Friday, March 28, 2008


Blog Host, Whynot, Philippe Maire, of the French blog, said to Rob, yesterday:

"I don’t have the time to explain why your mom is such an a–h–. Ask her. She f---g well knows what she did to harrass me and others here."

He would say I “beat the blog over the head with the Bible.” That was my harrassment.

No, I never EVER harrassed you, Whynot. I just cared enough about you to post some cherished, powerful Bible stories to you over the past year--[usually with a good segue or in context of the discussions at hand.] And to inform you lovingly of what the Bible says it will mean to the unbelievers if the Bible is true. And to assure you that belonging to God as His Children as brothers and sisters in Christ for Eternity and going to Heaven is not that difficult– starting with repentance –asking God to make the Truth clear to you –being willing to know what truth is available to us about Christ –and to know Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life, Savior, Resurrected Lord, Redeemer, Comforter, Holy Spirit, Divine Son of God and Friend, Prince of Peace, Immanuel–God with Us, “closer than a brother” –the resurrected Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

You didn’t like the same message that Jesus gave. “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is nigh.” You didn’t like His message that we are all sinners who need a Saviour. Your bloggers called my faith in the Bible mere “arrogance.” I clarified continually that I wasn’t claiming to be more righteous than your bloggers, that we are all equals at the foot of the cross. But my claim to believe in Truth or to know Truth about Jesus was intolerable.

However, that’s not ALL I posted about here –you didn’t like it if I had American loyalty or Capitalist sympathies instead of Communistic/socialistic sympathies. You didn’t like it if I said that America wasn’t as horrible in healthcare and regarding the poor as your bloggers said it was. You didn’t like it if I didn’t agree that the Christian religion was only a blight in world history. I was not to join with 2 others to sympathize with Israel over Palestine if it offended the Muslim, Romeo (that was recent)[who had ranted on that topic one day.] I was not to say that prostitution was not safe or good for Stiletto (or you), if it offended you and Stiletto and Kristina –who all think it is a humane public service–even though Stiletto often speaks of hating her "white male pig" customers.

I used no hate speech on you, no foul language, no personal insults–except in teasing “give and take” of blog orneriness. Believe me, I took more insults than I ever gave and only jibed in humor --and was credited now and then by your bloggers for that.I took the Big Red Bloomers insult of me with humor and it became a running joke with my help.

My main insults were to Microdot with his name –and he should not have chosen such a name if he didn’t want it toyed with. [So easy to say Microdevolved to an evolutionist --or Macrodeleterious --or Microdolt --which also became an appreciated
humor gimmick when I was in favor.] As for Mudrake, he only came to this blog to harrass me, which is his career and calling. [In turn,] I only told the truth about his blog harrassment of me, i.e. posting the personal info. [Wherever Mudrake goes in blogging, Microdot kowtows to his sour negativity and buys into it --when he is otherwise very funny even in disagreement. It was Microdot's eventually hateful and humorless tirades that made it totally unpleasant for all as he encouraged a blog boycott until the bloghost Whynot asked me to leave. I had said I would leave if he asked me to --but I didn't promise to stay away forever if they continued to talk about me and my faith with error. And it did make the host angry because the little prostitute gets angry at me. But she is the one who told me how to get around the block.]

From the start, you were the tolerant one, Whynot –and you held the vicious wolves at bay –until Microdot got offended over his ego –he didn’t think I had introduced him to the new blogger, my friend, Baldspot, with enough praise. Baldspot was brilliant, shared common knowledge and interests with Microdot and Kristina–but even though you had encouraged me in emails to bring friends to this blog so I wouldn’t be alone ideologically–when he came, everything [took a nosedive and]went sour really fast –though he was faultless in his pleasantness. But Kender, Jeanette, Baldspot and I were starting to reinforce one another –and something had to be done. I was blamed for people leaving the blog who really did not leave because of me –or JUST because of me.

There is nothing like a little crucifixion when you want to keep control against a religious or ideological minority. Nothing beats simple hate as a weapon, does it???

Rob is right about peace. You didn’t have it before I came –that’s why Jeanette left 2 years earlier and Diane left before I came. You had Stiletto and Ugly American and Kender at each other’s throats before I came. And they didn’t even TRY to get along in those days.

So peace will elude this blog because your bloggers believe it’s ok to hate people with whom they disagree –especially Christians who share their faith and their idea of truth with you. It’s OK for you to share your hatred of Christianity, the Bible, traditional morals –but it’s not OK to hear the other side –even when kindly expressed.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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