Sunday, October 26, 2008

Palin's Wardrobe

Definitely a stupid thing for the RNC to do --to take her to nieman marcus and saks to buy a wardrobe for her whole family --you can't buy a handkerchief there for a reasonable amount. that's what my Dad bought for me from there when he made a Texas trip. It is a store for the ultra rich.

But think of all those employees who work there --and the designers and manufactureres who make the high-end clothing. They spend money too --and they pay taxes. So think of all the income tax resulting from those purchases --and the sales tax.

Think of all the millions spent by and for the candidates. Obama opted to not be limited by the gov't campaign coffers so he is outspending McCain terrifically. The clothes and hairdos on the Alaskan family were just more ADVERTISEMENT! of her and her family, of her as a candidate.

I see her as inexperienced in debate --not being a lawyer--but successful in many ways that are unusual for a woman with a family. She is a first timer to the national spotlight -- but her success record demonstrates her to be VERY sharp. and her recent speeches/interviews have been good enough for me.

I'm voting for Sarah!

All this nit-picking about her is just so much snobbery by the party that claims to champion common folks--like soccer moms and plumbers --but they really belittle such people as stupid and unsophisticated if they jump the democrats' ship!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


mud_rake said...

Sorry, but I missed exactly why you are voting for Sarah. If you have the time, could you list 4 or 5 governance policies that reflect well through the Palin mirror?

Barb said...

She Opposed people in her own party who were being unethical (the fellow using gov't time for party activities, contrary to policy.)

Opposed a trooper who, I believe, drove with liquor open in the car --maybe on duty? (It's been a long time since i read about the nefarious brother-in-law) --used his taser gun on his nephew to demonstrate it ---and didn't he kill an animal out of season?

So he should have been disciplined at least, and I understood he was not.

Most of us, however, would want him to keep his job so our brother-in-law could pay his child support!

And if the state police head had a bad attitude toward me, the governor, for thinking this trooper should be disciplined, I'd think he didn't respect my authority or the laws regarding trooper conduct --and that the whole pack of troopers could be a bunch of jerks like this guy if he defends such behavior. Go, Sarah!
Ironically, the trooper didn't badmouth her to the media that I ever saw. Even her enemy didn't have too much bad to say about her.

She eliminated property tax as unnecessary to run the gov't of the town.

she returned tax money/or oil profits --to the people.

She supports the life of the pre-born from conception on --and proved it by not making her daughter abort to hide her inconvenient pregnancy--and by not aborting a down's syndrome baby though she knew it had down's.

She believes in God and looking to Him for direction, considering Him the source of a nation's blessings; a policy which millions of us support --compared to the arrogant atheism of some.

Even the church she LEFT for another didn't bad-mouth her, saying she left for a better children's program at the time.

She slashed budget spending.

She gained 80 percent approval rating.

She is a Republican and supports the idea of both spreading wealth around when you have it --but first she is for creating wealth in those ways GOP traditionally has supported. Help business thrive, and the jobs and tax revenues from the profits will stay in this country --and thus gov't coffers GROW and we can support the social programs.

But we can't have these unethical democrat party CEO's running amok with these boards giving themselves and the CEO's exorbitant salaries as the companies lay off workers(most of them are libs I read; most support gay agenda)

MAKING BABIES --and raising them well with self-reliance-that's a GOP value necessary for the future of the economy, for workers, care-takers, and national defense --and democrat policies only give us the shacked up, abortion, gov't-dependent fatherless, and more gay couples. Their sex ed ideas are disastrous and the results frequent Planned Parenthood.

that's enough for me

mud_rake said...

GOVERNANCE, barb, GOVERNANCE. You do not elect to the 2nd highest office in America on babies, God, gay agenda, and popularity.

You just don't get it at all, do you barbara!

Barb said...

What has Obama governed? NOTHING!!!

She has governed a city and a state and found approval for her work--none of the other candidates can say the same.

I understand that Obama's work results as a community organizer are no more in evidence--no lasting benefits. No long term improvements.

steve said...

