Friday, October 24, 2008


I agree that the GOP campaign has been lacking. Because there is so much more to be said and better ways to say it than the campaign has been doing. They needed Karl Rove, I guess. Or is he helping now?

No one in this campaign is appealing to noble ideals of Respect for Life in a thorough way. E.G. GW Bush had the "snowflakes" come to the White House. They should be a campaign issue. Children adopted as frozen embryos who are now happy, full, human beings. That should put the brakes on the embryo experiments --we should be promoting embryo adoption. Then there is at least one girl who survived abortion --whose life (through BAIPA) was voted against 4 times by Obama --SHE should be a campaign issue. Commercials should be made of these examples of GOP policy on the value of human life. And on our need for children to support the future. Our younger generation doesn't realize that they will NEED the children some day! I hear so many say they don't want to parent.

The fact that Obama will stack the Supreme Court with ACLU proponents/members should really scare the bejevers out of average Americans --who do believe in parental consent laws, better monitoring and standards for abortion clinics (like other clinics), who do believe in BAIPA (born alive infant protection act) and the ban on partial birth abortions --when the babies could be saved if they must be delivered (aborted) early for life or health of mother. Let them live! Someone will adopt!

Average Americans don't agree with the ACLU about removing "under God" from the pledge, and removing religious mottos from states and coins, and forbidding prayer in public places and removing crosses that were erected as war memorials on public property and removing Ten Commandment displays that our ancestors cherished as reminders of the historical importance and source of LAW.

We're going to see "change" alright --through Obama's judges. He will wash his hands as he so often does (as in voting "present") --and the legislators' will have to change the constitution to put a halt to these activist ACLU judges we are going to get from Obama. Meanwhile, Obama's "change" and its damage may be irreversible, as it will teach the masses that religious expression is forbidden outside church walls, that students attending religious colleges or becoming ministers shouldn't have access to the same gov't aid as other students. That church groups shouldn't have access to public parks for their events, nor equal access to public funds and facilities for their campus groups. All these are things we have had to fight for to win with conservative legislators and judges in the last 3 decades. The ACLU has brought such suits --and Obama will staff the Supreme Court with the ACLU.

The principle at stake is: A religious group should have the same access to public buildings and student funds as the gay group or any other liberal secular group --and the same right to free expression--but we've already seen the federal muzzle at our high school graduation ceremonies where we can't even pray in public for the safety and future success of our students. Where the majority can't even acknowledge faith in a Supreme Being --because of the minority who doesn't think He exists.

With Obama's courts, we will begin to see the greatest repression of the religious --particularly the majority religious group, the Christians --and it will result in the "gaying of America" --Obama says he's not for gay marriage, because he knows the majority of people have voted against it. But he will put ACLU on the Supreme Court and THEY will legalize gay marriage, and gayness will become more prevalent with high visibility and promotion. We will see more benefits for the "shacked up," and even polygamy. It will be a heyday for lawyers trying to figure out whose partner should get what benefits. If we think gov't dependency is excessive now, wait until the polygamists make demands for their families --which teach girls they have no choice but to marry some old gink if God so wills it. We will engineer our own complete national collapse at the hands of enemies from within and without. Mark these words.

So open-minded are liberals --that all common sense has left them.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Barb said...

I believe I read yesterday about frozen embryos --humans --being spliced with animal embryos, somehow? I don't remember detail--just thought, "what are we doing!? Creating monsters???"

kateb said...

It sounds like they are creating a race of monsters, doesn't it.

I think the McCain camp tried to run a normal campaign. They had no idea that the media was going to be heavily campaigning for Obama - that the fact he was born in Kenya and is not qualified to BE the President would be of interest. I think that when Obama said he voted against allowing newborn infants to have medical care and basic hydration to live - because when a mother buys an abortion - she's buying a dead baby and that's what she's going to get McCain thought that this would speak for itself in major headlines across the country. But it didn't. Because the game is rigged.

McCain has acted out of the belief that the media would be fair and that's not the case at all.

Watching an honorable man trying to engage in such dishonorable environments has been sad to observe.

I think we all know it - I think we'll all see it on November 4. The media may indeed be running the U.S. but I don't really believe it.

steve said...

A race of super clones like Jengo Fett..

The Emperor is just biding his time, as all is going as planned.

