Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Disney Disappointments --Eisner Changes?

Maybe it was their CEO --one Disney employee told us that Eisner didn't like Figment of the Imagination event in EPCOT. So he had the ride re-designed to exclude Figment. NOw, Figment is back, but the ride is not restored to its former glory, music, etc.

Another disappointment for my husband was the change in music of the Peter Pan ride in the Magic Kingdom and he says the experience of flying out the window was missing. We thought the ride was better with that experience and the former music.

Small World and the Pirate rides seemed the same to me --though he thinks they backed down the traditional music on the pirate ride. They've added Captain Sparrow to the scenes for a comic touch.

The Tiki Bird pavillion announced itself as "under new management" --and it was irritating to hear Gilbert Godfrey's grating voice throughout and you couldn't understand the dialogue very well. They omitted the original comedy and music for a whole new approach and it just fell short. Previously, the music built in intensity more effectively and had a more native flavor --instead of the jazz. I guess they tried to make it more contemporary and they probably think people will come to see something if it's new. But it wasn't BETTER --it fell flat. They didn't do as much with the totem poles, etc.

My daughter and my husband rode on the test track for cars, a high speed ride. Afterwards, they concluded we could have all gone, but we didn't because Disney's promotion so emphasized the negatives as though some would not enjoy it but find it frightening, bad for heart and health. They felt it did not match the benefits of the former Motion building which it replaced --which was about the history of transportation and quite entertaining and educational.

The Spaceship Earth was much as we remembered it and a great experience.

At the Imagination building there is a 3D movie that was based on the theme of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" --using those actors --only they shrunk the audience. This was a lot of fun, I thought

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