Meanwhile the US has made an incursion into Syria, possibly inflamming an already HOT middle east. I doubt Palin could locate Syria on a map. But that's all right, she doesn't personally encode the GPS coordinates into the smart bombs.

Anonymous said...

SARAH was consecrated to lead us in our struggle against the Satanic forces of OBAMA. She is our holy warrior priestess who inspires the righteous to rise up against the forces of darkness.
Why do you even bother to wage a war of words with this mudrake? He is doomed as all of his devil worshipping brethren are doomed to the pits of hell!
We have a task and with the blessing of OUR LORD, nothing will stand between us and our HOLY WILL!

steve said...


Lincoln, arguably our greatest president had NO executive experience when he became president. He had served 4 terms in the Illinoise house, and just 1 term in the US house.

And our 2 worst presidents, GWB and the impeached Andrew Johnson both had lots of executive experience as Gov of Texas, and Gov of Tenessee respectively. So this whole "executive experience" is a red herring non arguement.

"God of Heaven has forgotten to defend the weak and innocent, and permitted the strong band of murderers and demons from hell to kill men, women, and children, and lay waste and pillage the land of the just."

Abraham Lincoln protesting the Mexican / American war

kateb said...

We have all just found her to be a breath of fresh air. It's been a long time since someone like Sarah came along. Someone who isn't going along with the good ol' boy network.

I wouldn't worry too much about her detractors. The story will come out on Nov. 4.

But she has surely energized the party.

And I think our national executives should dress well. I was glad to hear she'd sent most of the clothes back. And those she kept are being donated to charity. And I'd say that's a far better use of funds than $140,000.00 for 'stage dressing'.

mud_rake said...

Although this is slightly off-topic for this thread, it consumes quite a lot of interest of the blog hostess:

Transsexual Gene Discovered

mud_rake said...

As this 'Palin's Wardrobe' thread is so meaningless, let me ask the 'regulars' here if they agree with what barb said on my other blog.

Yesterday she wrote about you:

BUT where we agree --is on the moral issues --about abortion, homosexual behavior, sanctity of marriage, the wrong of adultery and the sorrow and wrong of divorce --though churches disagree on what to do about divorce and whether re-marriage should be allowed, etc. I'm one who says God's grace gives one a fresh starts when one's mate has been the unfaithful one --or when the failed marriage pre-dated their Christian lives. But believers ought not divorce, but obey Christ in love and forgiveness. Remarriage may be permissible because St. Paul said it is better to marry than to burn --suggesting that celibacy was not a gift for most people. We believers all agree that marriage is the only rightful relationship for sexual intimacy.

Was she correct that YOU ALL agree with these things she listed here?

matthew said...

I agree with Barb.

steve said...

King Solomon's copper mines:

I thought you all, especially Rob, might be interested in this:

Barb said...

Democrats are grasping at straws to speak of the inexperience of Palin to govern --when she has governed successfully more than the other 3.

The fact that other governors who became president were unpopular and viewed by dems as unsuccessful is beside the point. Reagan was gov. of California and democrats still referred to him as a mere actor. He was the most popular pres. in the 20th C. and had most significant accomplishments --with the end of Cold War, end of the Iron Curtain, and good US economy. Reaganomics really does work. His character and Christian faith shined through all he did, said and wrote as pres.

Bush has been a man of faith and character, also. History will figure that out. I predict the Middle East will prove it. He opened them up to western civilization (and thus Christianity) as Nixon did China.

Democrats still refer to quayle as a stupid guy because he went with the spelling of Potato on the teachers' spelling list in a spelling bee. The teacher mis-cued him on the correct spelling. He assumed the teacher's list was right.

They still call Nixon a liar --when the only lie was a cover-up of the botched spy mission at the Watergate --not a true burglary for theft purposes but a mission to find evidence of wrong doing at the Democrat headquarters (and some say it was just John Dean looking for the DNC Secretary's little black appointment book that would implicate his wife in a call girl ring --when he had presidential aspirations himself. His wife had been a roommate to this secretary.)

In anycase, Watergate was not your typical burglary --and it was foolish and wrong to try to cover it up as they did --but no one goes to jail willingly, I guess.

