Sunday, April 6, 2008

No. 4 in Series: Young Women of the Holland FM Church Who Make Me Proud

No. 4 is Courtney. I won't tell her full name because she's still a student and she might run into a Prof. Mudrake-type or acquaintance who would grade her down just for being my friend.

Courtney, in her early 20's, is one of the most energetic, resourceful, proficient gals I know --and her newly engaged fiance is right up there with her. We call them a "power couple." Power for intelligence and competencies which they share with our church whole-heartedly. Her fiance is a computer whiz and assists with the technical aspects of our worship services. He, too, is a full-time student.

Courtney cleans houses for a lot of people, including me, while being a full-time English education student. She attended our church off and on throughout her childhood --and then went to Monclova Christian Academy where she was valedictorian and a classmate of Derrick Merrin's, the young mayor of Waterville. She became really active in our church during her later teens. She sings in the choir and on the worship team with a good sense of pitch and a voice that blends sweetly --musically intelligent. She also has public speaking skill, and occasionally leads in worship. She can dance gracefully in our productions and also has talent and boldness for drama.

She and her fiance are also the coaches of the Bible Quiz Team, and planning to take them to Nationals at Spring Arbor University this summer. She is planning the 2nd-annual fundraiser, "A Night on the Red Carpet" to raise money for the quiz team trip. This was fun last year. People dressed in evening wear and were interviewed on the red carpet (just like at the Oscars), asked who designed our gowns, when was our latest movie coming out, did we patch up the latest scandal with the spouse, etc. --all the while not knowing that we were being videotaped and broadcast live in the banquet room before the others.

I don't know how she keeps up her grades, being as busy as she is, but she is a good student who makes her deadlines. She also has LOTS of friends. She has that gift of making people feel that she values THEIR friendship, and so it is that many of us feel close to her.

She exhibits teaching and leadership skill with children in her work with the CLC of our church. I've no doubt that she will be successful in the classroom.

What's interesting to me about her and all these young women is that they seem to do all they do with confidence, without needing to be validated --without any self-conscious, self-doubt but with a clear sense of purpose.

It gives me great pleasure to validate them all.

There are more to come in the series. I started with these four because Courtney really helped me dig out a mess on Friday, and the other 3 girls really shone at the events we attended Saturday. There are many laudable people in our church--and I guess you might say, "We belong to the mutual --admiration society!" Which is what Jesus would want church to be --a place of mutual respect and appreciation. So "they will know we are Christians by our love."

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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