Monday, March 10, 2008

WHEW! Thank God! So far so good!

Hallelujah, some good news! The MA at the gynecology/oncologist's office said no cancer! I said, "Are you SURE!?" Because the doc was pretty sure I did have it from the ultrasound and symptoms. But she said not according to the biopsy. One more test has to come in. The Family Doc with whom I had appointment today, said it worried him tht the gyn expert thought the test would be positive, as he sees a lot of cases and would know how to predict usually. He suspects that surgery may be recommended anyway as a preventative measure. He said you always have to wonder if maybe they didn't biopsy the diseased part of the tissue. Since I have been through this diagnosis and testing before, with the same result, I'm thinking positively.

The surgery is a common procedure for women and I'll cross that bridge when the expert says.

Meanwhile, it was interesting the responses you all gave me

Jeanette thinks God might change a lab sample in the lab as well as in your body in answer to prayer. That's OK with me, but I'm inclined to think otherwise. But if God did it for me, "I'm forever grateful" --as the song says.

Christian Apologist says whatever happens is God's will. I'm not that much of a fatalist. Though there is one verse that says "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of Christ concerning you."

Mudrake says --go watch funny movies and take a walk in the sunshine. And implied it's ridiculous to pray or to think that the more people praying for you, the more efficacious the prayer. Actually, Mudly, it's not the prayer of many people that is effectual; [It's] "the fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man [that] availeth much." Although there is Biblical precedent for God to act when a whole nation or tribe or group repents and looks to Him for deliverance. Prophets and punishment were used to bring Israel to their knees repeatedly.

I am grateful for the good news --and wish the same for all.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


mud_rake said...

Apparently God selected you for a longer life. Good for God and you.

Meanwhile, looks like you can continue your anti-gay bashing and write this bigoted anti-gay congresswoman and thank her for her work in that area.

Barb said...

Barb said...
I don’t think I was selected for longer life, Mudrake. I feel blessed to weather any crisis. We should give God credit and praise for all good things –and then accept as part of the Fall of humanity the fact that I will eventually die of something –but that is only the first death—after which I am confident of a Resurrection to a Judgment Day –during which Christ will cover my sins—though there will still be rewards—Jesus said so and I believe Him.

I think you will miss me when I'm gone --in a sort of perverse way!
But you'll find someone else to take my place.

Meanwhile, YES, I will continue to agree with the congresswoman who dares to speak the truth about a lifestyle that is a dead end --that is immoral. But it is not bigotry. It is a belief in right and wrong as Biblically defined.

steve said...

Hey, that's great news! See I told you that it would be OK.

mud_rake said...

Of course it's bigotry but you are too blind to see it.

Jeanette said...

Praise God from Whom all blessings come!

I had the same thing and my doc took two samples in different places just to make sure. No cancer, but fibroids. He decided to do a hysteredtomy immediately. I had what is called a laproscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy.

I did great for about 3 days and then got the flu from one of the nurses coughing as they brought me to my room, and she didn't cover her mouth. I can remember thinking she was going to make me sick.

I was up and walking as usual the day after surgery and my gyn said he would have liked to have made a movie of that to show other hysterectomy patients.

This was a bit over four years ago when the got the flu vaccines all wrong and everyone got it. I was just so weak from surgery it went to the weakest part of my body, which was the incision. I got a deadly infection but after one night in the hospital on rociferin (sp?) and another anti-biotic I was on my way to good health again.

Maybe God didn't change the results in the lab, but He certainly proved the gyn to be wrong in this case. They should never tell you it is cancer until they are sure.

Get the hysterectomy and get the ovaries removed too. You don't need them and don't need the problems later.

I'm so thrilled you have gotten the good news and never mind what trap Mudrake tries to lay for you. Ignore him and he'll go away. He thrives on attention, even if it's negative attention. Otherwise why take a pseudonym of Mudrake?

Jeanette said...

As for Mudrake's query in your last post: We pray always for God's will to be done.

In a study I had in the Book of Daniel we talked about the fiery furnace. The three were thrown into the furnace so hot that even the guards putting them into it were killed by the heat.

Instead of three there were four men walking around in the furnace and the king ordered the three out when he saw what he recognized as God or the Son of God.

When they came out only the bonds that held them were gone and they didn't even carry the smell of smoke.

That's the last we hear of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, but here's the point:

In every person's life God takes us to the fire at some point. He either brings us to the fire and releases us, He puts us into the fire and burns off our bonds or He takes us through the fire to come to Him.

My daughter in law is a non-Hodgkins lymphoma patient in remission right now. Last year at this time we thought her treatment didn't work because she had 14 new tumors.

Before going to MD Anderson cancer hospital for the same treatment she had before they did scans and biopsies on her. 8 of the 14 tumors had completely disappeared and six were shrinking in size and are now gone.

They repeated the tests to make sure the equipment wasn't faulty. It wasn't. The prayers of thousands of people went to heaven on her behalf.

Today, except for having to have her gallbladder removed she is healthy and still with her husband and precious children.

Nothing God does surprises me.