Out of Watergate came Chuck Colson's imprisonment and conversion to Christ (read Born Again, his book) and his founding of Prison Fellowship --one of the finest ministries to prisoners and their families today. They have proven that rescidivism is reduced when prisoners become Christians and go through the PF programs.

Barb said...

About Mudly's transsexual gene--notice that they said the evidentiary link was weak since half didn't have it --and half of normal guys did. Seems a little premature to announce a link with such weak evidence.

It's probably a gene for something else altogether--like baldness. But scientists have to announce their work as significant in order to get their grants, etc.

Yes, there are people with the extra X chromosome and ambigious genitalia, and IF and WHEN these people have sexually ambiguous self image and feelings, it is understandable and not in the realm of sin if they are thus confused.

that's not what we are seeing in many honmosexuals, transexuals, today, however. And I can't think that any gene would compel one to suddenly want to dress like his frumpy mother while remaining hetero with a wife.

I think there are more often spiritual forces at work, not genes, and an openness to disobeying God when men and women choose to cross-dress. A strong need to defy convention, God, parents, et al.

Sort of like an obsessive compulsion to do that which one ought not -- and the obsession takes over the life.

Like when you tell yourself to not think of a certain thing --and the thought obsessively intrudes just because you want to not think of it. That's when we need more interraction with real people, more good deeds to do, more church involvement and being steeped in God's Word.

Jesus promised a way of escape from temptation--that would include temptations to cross-dressing and homosexual desires.

We want to find that all our sins are predestined by our genes --and our genes are flawed since the Fall --but God has given us free will and choice, as creatures made in His image. Overcoming temptation is a consistent Biblical theme --it can be done.

Male and female created He them. For the believer, all things become new --we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds --thanks to the miraculous Holy Spirit.

Antipelagian said...

About Mudly's transsexual gene--notice that they said the evidentiary link was weak since half didn't have it --and half of normal guys did. Seems a little premature to announce a link with such weak evidence.

Those tranny genes are difficult to pin down...sometimes they look like burly genes with a 5 o'clock shadow...other times, they're all weepy-eyed, limp-wristed genes.

The fact we aren't finding tranny genes in all transexuals is proof they have the tranny gene!

Barb said...

C, You made me laugh!!!

Anonymous said...

Why should we even care what these hate filled liberal deomcrats say about Sarah Palin and her clothes!
She is the annointed one and she deserves to be dressed like the Warrior Priestess that she will become after she succeeds John McCain!
The Polls Lie! Most people if asked would not say that they are not going to vote against the dark forces.
We know we are going to win in the end! The voting machines are ours!
If the voting machines say Obama wins, he will have no power because the righteous will not allow his Satanic Alliance of Darkness to control our Holy Nation!
We are the arms of the LORDS WILL!
HIS righteous POWER shall purify the blood of the damned with the BLOOD OF THE HOLY LAMB!

The darkness shall be cleansed by HIS holy light and all of our nation will be right and white!

Barb said...

Well, Anony, you went too far and we see now that you are not just a somewhat crazed overly zealous fundamentalist --but someone attempting satire.

There are those who say "God is in control," so the results will be His will. But I think a nation can sinfully vote harm to itself and be duped and will do so with an Obama victory--which i suspect to occur.

God IS still in control --but He could give us the gov't we deserve instead of the one we need. Because we chose it.

steve said...

So you're saying a vote for Obama is a Sin? WOW! Whose ring do I have to kiss after the election for contrition?

kateb said...

Anonymous - you do realize that Jesus was not Caucasian, don't you? There weren't any European/Caucasian settlements of any sort in the region when Jesus was alive.

Right and white? Are you serious?

There is no room in service of Christ for bigotry.

I think that God allows us free will. And at times that is a good thing. Not often tho'.

Rob R said...

kateb, more than likely, anonymous in this thread is someone's idea of wit.

It was an interesting article.

The author made mention of distinguishing between myth and history but I wonder if they are still considering history in the modernist sense in terms of dates and meticulously "factual" records of events. I think scripture is 100 % historically reliable but the reliability is in terms of faithfulness to the spirit of what happened between God and man which I don't believe needs to be an record of exact detail of the events. And of course history here is not defined the way it may be defined for the last several hudred years.

kateb said...