I'm afraid the deflector shields will be quite operational when your friends arive.

mud_rake said...

I think we all know it - I think we'll all see it on November 4. The media may indeed be running the U.S. but I don't really believe it.

The media.

Did she really blame 'the media?'

Is the word 'pathetic' appropriate for this comment?

Barb said...

When you use the word "pathetic" Mudrake, it conjures up a certain image of you that is not flattering. You might try engaging with what people say instead of this little one word, "pathetic." For me, it conjures up a mental image of you as Truman Capote.

Kateb, I'm not surprised at all that the mainstream media is in the race for the democrats --that's seemed to be true all my life --at least since after Eisenhower was pres.

They have been polled and found to be liberal and democrat in their worldviews.

It's neat that Fox News has pulled together some conservative or moderate or fair-minded folks --including some people of faith, and they do hold interest by having both sides represented. Obama thought he'd have 3 or so more points in the polls if it were not for FOX --and someone noted he'd have far fewer points if it were not for all the other networks, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC.

I like my party for the fact that the commentators don't all walk lockstep to praise our candidates --if they are critical of our campaign or candidates, they say so --in part to get them to be aware of their image, I think --and to change strategy before it's too late. Democrat pundits don't let any light in to their remarks but remain very quiet about very troubling facts about Obama. They keep the positive spin going -because they think the public is too stupid to notice --and some are. They can fool too many people too much of the time.

and the Greek chorus said, "Pathetic!"

kateb said...

Any person who would try to deny the well documented and self-acknowledged media bias is just a liar.

Once it has been established that a person is lying - the next question is why?

mud_rake said...

Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

You are such a joke!

kateb said...

Does anybody else hear a really annoying buzzing sound? Like a little gnat sort of.

Off to hang wallpaper -

Yankee Doodle said...

Barb, I don't know if this is happening in your area, but a lot of people in my precinct have complained that their McCain and Yes on 8 yard signs are either stolen or vandalized. The lady at the local GOP Center says the union people drive a truck around the neighborhood at night and pick up all the signs.

Have you heard anything similar happening in Toledo?

steve said...

^They are looking for scrap metal from the wire hangers.. They're victims of republican trickle down economics just looking to get a few cents to buy a bean burrito.

kateb said...

We've had it happening in our neighborhood too - but they're stealing the Obama signs.

Either that or a whole lot of people are changing their minds....

mud_rake said...

For you, dear Kate B:

The Palin Pathology

kateb said...

I'm hearing that pesky buzzing again. It's really annoying.

And now I smell something....

I think I'm going to have a hot bath, clean my ears and check my shoes for, well you know what, and call it a day.

God bless you all - have a wonderful night.

Anonymous said...


For a pre-Halloween scare, Google "Obama Supports Public Depravity." (This regularly happens in Nancy Pelosi's district, and the SF mayor tells the cops to NOT arrest anyone exercising the kinky, child-abusing "rights" Obama approves of which perverts flaunt on public streets in front of little kids!) After recovering, Yahoo "God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up" and "Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right." See all of this before the Creator responds with quakes, storms, and other bad news. Obama etc. don't want folks to know what goes on at "gay" festivals because info about them could ignite and unite the Religious Right like nothing else - which explains why nothing was said about "gay" rights at any of the Presidential debates! Jolene

(Obama, Pelosi, and Newsom did not approve of this message!)

Anonymous said...

That's right, Obama not only supports child abuse, he is a child abuser and we have to get those children away from him and his sinful wife now!
Read Pinkerton's blog on FOX's site now! The Obama/Satan connection is real. He proves that the McCain campaign could win if Obama was stopped from using his satanic powers against him!
Why did Sarah Palin have to be protected from witchcraft by an African Minister?
Because they knew she would be tested by the dark santanic ritual powers of Beelzebub!
Stop Obama/Satan now!

Barb said...

I gather the two ANONs are not the same? I tried to find one of those sites and didn't succeed --you need to copy and paste the web addresses of the google sites you want us to see.

I assume that the first Anon is talking about gay displays as in gay pride parades? at Holloween time? that's not pedophilia unless NAMBLA marches. It is assumed that Obama supports them because he is for all the gay agenda, though denies being for gay marriage, per se. After all, he knows that most of the states have voted to define marriage as for heteros only. He will let the courts accomplish gay marriage.

