Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin ~ Admirable Woman in Debate

I was pleased with our girl during the debate. She was self-possessed, confident, poised, spoke well, not shrill or twangy but quite beautifully. I had been praying for her through the day and during the debate and I bet that her faith was the source of her calm and her confidence.

She did miss an opportunity to point out how obstructionist and wrong the dems were when they tried to tie a troop pull-out to aid for protective gear for the troops. Biden was using that fact to demonstrate that McCain sometimes voted against aid for the troops --YES HE DID --when the democrats tied in their pull-out plan.

She also seemed to miss that she was asked to tell about any Achille's heel she might have. But Biden called his passion his Achilles' heel, not admitting to any fault himself. HIs fault was his strength, he seemed to be saying.

Her Achilles heel is her youth upon a national stage --and the fact that she is not used to the cutthroats of D.C. and isn't a slick-talkin' Ivy League lawyer who knows how to lie out of both sides of the mouth.

Geo. Bush also campaigned that he was a uniter and not a divider --but he couldn't crack the pure evil of Democrats who champion abortion, gay behaviors, and big gov't. socialism and Robin Hood economics --who wanted us to bail out of Iraq and let that nation fall to its evil factions.

Bush warned us about the mortgage crisis to come through Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac (however you spell 'em) and Obama himself was an attorney for one of the community organizer loan procurers who were part of the problem --loaning to people who could not keep up with payments. (Jeanette, help me out here --what was the name of his agency?)

McCain warned us 2 years ago, according to Sarah about the mortgage problem. As for him saying that our economy was sound --she referred to the American workers. I believe McCain was referring to the unemployment rate and other economic indicators that were stronger than times past. It's not good to scare people needlessly, causing panic.

But it's to the democrats advantage now to say "the sky is falling," suggesting that this wouldn't happen if they were in charge. Yeah, right! They WERE in charge of the Congress for 2 years now and have done nothing to earn respect.

Nothing scares me more than a totally democrat party gov't. I guess it will fire up the conservatives for the next go around if we get Democrats in office...that is, if we survive God's wrath for choosing people who don't revere His standards regarding the right to life and the necessity of morality. Our days as a free nation may be numbered, as we can't afford our entitlement programs, our natural disasters, our global involvements, and the corruption of the world that has access to our credit card numbers and bank accounts!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

.. while visions of mushroom clouds danced through my head ..

Barb said...

what? you were high during the debates??

Barb said...

Palin should've said, concerning mushroom clouds, that it didn't seem to do any good for Pelosi and later Condi Rice, to sit down with Amadinajhad (however you spell it.) He still spews his hateful, war-mongering rhetoric and shows he is not to be trusted with nuclear power --showed this in a recent meeting with American religious liberals.

Barb said...

Crazed leaders cannot be reasoned with --the most we can hope for is that their people or the world will get fed up with them and turn them out.

Austin Beeman said...

I was hoping Palin would win the debate. I really was. Although she was on the right side of most issues, but...

She got smoked. Seriously!

Biden came off as Presidential. More so than either McCain or Obama. He seemed confident, intelligent, and a leader. He was wrong on many issues, but he came off as trustworthy to anyone who want on the fence.

This could have been a slam dunk for the Republicans, but Sarah Palin isn't ready for prime time yet.

I'm worried that what should have been a boost for the McCain ticket is another set back.

We are in trouble folks. I don't wanna give Obama a chance to spend this country into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that we are seriously thinking of placing this dodo bird within reach of the Presidency.

Barb said...

Mudrake, some people might think you were a dodo bird in debate! You might as well own your posts. Your spirit shows no matter what name you use.

Anonymous said...

Putin can see Palins kitchen window from Russia and he thinks she has tacky curtains.

Barb said...

Gentlemen will not be deleted.