I hope so Rob. I also read a post on another blog about how great Apartheid was for Africa - so it seems anything goes anymore.


mud_rake said...

Somebody- quick- spray the disinfectant!

Anonymous said...

If you think I am a joke then the joke will be on you.
When you say anything goes, you admit that the forces of Satan have won and we are now living under the reign of his obscene rule.
If you are truly the Christian Patriots you profess to be then you will drop the pretense of pretending to cater to the polluting forces of the dark essence.
If my language offends you, then you have already admitted surrender to the Devils plan to dominate OUR HOLY NATION!
The time for us to prove our faith with action is upon us all.

Apartheid is the cowards way of only delaying the inevitable....

Barb said...

Anony --the devil does dominate segments of our nation and the world--with legalized gambling, abortion, alcoholism, drunk driving, shacking up, fetal experiments, porn, entertainment that ridicules religion and righteousness, cruelty of kidnappers, rapists, & murderers, family-killers, suicide, adultery leading to divorce, men fathering multiple households and keeping themselves and their offspring and the mothers in poverty, polygamy as religious, female mutilation for chastity, civil wars and genocide around the world, persecution of Christians, most everything the ACLU advocates and sues for with some few exceptions, debauchery in music and art, men preferring men for sex and women preferring women, teenagers trying to be porn stars on line, men being turned into sexual predators by their porn addictions, loneliness on a vast scale among the single people, hatred toward Chrsitians by the Left (whom Christians do not hate, contrary to the Left's paranoid claims that we are just as hateful as they are)

and indifference toward the poor, and corruption among the upper echelons of big business --and misguided politicians who think punitive corporate and personal taxes will improve business economy instead of sending business overseas.

Barb said...

And that's just for starters.

Unbelief regarding God and Christ is foundational --and the creationists would say the theory of evolution underlies the unbelief.

Third world countries historically were not Christian nations --will the USA and Europe --the formerly Christian nations --become a 3rd world nation economically because we cease to be a Christian nation?
when truth and common sense are no longer upheld, what can happen???

kateb said...

We need to stick to the ideal that we can think and try to act globally (through political activism and mission work) but we have to act locally on a full time basis.

We do control what we say to others and how we represent the Lord in the world today.

Anonymous is correct in one thing - the Lord is coming back. We need to be ready.

But the Holy Nation is Israel. If you read the book of Revelations there is no country in it that could possibly be the United States. We are a nation that has been blessed by God - we need to take better care of it.

matthew said...


This is off-topic for the thread but I'm answering responding to something you asked over on Mudrake's site:

I definitely could be wrong on the end times stuff. It's not something I pick fights over.

For now I'll just say that one's interpretation depends largely on when the book of Revelation was written. I take an early date (before 70 A.D.)

If an early date of writing is accepted then most of the book seems clearly to be talking about the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. The Olivet Discourse also fits into this category. What I believe is called partial preterism and I like it with a healthy dose of postmillennialism.

This could be a long, long discussion so I should probably let it go...

Barb said...

Like I said, I'm not a prophecy student, so we can let it go. I don't mind hearing from people who are, however.

mud_rake said...

Like I said, I'm not a prophecy student,

What kind of student ARE you?

Barb said...

Student of human nature, Mudly!

Student of the Bible --to a degree --not the scholar that some are.

Always learning new music, thanks to my girls.

Ever learning to love those who disagree with me --in the church and out.

and what are you a student of, Mudly?

mud_rake said...

Life, my dear barbara, life.

kateb said...

Hey - guess what the verse was today?

“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

Always topical....and timely God is.

Yankee Doodle said...

Biologist, mud?

Rob R said...


kateb said...

:-) and the verse from today:

"Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.”- 1 Peter 5:8-9

kateb said...

Of course this becomes a non-issue in the face of the %700,000.00 event of the self-booked Obama 30 minute self love fest on prime time television.

Paid for with campaign money, following the 140k for the Greek Column facade.

I think the operate word here is 'facade'.

Barb said...