I assume it's a stretch to say Obama approves such displays as anonymous is alluding to here. Or that children are involved --except as bystanders? which is wrong.

I agree that public gay demonstrations as in those parades are obscene for kids--or anyone to see.

I don't know what God might do these days to bring a nation to its knees about their sinful ways. He burned sodom and Gomorrah.

Barb said...

When an African pentecostal minister visits a pentecostal church, you're going to let him pray whatever he wants to. Sarah wasn't responsible for the content of his prayer.

However, I think the fellah was right --she is certainly under Satanic attack from evil forces.

mud_rake said...

I think the fellah was right --she is certainly under Satanic attack from evil forces.

Could you list, if you have the time, which 'evil forces' have contributed to the 'Satanic attack' on Ms Palin? Your readers would be enriched by seeing the list.

mud_rake said...

I don't know what God might do these days to bring a nation to its knees about their sinful ways. He burned sodom and Gomorrah.

You DON'T?

Seriously, you DON'T know?

Must I, an agnostic, point out the statements from good Christian men? Not only GOOD CHRISTIAN men, but PREACHERS?

OK, here goes.

• Rev. Jerry Falwell and Rev. Pat Robertson blamed pagans, abortionists, feminists & gays and lesbians for bringing on the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

•Rev. Phelps blamed Hurricane Katrina on gays.

• Rev. Hagee, supporter of John McCain, said that “Hurricane Katrina was, in fact, the judgment of God against the city of New Orleans."

• The Westboro Baptist Church marches and demonstrates at the funerals of dead military men saying that the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq are God's punishment on America because God hates fags.

There you go, barbara.

Didn't you know this?

Haven't I pointed this out to you just last week on my Fundamentalist blog?

Are you not aware that, according to these Christian and oh-so righteous fundamentalist men and women, God has already "brought a nation to its knees about their sinful ways"?

Where have you been, barbara, hiding in some cocoon?

Anonymous said...

I reject the blaspheming words of the unbeliever, mudrake or what ever he calls himself and again, I sinply asked you to go to the FOX NEWS blog site and witness the writings of the columnist, Pinkerton who is providing evidence beyond a doubt that Barack Obama is united with the devil and is doing his bidding.
Are you a true Christian? Are you willing to stand with those who have gone before you and fought for your faith or will you simply hide behind your wall of propriety and turn your eyes and heart and soul from the path of THE LORDS will and rightous anger!
Let yourself be counted among those who make themselves a tool of HIS HOLY WILL!
Now is the time to mix the purifying blood of the Lamb with the blood of the damned!
When you are to be judged, will you let yourself be found to be lacking?

Barb said...

You're silly, Mudly; with that word, I'm putting the best face on your ignorant posts.

Otherwise, diabolical might be a better adjective.

How many times have I said that I think God may have used these events as warnings, to bring us to our knees --yes, as punishments before worse may happen to us if we don't repent and acknowledge our Creator and His righteousness --and our sins?

Why would I disagree with the ministers who just may be right?

I can't prove they are right --and you cannot prove they are wrong. And not all evangelicals would agree with me or these ministers.

But neither they nor you can prove that natural disaster and enemy attack do not occur to us because God has lifted His protective hand --in hopes that we will repent and seek His aid.

When there is nowhere else to turn, some turn to God --and their souls may be saved.

God will do what He wills for His purposes, regardless of your mockery.

Barb said...

Satanic attack on Palin

She is a child of God's by her faith in Christ. The Bible says so--that we have the right to be called "children of God" when we believe on the name of JEsus.

When people suggest she is ignorant, stupid, uninformed, incapable of filling McCain's shoes in a crisis, this is Satanic opposition to her candidacy--that spirit of evil that wrestles with the forces of light because it, that spirit, wants America to fail, wants us to be corrupt and immoral, wants us to lose our leadership in the world and our prosperity --from which platform we have spread the Gospel of Christ through Christian missions and our Judeo-Christian view of human rights--our belief in freedom including the freedom to proselytize about Jesus.

The Spirit of Satan is alive and well and uses people to accomplish his bidding. The people who are used thusly are unaware that they are being manipulated. Elite, liberal media have always been the devil's tool --because they don't believe in God, typically--according to polls. Satan uses the unbelievers.

mud_rake said...