Having said that, Mudrake, not all sickness is caused by God. The devil does this also to make people doubt God and lose faith.

Prayer works miracles but sometimes the answer is no or not right now.

I prayed that I would meet my birth father when I turned 14. It didn't happen and finally I gave up the prayer.

40 years later, quite by accident, the information leading me to my father was literally dropped into my lap and we had a wonderful relationship until he died three years later. I held his hand as he died, and this was the man whose wife wanted nothing to do with me at first. We now tell each other we love the other when talking for hours on the phone.

How to explain this without God's Hand in it? His answer to me was not no, but "Not yet" when I was 14.

Try to rationalize it any way you want, but it was God Who put my daughter in law into remission and brought my earthly father to me.

Jeanette said...

Oh, and Barb, I've been tested for sleep apnea and don't have it. I'm just an insomniac and sleeping pills don't work.

Jeanette said...

God Himself decides what is and what is not sin. He made man with a woman as a companion, sexually and socially.

God never changes. He destroyed two cities due to homosexuality. He called it an abomination to Him. If it was an abomination to Him then it is still an abomination to Him now. You may not like it, but that's the way it is.

Prostitution is also a sin. You may not like that either but it's not up to you or me to like or not like.

He cannot lie and does not change His mind about sin.

Now this crap from the pope claiming it is a mortal sin (what's the difference? Except for forgiveness by confessing our sins and asking Jesus to be our Lord and Savior) to not be green. When did God declare we must embrace global warming or go to hell? Show me and I'll believe it.

And all sins are mortal except for the shed blood of Jesus covering them for us. That's the way to Eternal Life. Nothing else or God wouldn't have had His only begotten Son make the human sacrifice He made as God in the form of a perfect human.

Barb said...

About the global warming, I think you'd probably agree, Jeanette, that stewardship of the planet was a job given to Adam and Eve --but when sin occured and God cursed the planet, we lost some control--or rather we were given even MORE problems to solve in our job of stewardship--more bugs and weeds to control. If we have anything to do with air, water pollution and global warming, of course we should work to ameliorate it. I do my small part to recycle and thus help the landfills. But I'm not convinced that this is a man-made temp change and that it isn't part of a normal cycle. But i have nothing to do with the process personally and certainly don't see it as a sin if you don't agree with the current theory. it may be ignorance on my part, but it isn't harmful because I have nothing to do with fixing the problem.

I see they came out with another announcement that a little wine is good for you (the Bible does say it) --also warning us not to drink at all if we don't already. Not too long ago I thought I read about a study that said no alcohol was better than a little after all--that it didn't have the protective benefits they had previously thought.

And it wasn't more than 3 decades ago they predicted global cooling and a problem with the sun.

So I'm really in no position to refute either side --only to be skeptical of either. We are so finite.

Yes, I agree with Jeanette about homosex, Mudrake, and it doesn't have anything at all to do with bigotry--i.e. hatred for a class of people. The Bible says some of the Christians were 'formerly homosexuals." And that God loves ALL and wants all to come to repentance --and that there are many sins for the rest of us to be guilty of --we just aren't trying to have pride parades and normalize those or condone and praise them as something God willed.

He designed us ONLY for heterosex --and the rest of the ways to have orgasm with other creatures are sins. He said so, we did not.

mud_rake said...

He called it an abomination to Him.

He didn't, the Jews did. By the way, there were lots of 'abominations' that the Jews abhorred like the menstrual period of women, pork, 4-legged insects, women wearing pants, slaughtering animals improperly on their altars and eating shrimp.

Funny stuff, always funny stuff when one reads Deuteronomy.

mud_rake said...

I'll have to cruise over here more often now that both Jeanette and barb are here. You two always make me laugh due to your stupidity.

Barb said...

O for pete's sake, Mudly --we don't call YOU stupid and it doesn't mean we aren't tempted to remind you that "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God."

You come across as an atheist --or agnostic --but then want us to think you are some kind of real Catholic. Which is it? I suspect you are not absolutely sure yourself?

mud_rake said...

What difference does it make to you what 'religion' I am: you hate all three of those labels.

CordieB said...

I am glad that to hear of your good news! May God continue to bless you and yours. Be blessed and stay blessed, CordieB.

Barb said...

You, too, cordieb. Welcome.

Barb said...

I don't hate any of the 3, Muddled.

As for Catholics, I have worked with some very devout people on pro-life newsletter in the past -- and found much common ground and love for God and His Book, His Son, His righteousness, among them as among evangelicals. they have been the leaders in the pro-life movement --when it comes to the March on D.C., e.g. And they also have their pregnancy centers to help the unwed mothers who refuse to abort. And they have Catholic charities --as evangelicals do. They share a concern for Christian education.

A group from one Catholic Church invited our church to have some Bible studies together --and this was quite successful.

Another thing that brought a lot of Catholics and laymen together was the charismatic movement --the desire to worship joyfully, praisefully, in English --and the other aspects of that movement. I was never into that --it was new and strange to me --but I don't disrespect the fervor or genuineness of people who claim that experience. And many churches have embraced contemporary worship more --both Catholic and protestant. And Catholics have adopted many songs and approaches to youth and children from the protestant evangelicals. I watch the ETWN ? catholic channel sometimes and notice that they sometimes are indistinguishable from the evangelicals in both media style and message.

