation --and then she repented for even thinking of it.

but they didn't receive her apology in a Christian spirit because they are not Christians.

Christians are willing to make up --to own their fault --to repent if anger gets the best of them. And to accept apologies.

ARe you a Christian or not, Mudly? I gather not though you sure like to call US hypocrites as though you had no beam in your eye. If you care to testify of your faith -- to acknowledge Christ before people so Christ will acknowledge you before Father God, be my guest. Right here on the blog.

Olive branches accepted right here.

Barb said...

O yes, I deleted your posts from another blog --doesn't seem right to take those in their entirety without the authors' permissions. YOu didn't seem to have any clear point to make with those that I could see --no commentary of your own of any significance.

Barb said...

By the way, I myself didn't get anyone fired at AW --the board did in response to principal evaluations.

mud_rake said...

Oh, NO! Barb is deleting my comments AGAIN!

Too difficult for you to handle, barb?

You sure do hang around with weird people. Jeanette's rantings border on the absurd if not psychotic yet you chum around with her as if you have no friends of your own.

Maybe you don't and will attach yourself to anybody who shows the least bit of interest in your pap.

Too bad that you can't handle the truth.

So now we have comments on this thread -BLOG BATTLE FOR TRUTH --More Mud from Muckville- from you, your son, and me [and the other comments from me which you deleted that pointed out Jeanette's altered state of reality].

Apparently nobody in the blogosphere gives a damn what you think about me or my blog.

Isn't it sad? You try sooooooooo hard to be relevant, to 'get' me, to post things that you want people to read and no one gives a damn what you have to say.

You are essentially writing to yourself and your son. You have to pander to get people to come to your blog.

Pathetic pretty well says it all.

Do you plan on deleting any more of my comments or have you purged what you need to make yourself look good?

Barb said...

I didn't purge your comments authored by other people for my sake.

If you want to tell us your version of events, YOU do it.

I've noticed that lately you only have your old school chum uptheflag, me, J lately, sepp who disagrees with you on sexual social issues, once in awhile your daughter,rarely my son -and sometimes MY blogger friends --on your site --sometimes Microdolt. And with the exception of Microd who is also obsessed, they show no interest when you're acting obsessed about me and J. They have to be wondering if you aren't losing it when they hear about 90 address postings in one day. And see you digging up photos from European blogs.

We never initiated any blog battles with you --except to point out your harrassment, your hypocrisy (claiming a high road while on the low road yourself, harrassing and censoring me, e.g.), your factual errors (libel against me), and your generally sour, even vicious attitude toward bloggers who disagree with you.

I only wanted to participate in the discussion from my perspective and worldview --not to call you names or insult or harrass you. You are the one who made it personal--of course you started out that way blogging about my Blade letter in Nov. 06 --about why people did not know to vote for state bd of ed on the basis of their stance on creation science--as the Blade claimed. If you recall, the Blade said we voted out the creationists; I pointed out that I, as a voter, could find no convenient way of finding out who was who on that issue.

So you wrote about my letter and my history of my 8 school board years, alleging things that were not true of my motives and efforts as a board member.

mud_rake said...

Of couse you are ill.

mud_rake said...

Comment by AnnieSallyBarb | 27 March 2008 at 7:14 pm
WOM –For the record, I NEVER threatened the survival of this blog -never tried to kill it or offered to or anything of the sort. Whynot, you are the liar here, not me.

I predicted it would slow down if there were no arguments/debates being raised. Eventually, there is less interest in a blog where everyone has the same views of everything. Thus, I noticed the blog kept discussing religion after I left –though you all had said you didn’t want to discuss religion!

And of course, you discuss it unfairly when you don’t have other perspectives than the agnostic one.

Again, I said I would leave if you asked me, Whynot, and I did for several weeks –and developed new blog interests including my own. I did not promise to never come back –as some do.

I’ll be observing here now and then. But don’t talk about me –that’s always an invitation to me to defend myself. And if you want to talk about religion again, I may jump in.

You can make all the blasphemous art you want –no one is making you do it except yourself. Don’t buy into Jeanette’s line of reasoning where she thinks she or I can make you blaspheme. Up above somewhere, you said you hoped we were pleased with ourselves, making you blaspheme. Only you make yourself do that. That is dangerous for you to do –just in case we are right about the Bible and its God.

Fortunately, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Your sin against Christ is greater than your sin against me.

mud_rake said... I said, of course you are ill.

Barb said...

Thanks for bringing THAT over, Mudrake. How thoughtful of you.
Where is your evidence of my illness?

mud_rake said... every word you type.

Barb said...

well, one thing that shows in what we type --I'm happier than you are.

What makes you so miserable!

mud_rake said...

Oh no! You deleted my last two comments!!!

You ought to activate 'comment moderation' like most right-wing nuts use then you can do the 'deleting' in secret.

Barb said...

why? I don't mind deleting you publically. I let YOUR remarks stand --but it didnt make you look good to leave up what appeared to be the remark to Rob --when the previous post was by Whynot. "You are ill, too, " I think you said. Just didn't make sense following Whynot's post --though I'm pretty sure he IS also ill with alcoholism and a few STD's probably.

mud_rake said...

No it didn't because in the first deletion was the French blogger WhyNot who told you you were a sick woman.

My 2nd comment refereed to his reference of your mental illness.

By the way, that other mentally ill friend of yours, Jeanette, has hovered around my blog all day. She's visited it 5 times today.

Wow! Duplicit mental illness buddies.

Barb said...

Somehow, Mudly, I think you are going to get to the asylum before we do!

mud_rake said...

Well, it looks like nobody came to your blog today except me.


I guess that's common in these days: people avoid the mentally ill. Such a shame.

Barb said...

Just you, Christian Apologist, and Yankee Doodle! One old geezer and two young men! That's good enough for me!

Barb said...

And Jeanette, also. And rob tonight.

And Courtney says she reads it.

Yankee Doodle said...

Mud_rake, I want to thank you for generating record number of hits on my blog today. I'll probably miss this when I'm back to school next Tuesday.

Thank you again, and may God bless you.