Why would I disagree with the ministers who just may be right?

That puts you in the same idiotic league as them, as if you didn't already know that.

Anonymous said...

Mudrake mocks the word of the LORD but the LORDS action are swift and unerring.
Obama will lose this election because he has made his alliance with satan, but will you be ready to deal with the aftermath?
Let HIS holy might be your shield when the satanic followers of Obama try to bring chaos to our HOLY NATION!
Be ready to protect all you hold dear! You are an instrument of the LORDS might.
The Blood of the Lamb will purify the Blood of the Damned!

steve said...

Barb Said:

"wants us to lose our leadership in the world"

Popeye said:

agagagagagag... arf arf arf arf... aggagagagagaga.

kateb said...

Barb, (and anybody else who is interested), we got tickets today to see Sarah speak Wednesday morning.

10:15 at Bowling Green State University, Perry Field House. You might be able to get tickets at the LCRP on Superior St. but that office is playing alot of games for some reason.

I was told yesterday the Wood County GOP is very active and helpful and they have an office in Perrysburg.

My folks went to see her in Ft. Wayne Saturday night and really enjoyed it.

Barb said...

Republicans draw smaller crowds, probably because they are busy and have jobs, paying their income tax --and aren't given to hero worship as democrats tend to be--who are more inclined to put their faith in HUMANS--whose constituency includes masses of gov't dependents.

I'm glad some GOP are able to go, however, Kateb. You go for me and report back to us? I'm afraid I'd get into more walking than I could handle. I know I would enjoy being there.

steve said...

Republicans draw smaller crowds, probably because they are busy and have jobs, paying their income tax --

excluding Joe the Plumber.

kateb said...

Well, it's not going to work out. Too much commotion here, Mother in Law in the hospital and kids traveling, so I have four dogs. Anybody want to dogsit? Joking....but if anyone else is able to go - please do report back.

mud_rake said...

I've got a sign for the Palin rally at BG: Joe the Redneck!

Barb said...

Kateb --you go take his picture with your cell phone --and then we'll know who he is --we can post it on line.

see, there you go again, Mudly, belittling common folks like Joe --and rednecks!

You remind me of a couple of Bible stories: the rich man who looked down his nose at the widow and her mite. You know that story? Because you belittle Joe for his modest income while having ambitions to own a business.

Or the one who prayed in gratitude that he was better than that Joe the Plumber-type who was a greater sinner than he --while the sinner was repentant. Jesus praised the sinner for his repentance and chastised the "righteous" for his pride and air of superiority.

We call it snobbery today.

Barb said...

The GOP is criticized for their suspicions of ties between Obama and various radicals and terrorists who were his friends, whom he praised at banquets, etc.
and for their suspicions that Obama really likes socialism/marxism/Islam since so many of his supporters and friends do --what with all the suspicious overseas contributions.

The Democrats, like Mudrake, on the other hand, target a woman candidate and mother who has been a mayor and governor --enormously popular with those she governed

and an out-of-work plumber who doesn't agree with their socialistic agenda, recognizing it for what it is.

So which is the party of the good folks --"the people" ? Which is more patriotic view? Sarah's and Joe's? or Ayres and Wright and the PLO friends of Obama's?

steve said...

Socialism means that the government controls the "means of production", meaning the Government is the only employer and owns all the business and a major chunk of commercial private property. A graduated tax code IS NOT tantamount to socialism AT all. If that was the case then Eisenhower would be more socialist than Obama's paltry realignment of the tax code. What a bunch of total BS you guys are buying into and spreading. It's so deep I'm going to need waders up to my neck. A bunch of well funded billionairs don't want to pay their fair share of this countries burdons so they put out all this complete BS that people lap up like dogs at the table. How is it fair that a poor person has to fork over a third of his/her purchasing power to the gov, but a Rich man only has to fork over 1/100'th of a percent of his purchasing power under the Republican's Oz like "Flat Tax" scheme and taxes on capital gains and other things that ONLY RICH PEOPLE CARE ABOUT. Jesus said a wealthy man will have more trouble navigating the eye of a needle than getting into heaven.. Now I know why he said it!

Barb said...

