Sunday, April 27, 2008

Home Again, Home Again--Back from Disney --Part 1

Part I --the Credit Card Fiasco

We get on the plane and my husband realizes he has neither of his 2 credit cards. So we call Rob --who looks high and low in the house and can't find them. So after we get established in our hotel, I call Rob again and he goes to one of the cars at home as instructed by Jon, and sure enough, there it is. Between the seats.

But what about the other card? I call the bank. The 800 number. I finally get a live person and they want to know my password. I tell them what I think it is --but it isn't. I try another that it might be. They say they can't tell me if there has been any unwarranted activity on the card since I don't remember my password. All I want to know is where the card was last used to see if we recognize the purchases. Because if we don't, we had better cancel the card as someone else is using it! Sthe guy offers to put a hold on the card. I said, "no, no --wait until we look some more." And then I wondered, how can they put a hold on a card they aren't sure is mine! Boy, that would really tick somebody off, if any old stranger can do that! They seemed to believe I was me for cancellation purposes but not to tell me the recent expenditures so I could verify if his card was being mis-used.

During our plane ride, we had told Rob to call a couple of places where Jon knew he had shopped. He did. No luck. So I call the bank again, and get a different live person. This gal puts me through the rigmarole again and I ask for her supervisor --we finally go two supervisor/managers "up" --to talk to an intelligent person. And we tell him about our checking account and a recent check we wrote. NOW he's willing to talk to us, having seen that check in our records. (Although if someone had stolen our check book, they would have that info.) But he understood that the info we were asking for wouldn't be useful to a thief of our card. We wanted to know where the card had been used, so we could tell if we should try to cancel the card or not. The irony is that they were willing to stop action on the card without proving that we were US by a password -- --and then later, they wouldn't even do THAT! realizing that it was illogical to let someone cancel a card if they didn't know the password. But then I said, "Now, supposing our card really IS stolen and people are spending up the wazoo on it and you won't let me cancel the card!! because i can't remember a password.

The remedy they had was for us to go into a branch bank --except we were in Florida and our banks are in Ohio --and it was Saturday afternoon and our own branch bank was closed so we couldn't phone them.

But now Jon remembers that he went to the Rite Aid for an Rx. So we call there and the guy remembers that Jon came in. He said sometimes they put the credit card in the medicine bag when the customer comes through the drive-thru as Jon did. Sure enough, Rob found the 2nd card in the script bag at home in the kitchen. Jon had not opened it as he didn't need to pack this Rx for the trip.

But in the meantime, many phone calls were made --the bank was no help --until we talked to a 4th person who had some independent initiative to understand that all we wanted to know was if our card was being used to buy things back home or somewhere where we weren't.

Next installment: the AAA Voucher Fiasco

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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