Friday, March 28, 2008

A SON'S DEFENSE OF HIS MOTHER ~ yes, you'll be in my will, you dear boy!

I was impressed by the eloquence of the following:

Whynot had said to my son Rob on the French blog where he went to defend his mother like "the good son" that he is (as he is always reminding me, with respect to my will):

"I have nothing against you personally at this stage."

Rob wrote: I was sharing a little bit of this situation with one of my roommates and mentioned that there’s this French blog where they were photo shopping a picture of my mom in humiliating ways. Immediately he responds, “Oh, so it’s personal.” As western individualists, we tend to forget that the personal connections that aren’t available to the immediate situation are still there, that when we insult someone,when we are verbally violent (and conceptually, in the case of “artwork”), we are striking at someone who loves and is loved by people who are personally concerned. You didn’t intend anything personally against me, but what you didn’t intend is there.

"Your mom created hell on earth here on this blog. To the point where she publicly said she was going to kill this blog by bombarding it with her s---. That was after I accepted her offer (public one) to go away, but she is such a compulsive liar she just cannot respect her own word."

[I, Barb, did none of the above -don't even know what he's referencing. I did say I would leave --and stayed away several weeks --saw my name and religion were still being mischaracterized, so popped back in with another name and email address to get around his block. The compulsive liar reference is because he says I "promised" to "never come back" to his blog. I didn't make such a promise. I said I'd leave if he asked me --I left --and like General MacArthur, I returned! upon provocation, noting they were still at it.]

Did she? That is terrible. What did she do? Did she post pictures with the purpose of insulting people to the extreme.. like pictures of anyone’s head pasted into an image of humiliation and torture, excrement, mocking physical appearance? That might be like a little slice of hell. Does she distort what people say? Hmmm. Does she turn hostile in bipolar fashion at the drop of the dime?

So she’s a compulsive liar? How can anyone tell? Now that you’ve taken to editing her posts, your blog has no integrity. You used to have some inviolable principle against censorship. Seems to me that changing someone’s words is even worse.

"but she is such a compulsive liar she just cannot respect her own word"

I beg your pardon, but long before Jeanette or allegedly, my mom, ever violated a trust, you did it first. I told her you people could not be trusted with her image. You’re proving it in spades.

"I wish her no harm. [WITH THAT PHOTO?] I just want her to stay away from here. What’s so f------ hard to understand? Do I go harrass her on her blog? No. So why can’t she stay away from here?"

Did she harass you? I can’t tell. Her posts are edited in a way that does not speak well of the editor.

You gave an ultimatum. I don’t feel like telling her she should kowtow to the bullying of an observably verbally abusive man, especially when your abuse doesn‘t carry that much power to begin with. But I’m not without understanding here. She gave you a condition. Why should she leave just so you and your friends can gossip. I’m sorry, that hardly seems fair to me. Her condition is quite honestly easy for anyone with a minimal amount of self-control. What’s so Effin hard to understand about that? Granted, Mom said she wouldn’t comment, except rarely. I might be inclined to tell her not to come back even rarely, but not with a situation where she is constantly reviled in your public blog (like it or not, it’s out in the public,) with no recourse to explain her side of it. But I don’t control her.

By the way, how’s that striving for peace and justice going? Would you say that your actions here are in line with that effort. Somehow, I don’t see Ghandi taking this approach, hatefully intimidating the opposition away.

No, real pacifists are confrontational yet in a pacifistic way. You asked my mom to leave you in peace, but there is no peace here. Whether or not she leaves, I don’t believe that strife will permanently walk out with her. It is at home in your heart.


"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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