Hey, you miss the point, Steve --we GOP'ers aren't belittling housewives and unemployed plumbers the way Mudrake and his ilk are.

The multi-millionaires to whom you refer tend to be liberal movie stars and pro athletes,and socially liberal Harvard grad liberals, --those CEO-types who are always accused of being republicans but they are not. They won't miss it if you tax them at 50 or 75 %. They have excess. They don't have to worry if they can afford to retire.

gov't employees don't seem to worry about it either --because they are promised support by the taxpayers for the rest of their lives. Including teachers like Mudrake claims to have been. He's secure --retired already. We know so many gov't employees able to retire in their 50's. My husband is afraid to retire because our pension is limited to what he has put into it. There is no inexhaustible gov't well for his retirement. And it could go if the banks fail. Then, we are all in trouble, I guess.

Yes, we are entitled to some S.S. but will this gov't reservoir continue to be filled when we are aborting the future workers, security forces, tax payers and choosing not to parent? Who is going to pay our support if the oldsters outnumber the kids? The Social security investments were drained instead of invested for growth --so no one has put in what we need to pull out in our huge medicare and SS receipts.

Higher taxes is not the answer to a problem that higher taxes will exacerbate. Yeah, go ahead and tax the super-rich on incomes --but don't tax higher the small business men like my husband --whoSE LABOR is providing jobs, health ins. and pensions for others and trying to save for retirment that he'll probably not live to see --who is also more charitable than you can possibly imagine.

LOWER the taxes on business and business owners and you will see more jobs created, more investing to keep up the stock market, more businesses paying health insurance and providing pensions for their employees.



Also, when you try to do so, remember that everytime they lower taxes, the gov't takes in MORE money because the businesses and the well-to-do, spend more, hire more, invest more, pay more benefits.

this was not so with the big liberal-headed corporations in America. Enron had GOP heads, I think, but most of the other fat cat corps have been social liberals --thus democratic in their politics --and corrupt and greedy and selfish in their business practices --such that they paid themselves exorbitant salaries while firing the employees and running the companies into bankruptcy.

NEither the fat cats OR the gov't should run companies into bankruptcy. Greed and corruption do it on the one hand --gov't can do it on the other hand with punitive high taxes.

Reward productivity! Corporate boards have forgotten to do that lately.

And the unis are at fault, too. Barack talks about college becoming unaffordable. Well, who's at fault for the tuitions increasing faster than the inflation rate? The social liberals who run our universities --and demand more money for themselves.

Barb said...

Our house has had NO gov't help to educate our 4 kids. We have spread the wealth around to private Christian colleges and the local community college, year after year after year -- SELF-RELIANCE and prosperity should be the goal for all --and you get it through EXTREMELY hard work and education , in my husband's case. You'll never meet a man who works harder than he.

But he thinks he can't afford to retire. And we have not lived extravagantly (we have one main luxury, a pool for our health, and a small and humble lake cottage --not in the millionaire-income class)

Yes, we are probably in that upper 5 % of earners who pay 40 percent of all the income tax --or is it higher?

We don't want his earnings re-distributed anymore than they already are --which is plenty.

Gov't health care will be socialism. My husband does not want to work for an inefficient gov't bureaucracy --whch has already caused high costs of medicine by allowing lawyers to bring nuisance suits --which are settled out of court, not because they are legit, but because the doctors and their insurers would rather settle than pay the higher cost in money and time that it would take to defend themselves.

We are seeing more and more foreign doctors --all the residents at Flower, e.g., for a number of years --in part, because our bright young men don't want to work as hard as they see the doctors working today --only to be sued. And why should they work so hard for so long --to get into the upper income brackets where Obama wants to penalize with higher taxes.

AS it is now, I think my husband works for the gov't for about 40 cents on the dollar. 4 hours of every 10 for Uncle Sam's projects.

and we believe in some of those projects --our mothers are on medicare and social security to which they feel entitled.

But I think our way of life is going to change, no matter what. We're all going to have to move our elderly parents in with us someday--as in the old days.

National belt-tightening is coming--and it's not GW Bush's fault --it's the growth of entitlement programs --in addition to war and natural calamities. Clinton should have gotten Osama when he had a chance --I blame him!

Rob R said...

