Monday, April 7, 2008

Ben Stein's Movie On Evolution vs. ID Science- trailer address here

Go here:

This is an excellent site to see the trailer about Ben Stein's new movie (and new book of the same title) --the sound is better here than on U-tube. The movie is Expelled: NO Intelligence Allowed.

He tells how Evolution is scientific/religious orthodoxy, protected from challenge by media and educators. He tells of the discrimination and persecution against anyone who wants to follow scientific evidence, even if it leads to the probability of intelligence behind origin of life.

A young Valparaiso U. 4th year philosophy student told me she had visited the creation museum in Kentucky recently. She said it was excellent, that she had spent 4 hours there and it wasn't long enough. She was very impressed.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

I believe in evolution because Ive seen it first hand with my own eyes when I took microbiology a few years ago. But I don't think that a belief in evolution and a belief in God or Creation, even the Genisis account of creation, is mutually exclusive. Just like the Big Bang, evolution actually inhances a belief in God in my view because evolution violates the laws of physics and entropy. The only reason that fundementalists are hung up on evolution is because of the literal interpretation of the 6 days. What is a day to a God of an infinite universe. That's just an earth centric prejudice along the lines of a flat earth.

Barb said...

You didn't see evolution between kinds of creatures --only within a classification.

What did you see --natural selection in viruses or bacteria? They still ended up as viruses or bacteria. They didn't cross over to be the other.

Cats are still cats, no matter how much tinkering we do with breeding or in labs, etc.

Some Intelligent Design scientists may believe in common descent, like man from apes --but they believe God had to control it as a design process --that there is too much intelligent design behind the diversity of life. We are too wonderful just in our human bodies, as an example--to discount a designing intelligence behind the creation process --to say it was just all spontaneous, unguided, and natural.

The prof/researcher at Lehigh U. in microbiology wrote Darwin's Black Box ---saying DNA is not a result of natural spontaneous random DArwinian evolution but a result of intricate, interdependent designing.

Six day creationists are another branch of ID folks. All of them believe in evolution within species, natural selection from generation to generation--and my husband says that most of the changes aren't good. thus the idea that natural selection is the process for the improvement of creatures, resulting in man, is not born out by what we see in nature today.

Rob R said...

Whether you saw evolution or not actually differs between evolutionists themselves. Harvard prof Steven J Gould, originator of punctuated equalibrium and avid anti-creationist, would say that we don't see evolution going on. Richard Dawkins wouldn't. Incidentally, Dawkins and Gould hate each other.

Steve, If a teenager curls 10 pounds each day for a month as many times as he can, and then is able to curl 20 pounds just as many times the next month, and then 30 pounds just as many the third month, if he thinks like a typical evolutionist, he could assume that he'll be curling over a metric ton within 10 years. But there are limits and he will eventually get to them.

just because you witness change doesn't mean that there aren't some limits to those changes or to how far those changes can "progress" all on thier own to limitless heights of functional complexity.

steve said...

Aaaarrggg! There be dragons at the end of the earth!

Barb said...

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Rob R said...

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Rob R said...

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johnnypeepers said...

I dunno if people are ready to handle the concept of ID. It may cause chaos and fear in the hearts of many who have a preconceived conception of God (or universal consciousness). I pray that homo sapiens keep an open mind and try to understand how vast the universe truly is coupled with the fact that we are not the only intelligent beings. I do not feel threatened by this, but many will. In a few short years the story will be complete.

Peace be upon you Barb :)

Barb said...

Is the Bible a revelation from the Creator, inspired by Him, or not? 66 books, many different authors --telling a cohesive story as a narrative history --plus poetry and proverbs, letters, etc.

Then we have our dna code --which is a "language" --a prescriptive communication that determines so much of our make-up--and thus there must be "intelligence" behind it.

The Jews in biblical times believed their historical books were the truth about their history --they didn't surmise otherwise; why should we? Jesus spoke of the scriptures as history and truth and the early Christians, who were Jews, had confidence in those Jewish scriptures. I'm siding with the Resurrected one.

Christian Apologist said...

I saw this movie yesterday and thought it was inspired. The only problem is that God is not the muse.

I've written a review on my blog which I think both you and rob should read.