Sunday, April 13, 2008


San Francisco is the epicenter of an epidemic of a flesh-eating disease which is resistant to known anti-biotics. Follow the link and see why you do not want your kids to think that gay sex-perimentation is safe under any circumstances.

Boston has a high concentration of victims, also.

There is also a feared strong possibility of throat cancer caused by HPV for people who have engaged in oral sex. Technically, promiscuity is the issue. Your chances of incurring throat cancer are 250% higher if you had oral sex with five or more partners instead of no oral sex at all. But, in fact, we know that it only takes one time to contract an STD, so the best word to give youth today is to avoid oral and anal sex like the plagues that they can cause.

HPV --the human papilloma virus --causes cervical cancer in women and is the reason why women get an annual PAP test. Over 90 per cent of college girls are said to be HPV positive by the time they graduate from college --so promiscuous are young people these days. (This surprises me, however, because so many of the girls I know didn't get any dates at all! but the fraternity, sorority, and binge drinking crowds do.) This throat cancer is from oral sex with people who have the HPV. Venereal or anal warts and dysplasia or cancer of the cervix are evidences of this virus. The cervical cancer, of course, is invisible, a silent killer, and a reason for the annual PAP exam.

That means, like it or not, boys and girls, you need to come to terms with how God made you as male or female and conform yourselves to the only healthy outlet for sex --monogamous, straight sex with a lifetime spouse. There is NOTHING that homosexuals can do with each other that is healthy. Oral sex for them might not be injurious if they were two virgins who stayed together for life --but this is not a liklihood in the gay lifestyle. I'm not sure that we can say that the mouth was ever intended to give orgasms --not sure what health risks are possible for two virginal people, gay or straight --from putting our mouths on the waste eliminator portals (how's that for a euphemism?)

You can take your chances with condoms that may rupture, that don't cover all the germs on the skin (HPV), and you can take the risk that a partner won't use the condom or use it correctly, that a virgin isn't really a virgin, etc.

It used to be that one had to be tested for all the STD's before getting the marriage license. Then people could be treated for their own good and would not infect the spouse. If both were diseased, of course both would be treated and would hopefully never have a moral lapse leading to new infections.

Now, we assume everyone has been sexually active, no tests are required, and people don't know what they are being exposed to --sometimes until it is too late.

I'm all for a pre-college test and a tatoo next to the belly button --a discreet but visible red A for AIDS, H for Herpes, and P for HPV. Then a partner will know if they want to continue with careless and unprotected sex with this partner who has an incurable disease. Granted, HPV is curable on the cervix --but I'm not sure about the throat cancer --and how you detect the HPV throat infection before it becomes a cancer. In any case, is it worth the misery and the risk of incurable and sometimes fatal diseases to keep experimenting with our sexuality in ways the Bible already warned us against???

The Bible says we "receive the recompense" in our bodies for homosexual activity -and for hetero promiscuity, as well.

Let's play it safe. It's a lot more fun in the long run!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Rob R said...

There is NOTHING that homosexuals can do with each other that is healthy.

This is not true. I will refer you to a video series by Richard Simmons called "sweatin to the oldies".

Barb said...

I saw on my stat counter that you had arrived safely and are now hooked up to your laptop.

I guess you are right --my statement needs editing--but I'll leave it alone since your comment is too good.

steve said...

I LOL'd Rob!!!

But anyway... The reason that antibiotics are no longer effective is that we have saturated our environment with antibiotics thinking we can make life completely antiseptic. All that that practice has done is selectively bread more and more bacteria that are resistant to antibacterial agents. This phenomenon is especially prevalent in agriculture where they essentially give livestock and chickens antibacterial baths and pump them full of the stuff so they grow unnaturally large. But that's unregulated capitalism for you- Destroying itself for this quarter’s shareholder value and CEO perks.

Barb said...

I LOL'd too!

I should've said --"nothing sexual that the gay men, especially, can do that is risk-free or healthy."

Since women have so much HPV (usually from relations with men) lesbians are at risk for that if either woman has ever been with a man or with a woman who has been with a man who has been with anyone else.

It's time we revered old fashioned virginity --and waiting for marriage. There are some today who have only been with their spouses --and they need not worry about STD's.

Yes, antibiotics are ineffectual against the new super bugs. But we wouldn't have to worry about STD bugs if we were virginal until monogamy --and if we avoided sex practices that are inherently un sanitary.

Barb said...

I know rob will think of something they can do....