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He's gotten quite the media attention, Toledo's Joe [Samuel] Wurzelbacher, ever since he 'confronted' Barack Obama walking down his street last Sunday. My wife thinks that Joe wanted to show the black guy who's boss of this neighborhood, thus the confrontation.
From several reports on the man, and from his talk radio interviews, it is clear that he really wasn't interested in 'buying the plumbing business' at all, but rather, he wanted to stop Obama's momentum on that warm October afternoon.
Joe makes about 40 grand, owes $1200 in 2007 taxes, but wants to 'know' how Obama's tax plan would affect his taxes 'if'' he bought the non-union plumbing business that, in fact, is not for sale. Wurzelbacher told reporters that the company he works for, Newell Plumbing & Heating, has two full-time employees: himself and the owner, Al Newell. By the way, the business is estimated to be worth about $100k, not $250k.
Joe said that his encounter with Mr. Obama had been prompted by his desire “to ask one of these guys a question, and really corner them and get them to answer a question for once instead of tap dancing around it. And unfortunately I asked the question, but I still got a tap dance.”

No, Joe, it wasn't a tap dance, it was the loose brain matter under that shaved head of yours that was rattling. You really didn't want to ask Obama about his tax plan at all. No, you were angry at a black man moving way ahead of you and your dopey $40k scab plumbing jobs. You typify the angry white male who thinks that you deserve something just because your skin is white. After all, doors were always open to you ever since you were born.
You are in a dead-end job, no license, no apprenticeship, no hope for much more than $40k. So, you have become the typical angry redneck, looking to blame somebody else for your misery. That cocky black guy walking down your street did it, right, Joe? You are a white guy stuck in an economic dead-end, but you have to knock the black guy who obviously out-did you, And, grit your teeth, Joe, he did it all on his own, no hand-out, no affirmative action, just brains, guts and perseverance.
On talk radio, Joe was spewing the usual right-wing, aka 'libertarian' garbage talking points, looking for sympathy among that ugly knot of ideologues who want everything but aren't willing to give anything back in return. You don't think that paying taxes is 'the American way.' Your non-payment of Ohio State Tax proves that you love being a 'libertarian' but hate having to pay for that luxury. Who should pay for our 'freedoms' and our 'way of life,' Joe? Are you really so illiterate, so ignorant of American history and the duties and obligations of being an American citizen?
You want it all, Joe, but aren't willing to pay your fair share. Sounds a lot like those 'welfare mothers' whom right-wingers love to condemn. Dead from your red neck up, Joe.
That 'business' that Joe wishes to 'buy' turns out to be a home in a residential neighborhood of Toledo. The address of A W Newell Inc (Newell Plumbing) is listed as 5665 Cowan Street, Toledo, OH 43613-2071. It is a 4-bedroom brick ranch home. Apparently Joe and his buddy AW work out of a house. Some 'business!'

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Barb said...
Yes, Mudrake, you showed your disdain for the common working man here. What a snob! Just like when you picture Toledo's most humble homes here to ridicule those who live within.

I have a plumber who bought the business from his partner --so who are you to say that Joe and his partner haven't talked about such a transaction??

And so what if he hopes to build a business that NETS him a quarter million a year --after which he will pay --what? at least 1/3 of it to taxes now and probably more? Why should he welcome a 50% or higher tax by Obama so Obama can "spread the wealth around?"

The American dream motivates us to work to get ahead of ourselves. Why should we give more than a third of our earnings to gov't? I agree with McCain, however, who said he was all for raising the taxes of the super rich like Letterman! Those people won't miss it. But small business folks --which include blue and white collar folks, even professionals like physicians, don't like paying over 1/3 of their taxable income to Uncle Sam for "spreading the wealth." Some small businesses are million dollar businesses --with the owner's salary being 1/5 or less of the revenue generated as it is --after taxes, salaries, raises, insurances, paid vacations for all. No one knows the hard work of the business owners in many businesses --take my brother's restaurant business or my husband's medical practice. They are very hands on, the ones who work the 16 hour days at least -- and responsible for incomes of many other people. Don't penalize the job-generators in this country.

If they're smart, these people are not voting for a Democrat --no matter how eloquent.

HOwever, my main reason for not voting for Obama is that he will put the ACLU on the Supreme Court --and we will once again see Christians having to fight for equal rights to public property, parks, schools, for their ideology-based meetings, while the secularists/humanists/atheists will be advantaged as the "irreligious." We will also see loss of parental rights and advancement of UN ideologies in our policies. We will see more of "Jesse's Skirt" and other transgender and gay story books taught to our kdgtn. children.
Christian schools will be required to admit practicing homoesexuals and transgenders on faculties and to student body -- despite their religious beliefs against such lifestyles --or lose any gov't funding for their students.

Look at the history of court cases that conservatives have managed to win --like equal access and parental consent laws, BAIPA and Partial Birth Abortion ban--they won't be won anymore with the ACLU on the Supreme Court. War memorials with crosses on them will be disallowed. Christian elements of our heritage will be erased. Polygamy and gay marriage and benefits for the "shacked up" will be commonplace. Soon, you won't recognize America as a moral and decent nation. We will look like cold, unfriendly, childless, unfathered,divorced, immoral Europe --with Islamic majority promoting sharia law taking them over.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Antipelagian said...

I was listening to Rush today...and he tends to cut through liberal b.s. pretty well (I don't agree with him on a number of issues, but he can diagnose the libs pretty accurately).

