Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama's Birthplace and other Questionables

This is interesting --but I'd like to find a better source. I hear that his Kenyan grandmother says he was born in Kenya.


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ShitStirrer said...


"Obama's birthplace and OTHER QUESTIONABLES."

Apparently, according to Barb, being born in Kenya is a "QUESTIONABLE" issue.

Can someone please remind me the definition of racism? I seem to have lost it.

"hear that his Kenyan grandmother says he was born in Kenya"

Wow... how incredible... someone's grandmother states her grand-son was born in the same country as her. Oh damn it, it's just simply awful and totally against the American constitution. How dare they!?!?!?

Gee ... imagine that... people now fornicate in their own country??? This is just disgusting.

Barb said...

SS --don't hyperventilate out of ignorance. Don't you know the law on this? A U.S. president has to be born in the U.S. or U.S. territory as on a military base like McCain --that's why Arnold S. doesn't run. He's from Austria.

It doesn't matter to me personally if he's born on the moon and looks like E.T.

Being born in the U.S. is a well-known qualification for the presidency. If, indeed, there is a cover-up of his birthplace, and he really was not born in hawaii, but in Kenya, then his candidacy should revert to hillary Clinton.

the other questionables are in the article linked --about the political machines that advanced him and gave him credit for authoring bills that he did not author in Illinois --He takes credit to this day for bills authored by others. he climbed over the backs of other Afr. Americans in his advancement. He challenged the petitions in the primary of his 2 black opponents in Illinois --and got their petitions and candidacy thrown out because some of the signers "printed" their names.

Maybe the names WERE fraudulent. In any case, he ended up being unopposed for the Illinois state position by disqualifying his 2 Afr. am. opponents, including the incumbent, a woman.

Barb said...

Then he had the pull to get court records unsealed to get rid of subsequent opponents by some marital scandals in their pasts.

steve said...

^^ I can summarize.. "he's a black guy running for president.. and a democrat to boot."

Barb said...

yes, he's all of that -but that's NOT the point --The point is that he won by assuming? his (same race) opponents had illegal petitions--and got them thrown out for printed names. What if printing is some people's signatures? or was printing really disallowed? ; So he wins his primary unapposed --and defeats two republicans in subsequent races by getting their sealed past unsealed --which I don't mind that he eliminated a couple of rascals himself -but is he sort of a rascal himself by the supporters he has? the Raines connection and money?

So alan Keyes, an outsider to Illinois was hauled in to be his opponent at the last minute -- --so really, Obama never won a race over an incumbent --but by disqualifying his opponents or --in the case of the senate, the republicans made the incumbent resign for his unsealed scandal revealed --as GOP is a party of family values and standards, theoretically.

The point: Obama had the support of the corrupt democratic political machine in Illinois to get where he is today. what will he owe them?