Sunday, October 19, 2008


Miss Rohrs of the Elmwood school district has a concert at 7 pm this Thursday night and she predicts it will be really fine. A trademark of her concerts is a joint choir number for her 200 or so students as a finale, which gives even the youngest the experience of harmony singing with the other choirs.

The choirs perform in the older building auditorium, just east of the new school. The Elmwood schools are in the country, SW of BG and due east of Jerry City on the Jerry City Road.

She is thrilled with the quality of her high school groups this year.

Elmwood choirs and musicals are always entertaining.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Barb said...

Some may think Ms. Rohrs is stumping for Obama---I understand her h.s. concert set is African pieces.

Of course, we loved the African music of the Wototo choir and our CLC performs one of those.

Barb said...

Standing room only--people were standing in the side aisle for the whole program.

IT was a great feat of organization and art --

The vocal rendition of the William Tell Overture by the show choir, brought down the house --with a spontaneous standing ovation in the middle of the concert.

congratulations to Ms. Rohrs and the 200 students for a beautiful fall event.

kateb said...

Glad to hear it went so well. Kids need to be involved in positive and growing activities like this.

My Grandmother, a teacher, said that if we would only keep the kids busy doing positive activities the bad stuff couldn't catch them :-)

Barb said...

It certainly is a help, for those difficult teen years, to be part of a team or band or choir or club that provides friendship and school pride --and skills.

kateb said...

Do your kids get involved in the Habitat for Humanity project?

We sent kids, from our old church, to Georgia I believe - one summer. They actually built a house. I have pictures. And here I thought my kids couldn't even wash dishes!

It did cost some money - we had to cover transportation but everything else was covered. Those kids came home really transformed. They learned how to see outside of themselves toward what they could do for other people. And that's quite an accomplishment for teens.

Barb said...

Our youth have done service project trips and are planning to do one next summer with Youth for Christ of Springfield Schools --to do a project under direction of Willow Creek Church there. Don't know if that will be Habitat project or not.

Our people have helped with Habitat houses --but not specifically the youth groups that I know of. And they've done trips with World Servants in the past. Some have gone to Dominican Republic with a church team to help build a church--Rob and our daughter did that.

Some of the foreign nations --like Bahamas --don't want foreign workers to help --they want our missionaries to hire the locals -=-so they really want money to hire people instead of free labor from the usa.

We have a lot of children attending our Wed. night program who live in the Habitat houses. And we will do Christmas baskets for them.

kateb said...

That's awesome Barb. Your church is really alive.

My Dad's been to Nicaragua with a pretty good sized group of missionaries recently and times are so very hard there. One family they delivered food to had not eaten in 3 days. A Pastor and his family had also given all of their food away and a storm blew down half of their house. Room, really. I have a beautiful clay vase a man gave to my Dad - such art they make.

I'm headed to El Salvador this year. Those people are having a rough time of it also. And I hope to meet my daughter in law's family.

I think that there are so many places for ministry - I feel guilty for having gotten caught up arguing with people again.

Where is it in the Bible that Jesus talks about how people would be treated if they chose to follow him? That they would be abused for their faith. I can't find it today.