When people suggest she is ignorant, stupid, uninformed, incapable of filling McCain's shoes in a crisis, this is Satanic opposition to her candidacy--

Mom, aside from the insults listed here, good honest thinking people have a legitimate concern about Palin's experience and intellectual qualifications. Even Peggy Noonan takes issue with Palin for good reasons.

Whether the criticism is ultimately right or wrong about Palin, it is not Satanic to exersize prudence, discreation, caution, and wisdom all of which would take into account one's experience and performance in the world of ideas, (as in the debates and the interviews).

steve said...

The economic engine of our country are the small businesses and the entreprenuers like your husband. Obama will give them a tax credit vs the tax credit given now to multinational maga conglomorate corporations and billionairs. Your husband represents the middle class, the very people and institutions that Obama would like to prop up. If your husband makes over 250,000 then his personal income tax would rise like a hundred something a year, but his business would get a tax credit. Just look at the numbers and place yourself in the there. And Obama's health plan isn't socialist in the least, it only provides the option to get the same health insurance that gov employees get if you want to opt out of your work's coverage. If your work provides coverage, then they get a 50% TAX CREDIT, if they opt out of providing coverage then they pay the full tax for the above 250,000 crowd. I wanted to say something else, never mind, my brain is mush from studying NIGHT and DAY. I don't even know what day it is anymore.

Christian Apologist said...

steve said...
Socialism means that the government controls the "means of production", meaning the Government is the only employer and owns all the business and a major chunk of commercial private property.

Nice try at redefineing.

Socialists mainly share the belief that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and creates an unequal society. All socialists advocate the creation of an egalitarian society, in which wealth and power are distributed more evenly, although there is considerable disagreement among socialists over how, and to what extent this could be achieved.[1]
From wikipedia.

Obamas spread the wealth and universal health care propositions are based on socialist principles. Anybody who wants to take a stroll on over to Obamas website to see his stance on the issues will quickly realize that he is promising 2 things. One is to lower the taxes on everybody making 250k or less. The other is to institute all sorts of social programs and projects, all of which cost money. So he is either going to have to massively increase taxes on the rich (He directly promises to increase their taxes by 2-4% just to cover social security) or he is lying and has no intention of actually doing any of the things he promises. I suppose he could go ahead and borrow the money for his programs from foreign countries which we all know has disasterous potential for national security.

Antipelagian said...

The economic engine of our country are the small businesses and the entreprenuers like your husband.

I gaurantee you he would have his taxes *raised*. No small business that employs more than 2 or 3 people brings in less than $250K.

Aaron said:
Nice try at redefineing.

That actually is the definition of socialism: the government owning the means of production.

What does that make Obama? I'm not sure...he is about wealth redistribution...but that's what our tax system is, really...we already have welfare, public schooling, and more. Consider the tax rebates GW Bush gave us not too long many people received a rebate that didn't even pay income tax? Quite a few. All of those things are instances of wealth redistribution.

It would be interesting to see what Obama's doctoral thesis was...that may give us a better idea of what his flavor of wealth distribution is. Chances are, he's not a straight socialist...and likely not a "pure" communist (if "pure" and "communist" can be used in the same sentence)...or, he may have a goal of Marxist communism with different stages of development, including totalitarianism.

Barb said...

What good is a tax break for the business, if it thus increases the businessman's income while kicking him into a higher tax bracket?

What is the incentive to have a business be more profitable if it means a higher tax rate for the guy who does the work of administrating that business --such that he is penalized for success?

CA's definition of socialism sounds right: trying to equalize the wealth --by HOW?? by making everyone more wealthy??? NO, by taking from the haves and giving to the have nots.

This is good for charity.

It is good for a gov't to have revenues for the needy and the elderly and the ill --but bad for a gov't to seem punitive to the wealth-makers in a country, confiscating their monies at an exorbitant rate IN ORDER TO LEVEL EVERYONE'S INCOME called, euphemistically, "spreading the wealth around." All you have under that system, is economic poverty for all.

Communism and socialism do not prosper the people. They enslave --and they control by vicious totalitarian despots.

Barb said...

Rob, Yes, I know Peggy Noonan dumped on Palin --prematurely, I say. But I've been watching Peggy write for a national magazine and haven't been too pleased with HER myself.

Palin had a couple of awkward interviews --and was probably threatened by the committee that she dare not err. Her more recent speeches have been good.

