Friday, March 7, 2008

Facing Mortality --He is Risen! And So Shall We Be also!

I am contemplating my next stage. I am glad for the Resurrection of the dead to eternal life. I am glad that Jesus rose again and walked the earth after being dead. I am glad that he raised Lazarus from the dead and promised the same for us who trust in Him as our Savior.

I await test results on Tuesday regarding what my doctor, after an ultrasound, thinks is a likely case of cancer. He did a biopsy.

I am surprised at how un-fazed I am at this stage of waiting --and how my life is proceding as usual. How I'm still going to have that root canal later this month!

I will ask for your prayers after I find out if it's serious or not.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

I will certainly pray and keep you in my thoughts. But I'm sure everything is OK.

Barb said...

Thank you


I hope so! but it is what it is --i can't even pray for the test result to be benign --since the test is done.

I'm always amused to be asked to pray that test results will be ok --when the test is over and done --because the result isn't going to be changed in the lab.

I just want to stay in good spirits regardless --and I hope it isn't at a serious unremoveable stage.

johnnypeepers said...

I will be praying for you Barb. My mum suffered a nearly fatal bout with the cancer. Research your doctor thoroughly. Do Not blindly accept care from your provider. Ask questions, scrutinize, and probe continuously. Make them aware that you expect the best treatment available. Seek second, third, and fourth opinions on your condition. Have an attorney review your insurance terms and conditions.

Barb said...

I think he's a great doc --I went in for this biopsy a few years ago --under anasthesia and the woman doc couldn't get the biopsy -- so she referred me to this guy --a cancer specialist for women --and I mentioned that the other doc couldn't get the biopsy in the hospital --and he said, "O --well, let's just see if we can't get that...right... now...and so you went to Florida, did you ...and where abouts did you go....and well, that sounds really nice --and --got it! We're done." that time the biopsy was negative.

I was impressed. I know he's good and not overly eager to operate if he doesn't have to. So I'm in good hands and I think I have a good policy.

thank you for prayers and concerns.
Do you tell what type of CA your mother had? And she survived, thank God.

Call your Mom, Johnny! wherever she is. I'm still looking for your email on Myspace! Do you have a Myspace?

Yankee Doodle said...

I will pray for you. I hope it's nothing serious.

johnnypeepers said...

My mum had cervical cancer. She survived because she sought a second opinion. Thankfully people in need can still do that. With socialized medicine you get a death sentence. Rationalized state care does not provide you those options. Each life is a cost/benefit analysis. The old are sacrificed for the young productive (tax-paying) worker.

I do not use MySpace for the reasons I announced earlier. It is a personal data pickpocket corporation. You have no privacy there. I would never log onto to your account again if I were you.

Barb said...

Well, I try not to say things on myspace that are likely to embarrass me if they are in public.

As for socialized health care, the French say they love their version--and I've heard both from Canadians.

It may depend on how sick you are! as to whether you feel satisfied with your system. If you don't need your doctor very often, and don't have emergencies, you may not realize the extent of the problems with any system.

Just seems to me that many low income people get all the care they need here in the U.S., insured or not--as I observe people I know who have knee replacements and quadruple bypass surgeries.

Barb said...

Thanks, Yank--say is that name on your blog your REAL name?

I think it's time you got your name out there, after all--you may want to run for office someday. Get a head start!

When do you get older, BTW?

Jeanette said...


I pray for you daily. I know of the biopsy you speak and I've had it done twice. Both times awake and the doc finally decided to get rid of useless body parts right then and there.

Hopefully, you are in the same situation and it was caught early enough to get it out.

I doubt God is through with you on this earth, but knowing He waits for us in the next life---the eternal one is a wonderful promise and blessing.

Please email me and let me know.

Anonymous said...

After the blasphemy using your photo on the cross I think you should delink Porquois Pas from this site. They are not likeable people.

Jeanette said...

Last comment was made by me. I hit anonymous instead of Name/URL


I can't sleep tonight and have to take a long trip after church this afternoon and won't be home until around 1 am Monday.

Since I can't sleep I will spend the time praying for you and that the results are not as serious as they can be. And yes, the Lord is capable of anything, even changing the results once in the lab. :)

mud_rake said...

Why would a Diety ameliorate one person's physical problems and not another due to supplication? Would this Diety keep score of the number of supplicants and thereby intervene? It is all so silly.

Think positive thoughts, barb, go for a walk in the sunshine, take vitamin C and D, and watch a Marx Brothers movie.

Fonso_2006 said...

I will be praying for you Barb. I pray that it isn't anything that you can't get rid of.

Barb said...

Thanks for the good advice, Mudly. Though I think I'd rather watch The Office or Jay Leno or Monk for the therapeutic laughs than the Marx Bro's.

As for your comment about God responding to prayer of one or more --we just think there is power in prayer --that He does listen to the persistent. Jesus tells that parable about the person seeking bread from the neighbor --and because the person does not give up, the neighbor decides to meet his need. Jesus tells us to ask that we may receive. And the NT tells us the prayers of the faithful ( the righteous) avail much. And it tells us to annoint the sick with oil and pray for them that they may be healed.

At the same time, no one is immortal; we all die of something.
I know some people have had some miraculous outcomes. And others have not. Medical science as the means of healing is a great gift of God --through our intellects and divine guidance of men of science through the ages.

Nevertheless, suffering --which I am not at all good at --brings some people closer to Him --though you would think it would be the opposite. And sadly, I suppose some have seen suffering as an excuse to not believe.

the message of Easter is that God suffered, too, in the person of His Son --He is acquainted with grief, a Man of Sorrows.

Jeanette, sounds like you know what the future could be - the surgery is a common one --I hope you're right about the benign biopsy. And it's sweet of you to keep me in prayer.

Why can't you sleep? Sure you don't need an apnea machine? It was a literal "Godsend" for me.

Barb said...

That's my prayer too, fonso--thanks.

Christian Apologist said...

Hey Barb, I'll keep you in my prayers but I'm sure that whatever the result is it will be Gods will.

On another note you said that no one is immortal. You are quite wrong there. Every soul ever born is immortal. It is simply our bodies that perish. Our souls will continue on until the judgement, where God will decide whether to destroy us for our sins or forgive us of them.

Barb said...

I agree, CA, but when I refer to facing mortality--I'm referring to facing physical death.

I don't think that everything that happens is God's will--or we would have never had doctors combat illness. We'd just lie down and say "whatever will be will be."

People at the turn of the century said it was God's will when women died in childbirth and children from childhood illnesses --but it really was the curse of the Fall. God has given us the intellect to find preventions and cures --in His mercy He wills to help us put death off.