Even though Joe may not be buying the business, and even though the business doesn't bring in $250K per year, does that make Obama's answer any *better*?

Of course not.

It also doesn't change the fact that most businesses that make less than $250K per year (like the one Joe works at) do not employ more than 1 or 2 people, employ more, they need to make Obama wants to *punish* businesses that create jobs and also stifle businesses that could otherwise grow and employ more people.

He's also ignorant of certain S Corp businesses (which many smaller businesses are)...many of them bring in more than $250K per year...but that's not necessarily *profit*, and it's not reflective of the business owner's income...yet the business owner is taxed as if the gross sales are his personal income...there are people being taxed like they're millionaires when they are far, far from it.

Obama's plan is ridiculous...and the $3,000 tax "incentive" to job creation is an insult...when companies can't afford to hire more people, Obama will shrug his shoulders and say "I tried...I cut taxes, but look at corporate greed...they refuse to hire more people".

Yankee Doodle said...

Joe the plumber represents the common American people. Isn't it interesting that Obama and his surrogates trash someone becaues they can't answer his question?

mud_rake said...


Barb said...

Now, let's see --Mudrake deletes my posts because he can't stand them -- so they must be too good.

Whereas, I let HIS posts stand --and bring his articles over to my blog --because his writing does prove his poverty of thought and reason, and his hatred, typical of the Far Left.

Interesting --seems the paper said Joe lives with his father and son?and Mudly says he lives with his plumbing partner? Which is it? Or is his father his partner? I guess we don't look to Mudrake for the facts. He's so blinded by petty-minded bigotry and misinfo.

Barb said...

Thanks to you gentlemanly ones for your participation here. Good remarks.

mud_rake said...


Barb said...

O I understand completely, Mudrake!

I just occasionally give you a chance to GROW UP! like other bloggers.

And I like to shine a little light in your muck now and then! if even only for your benefit and for a short duration.

Can't believe you mocked Joe W. for having a business based in a house! What kind of elitist snobbery is that!!?

It's actually good economics to have an in-home business. Those who know Inga: she graduated with Joe and says he's a good guy.

mud_rake said...

I'll try once more because you are obviously a slow learner:

DO..... NOT..... POST..... COMMENTS..... ON..... MY..... BLOG

Yankee Doodle said...

"DO NOT POST COMMENTS ON MY BLOG" I haven't heard that in a while.

How are you doing lately, mud? Is everything going fine for you?

kateb said...

Wow Barb, you sure got somebody excited. Yes, it is sad - the Democratic party once was known as the 'tolerant' party.

No one can make that claim any longer - and isn't it comical to see the mainstream media try to figure out firstly - what a plumber is and secondly how to humiliate him so no one will hear what he actually said?

We see that alot in Toledo too, if you can't get rid of the message, discredit the messenger. A trite sham for someone who lacks substance in their commentary.

Barb said...

Mudrake, First, you make fun of people who have humble homes that need repairs and post their house photos on your blog just because they have a McCain poster

then you make fun of laborers who run businesses out of their homes who don't yet make anywhere near their goal salary --calling them racists and mocking them for being lower middle class because they don't buy Obama's socialism.

You ALWAYS (no exaggeration) make fun of devout Bible believers, traditional Christians and pro-lifers --when you aren't angry at them, calling them dangerous opponents of democracy who shouldn't be seen or heard --and not on your blog.

you make fun of afflicted,mentally ill people by insulting normal people with charges of OCD, needing meds, etc.

And finally, you are now being nasty to someone you consider to be a SLOW LEARNER!

Where will this nastiness end!!???

Barb said...

BTW, everybody --the reason Mudrake comes over here is to provide you a link (his name) to his blog. I think he's lonely. Notice on his blogroll that he also has a 2nd blog, "Man with the Fundamentalist Muck-rake," which some of you might find interesting.

Barb said...

I remember when Yank wouldn't let Mudrake post on HIS conservative blog --and Mudrake complains bitterly about such bloggers being against free speech, and so on. Does anyone understand such hypocrisey? I can't say that I do.

mud_rake said...

Three comments in a row, 29 minutes a part? Yes, barb, you ought to ask for a stronger Rx for your OCD meds as clearly they aren't working for you.

...just trying to help with a mental health issue.

Barb said...

3 comments in a row within 30 minutes --that's good for me!

But who's counting?? Just you Mudly --always counting...

Say, things must be pretty boring when it comes down to just you and me!

kooz said...

Yes, amazing. I thought Democrats were for the working man. But, here they are showing their true colors. Actuallly attacking a working man to get their rich elitist candidate elected. Shame on the union for saying that Joe shouldn't be touching anything not in the plumbers code. Leave it to the union to think quality work can't be done by non-union people. They seem to forget that for most of world history...the greatest things have been built before unions were even a thought.

Barb said...

Exactly! Good to hear from you again, Kooz!

kateb said...

I think it's sad that the 'Tolerant' party has become the most intolerant group of people ever seen in this country.

They laugh at people's difficulties and those less fortunate than they.

They are all for women's rights so long as it's a woman they approve of.

A regular working guy asks a question and the Obama media goes after him like the paparazzi they actually are anymore.

The fact that a hockey Mom and a plumber can turn these elitists purple with rage just by existing is a sad commentary on their character. Well, the lack thereof.

Barb said...