When churches really take the bible seriously and study it, they find much common ground --as well as areas of division. But the devout Catholics and the devout evangelicals who consider their faith to be central in their lives --instead of peripheral --have a lot in common.

Barb said...

I meant Catholics and protestants together --not Catholics and laymen.

Jeanette said...


I have some very good born-again Catholic friends who will be in heaven with me. Can you say the same thing?

It wasn't the "Jews" who said it was an abomination as that term didn't even exist at the time of Moses. They were called "Hebrews" and Moses merely recorded what God instructed him to do.

Now, how to explain how the Hebrews destroyed Soddom and Gomorrah without the help of God? Hmmm? And since we get the word "sodomy" from Soddom what exactly was the sin that was so abominable as to destroy these two towns?

I won't call you stupid, but you are certainly foolish to believe you are smarter than God.

The food restrictions were put out by God also. No meat of cloven hoofed animals, proper slaughter, no fish without fins or scales etc.

Turns out pigs had worms, and shellfish are not very good for one's colesterol or liver.

In the New Testament the Law of Moses was abolished by the death and resurrection of Christ. Peter was put among pigs and forced to eat of them even though he protested "unclean". This was to show he was no longer under the law and now we know how to get rid of the trichinea worms so it's safe to eat.

Please don't ever make the mistake you are smarter than God because as surely as you do He will prove you wrong.

Now, obey your pope and go about keeping the environment clean. That means the environment that comes from your mouth and hands also.

Yes, Barb, I do my part on recycling and keeping my plot of earth clean whereever I may be. We are to be stewards of the earth and as an Indian I am even more keenly aware of it, but for a mere man to declare it a sin worthy of hell is ridiculous in my opinion.

BTW, Mudrake, I notice since you helped in the drive to run Barb off the French blog you have appeared there just once.

I never could understand why you would go to that blog to announce you had banned her from your blog and yet you continue to come here and try to disturb the peace.

While I'm at it you made three statements as though they were facts on that blog and never answered when questioned, so I will ask you again: What "ceremony" do born-again Christians go through? You stated most right-wing bloggers moderate comments. Name them. I am familiar with many but give us the URLs and we'll check them out.

Third, you stated you had "hundreds of commenters" on your blog. Back it up with a list because from what I have seen you may have tens if that many.

Jeanette said...

Forgot to mention: I abstain from alcohol completely. There are several reasons. 1.) My family were cursed with the disease of alcoholism and I didn't want it too.

2.) I'm a diabetic and can't take it.

3.) The Baptist creed says we should not drink or associate with those who do. (I'll bet you run into a lot of Baptists in the liquor stores though. ;) ) The Bible says a deacon should be a man who does not partake of too much alcohol and I'm sure in Heaven we will drink very sweet wine. Even I'll like the taste of that. :)

Barb said...

The Bible does say " a little wine for the stomach's sake" --and we find it is a preventative against H.Pylorrhic bacteria (sp?) -- that causes stomach ulcers.

But that disease is cured by antibiotic which is not addictive or mind-dulling as alcohol is.

Again they are saying a little wine daily for the heart's sake --that's the stat I have seen go both ways --good/not good --or not proven efficacious by ALL researchers.

We like raising kids in a tee-totaling church where alcohol is not used by its leadership and members --not at their weddings, e.g. alcohol has ruined many families --or greatly harmed them.

I don't personally think of people as going to Hell for alcohol use --nor do I think of them as inferior Christians, less spiritual than tee-totalers. C.S. Lewis enjoyed his fine wines --and his pipe, i believe. An English professor/author/ atheist turned Cristian.

I see where Ann Rice was interviewed in Time magazine re: her conversion to Christ after writing about vampires all her life --i'm not familiar with her as an author --she is neutral about homosexuality, i think --seeing people as essentially sexless--or as she said, capable of loving both --does she mean sexually? I couldn't tell.

Jesus suggested we will be sexless? unmarried? in Heaven --that there are no sexual distinctions in that regard.

But for good order in earthly society, God has made us male and female to fulfill His purposes as spouses and parents and families and we are to obey and have self-control and minds under control, in the area of sexuality.

He gave us a pleasure in procreation that Satan can misguide --and warned us not to heed his advice. To flee temptation. The Disease risk should be warning enough.

Barb said...

More for Mudly on Catholics --I see where Catholic Digest has featured quotation of the famous British, protestant Christian, C.S. Lewis, on the subject of sin and confession.

Just as intellectual evangelicals appreciate the writings of Brother Andrew, St. Augustine, and probably G.K. Chesterton and many others.

It's a shame when we close our minds to some great thinkers about God and faith because of labels.

GOD said...


mud_rake said...

Your disdain for Catholics is showing again, Barb. And we thought you were such an oh-so righteous Christian lady.

Barb said...

Find that disdain, Mudly. It isn't disdainful to point out that they have discovered C.S. Lewis worthy of quotation--a protestant.