I think there ARE evil forces against Sarah--because she's a Christian and brings out the Mud & Muck from the left for that reason alone. They did the same to Christian Dan Quayle and Christian GWBush.

The Left succeeds when they get the right to agree with them that somebody isn't smart --just because they may lack eloquence. These liberals think people of faith are stupid, believing in something that isn't true. They see themselves as the enlightened ones.

I don't think the pundits who criticize Sarah are doing it for any more than her lack of eloquence as a new person on the national scene. Palin is a quick study and enormously comfortable in front of a crowd that supports her --less so in front of enemies --but she's been handling herself better and better all the time. I'll take a person of integrity and faith and popularity as an official in their home state over a slick talker, any day, whose friends are Palestinian and US terrorists and volatile preachers and the head of Freddie Mac. a guy whose speeches, birth certificate and master's thesis aren't available for public scrutiny.

Today Obama complained that someone would call him a Communist because he shared his toys in kdgtn. This tells me he DOES think communism is about sharing. When it's really about confiscating the fruits of the people's labor and spreading it around so that no one has anything --and no one has incentive to work hard, create wealth and opportunity for others.

You cannot enforce communism without violence --and socialism is different only in that people see gov't as the panacea for social problems and vote it upon themselves. National health care is an example.

We already have national health care to a degree --but we cannot afford for taxes to be the means of providing healthcare for all --there won't be anymore write-offs as there are now --and medical personnel will not be paid well enough to make them want the headaches of the profession. It is socialistic and we cannot sustain it on top of all our other entitlement programs.

People ARE getting essential healthcare. Dr.s and others do write off some debts. Gov't won't pay enough to make healthcare good.

Rob R said...

I'm not saying that the criticism of Palin will turn out to be right, I'm saying it's not good to call it satanic.

Just because one is a Christian doesn't mean that criticism of him is satanic.

And we should have higher expectations for the competence of authorities especially when they are Christians. Someone who espouses Christian ideals who does a job very badly reflects poorly on Christians increasing the likelyhood of a backlash.

crusader09 said...

Thus far, no one seems to have exercised a clear understanding of socialism. CA's definition from wikipedia is accurate, but doesn't capture the whole picture. Read Marx and Engels, it's enlightening...

The goal of socialism/marxism is the complete destruction of capitalism and, with it, the destruction of any semblance of a social class order. No one should have any more or less than the person next to them, according to Marx. And everyone should give as much as they are able. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

I'm not getting into the middle of this discussion, I just thought ya'll might like to have a better grasp of socialism before you start deciding who is and is not a socialist...

kateb said...

Wow crusader. Talk about killing a thread. Nothing like confusing people with facts, is there?

I, for one, believe in our country and am prepared to put up all my energy to save her from the far leftist ideology.

crusader09 said...

I know, kateb, right? I'm thinking I'll just keep away, except for when I can't help myself... it doesn't seem that my comments are well received (or received at all, apparently).

Barb said...

NOt at all Crusader, I appreciate all thoughtful remarks like yours. I consider if I'm the last word in a thread on someone's blog --well, I had the last word!!

All threads run their course --sometimes because there are newer posts to focus on. Sometimes because we've just beat the topic to death and are ready to move on.

I think Obama is socialistic. In Berlin he said the following: "People of the world--this is our moment. This is our time....There is no challenge too great for a world that stands as one....The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand."

so, how does he propose that those walls come down, and what would it mean???? He sounds like a radical revolutionary to me --sugar coating his words enough to sound Messianic --but also dangerous --stirring people up to what? Revolution??? world scale? i want to be inspired to be generous --not forced.

Barb said...

Crusader, you should come to the Truth Project at my house. For the collegiate age give or take some years.

kateb said...

Servants of the Lord have never been well received in the world.

That doesn't mean we should keep silent :-)

If people like the ones on this site who come here solely to attack Christians for their beliefs are upset by our speaking the Gospel - then we must be right on task.

Truly I say, if the opponents of this Christian woman's blog should like or approve of us - we would be in a state of unrecoverable sin.

It is a good thing that we evoke such a response out of our Lord's adversaries. And he said we would be treated this way - if we served Him. I'm good with that.

Speak the truth. Always.

Barb said...