Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dobson on Christian Leadership

Dr James Dobson hopes for new leaders to be raised up --no doubt in every family, every church, every community, every city, state --and yes, the nation. We always benefit from godly leadership, men of integrity and character, who can resist the temptations that are inundating people through media of all kinds --adversely shaping their character --such that we now celebrate licentiousness in the name of liberty, thinking people ought to be legally allowed to do absolutely anything they want to --short of theft and murder.

Those are the only taboos left --and judging by the numbers of people in jail for those two crimes alone --plus drugs and rape --too many have lost ALL sense of conscience, self-control, and commitment to live rightly--good character.

Add to the prison population, the hypocrites in high places such as the church and gov't, the degenerate pop icons/celebrities, -- and then all the people who celebrate freedom to do absolutely anything they want sexually as a civil right -- well, don't be surprised if God brings us to our knees through terrorists and economic depression.

Dobson and others hope it doesn't come to that --and we Christians pray for leaders to preach God's truths which motivate discipleship and conversion and righteous lifestyles --which do include charity as well as a return to moral chastity.

On a hopeful note, there was a pretty girl guest on Leno tonight with her father in the audience and she said she had never had a boyfriend, or been kissed --because she believes that "true love waits." I was surprised that many in the audience applauded this. We aren't dead yet! I can't help but wonder if a European audience would have seen anything in her statement to applaud! I rather doubt it. I think they would jeer. From what I've observed in Europeans, they have no respect for chastity as an ideal of value at all. Thank God, we aren't there yet.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


kooz said...

I really like Dobson....I sometimes fear that he gets to involved in politics however.

kooz said...

I took Rob R's response and posted it over at my site (about homosexuality post) Hope you dont mind.

Barb said...

Dobson was on the president's commission on porn years ago --and alerted Christians to the problems and how the addiction escalates and the materials even included "snuff movies" in which a victim was murdered for the vicarious thrills of voyeurs. He has made Christians aware --if they weren't readers and weren't aware already, of issues about which they SHOULD be active --as salt and light in their nation. The Devil's minions are surely active in politics. this commission at least wanted kiddie porn prosecuted --as well as the snuff variety --but under clinton's watch the DOJ did very little about the clearly illegal porn.

I don't know what it means to be "too involved" in politics as a Christian leader. He's a psychologist, not a minister --not that that should make a difference, but he thinks our policies should be family friendly and conducive to a wholesome nation for the rearing of children.

The other thing --his Turn your heart toward home series was so good and all the child-rearing help books. Parents need help and his advice is pretty good.

His book on raising boys is really good--and a new one is coming out on raising girls. There are some fundamentals and some parents just miss them. We aren't guaranteed exemplary results just because we do our best --but there are many pitfalls in parenting to avoid --and he's got the wisdom of several generations of good parenting behind him--whereas some people have just the opposite.

I'm sure rob doesn't mind you borrowing his writing--where is your site now? the former address or the new one? I'll look--I was thinking of taking it elsewhere with me, too.

-Sepp said...

Don't discount the Europeans just yet. I lived there for 10 years and found most people to be no better or, worse than Americans.

Barb said...

Just like the pagans in Jesus' day, I might add.

Barb said...

My experience on the French blog, also visited by Microdot, Jeanette, and Mud-rake, is that they all think prostitution is a fine service to mankind --(the Russian girl (Yeah, not european, I know) said "what were teen boys and those who couldn't get a woman to do if not for the kindness of prostitutes?" --and she was serious) -- and the prostitute on the blog says she hates her job but considers it a humanitarian act for poor frustrated husbands. Here, we call it adultery.

They weren't so lauding of homosexuality, interestingly, however --though not for religious or moral objections.

The blog host considers sex to be a necessity like breathing--had no guilt or embarrassment or shame for thinking lustfully toward a niece and for hiring a prostitute in a roadside van.

I think they are pretty far gone in the morals dep't --and it's an offshoot of their religious ignorance, indifference and unbelief. Most seem sure that science has ruled out God. The host is not afraid to blaspheme in word or photo.

I believe it's a very secular culture --in which those who call themselves "christian" are only nominally so, nominally Catholic, as these bloggers said they knew no one who owned bibles, and they weren't letting any old dusty book tell them how to live and so the churches are nearly empty --and it reflects in the agnosticism of the youth --the seeming complete lack of faith or interest in God of my 2 exchange students --and other Christian hosts said the same of their exchange students. Their sex education is way more liberal than what I hope ours is --Michi brought his sex ed book with him so I know whereof I speak.

They are being outnumbered by the birth rate of the Islamic immigrants and some nations are predicted to have Muslim majorities before long. They are paying people in Germany to bear children, as I understand it. Marriage and child-bearing are in decline.

I don't think they think anything having to do with sex is immoral. It's all OK, legit.

Christian Apologist said...

You really shouldnt make a judgement call on the state of European morals based of the small sampling your getting off of the french blog.

Barb said...

My impression is not solely from the French blog. Unbelief leads to immorality --at least in the next generation raised by the unbelievers. Talk to our resident missionaries' son who graduated high school in Hungary. He says that we have missionaries in Europe now because of the level of unbelief there. The immorality is a result. I saw it in my exchange students' attitudes and their sex ed manual. I know there is a reluctance to raise children, an expectation of sexual activity among the unmarried and the youth --and a blase attitude about abortion --though birth control is so prevalent that abortion itself may not be.