Tuesday, April 1, 2008

For the Benefit of Valerie and Woman of Marseilles-- (WOM) More Soap Opera, Steve

Well, I see we've been having French bloggers over here. I followed the French poster who commented here and her name links back to the infamous French blog --which Kristina, the Russian student, wants everyone to know is a World Blog --since she and some Americans contribute there also.

I found that I'm still a topic over there, with chunks of my blog taken overseas and apparently translated from English to French to English again --or something!! It was pretty garbled.

With the French writers who don't read English --and because I do not read French --even with the Google translators, I don't think we are going to communicate clearly.

HOWEVER, to Woman of Marseilles(WOM), I want you to know that I didn't say that the Bible says having sex is worse than murder. The Bible does not say that. Nor do I think sex is only for making children, as you said of me. It is the union of male and female, soul with soul, for intimacy and child-bearing; God built in a pleasure factor, as well. Marital sex is God's creation for His purposes and our good.

He, however, did not give the gift to us for casual recreation between any numbers of people outside of hetero marriage. It is more than a physical recreation or release. MOre than entertainment. It is for married hetero couples only. It is ordained by God and the marriage bed is undefiled. But sex outside the marriage commitment is risky, dangerous to body, mind and soul. Like others have said, you can't put a condom on a broken heart.

God's Word tells husbands to love their wives like their own bodies --and wives are to respect their husbands. And both are to mutually submit one to another -as unto the Lord --and love one another. St. Paul wrote that they ought not deprive each other of sexual intimacy.

Jeanette was chided for apologizing on the French blog but criticizing certain ones of them on this blog. What's wrong with this picture? They have NEVER apologized to any of us for any of the egregious verbal wounds they have inflicted. Why do they expect that Christians should never get angry with them or say anything insulting? Isn't that interesting? We are held to our own high standard of kindness, forgiveness, and turning the other cheek; but there is no standard too low for them. They hold themselves to no standards of kindness, propriety, apology--and certainly not honesty. The harshest and most distorting things have been said --and the crudest artwork posted. But there is no apology from any of them. Only peer group solidarity --like a teen-aged clique patting each other on the back at the expense of the persecuted minority.

It does indeed illustrate that old scripture, "Judge not --for you do the very same things." I have been temperate in calling a spade a spade over there. It was not my intention to be defending myself all the time. But I felt it was needed for honesty. E.G. When someone says I've told them that the Bible says sex is worse than murder --that ANY kind of sex is worse than murder, that's a gross mischaracterization of my words and the Bible. I've never thought such a thing, much less said it -and the Bible doesn't say that either. So much that I wrote at the French blog in the worst days was an attempt to tell the truth regarding Christians, the Bible and the Christians on the blog.

BTW, I was called lazy for not translating. But I wasn't welcome over there by the time the French writers came, so why would I translate?

I do believe they miss us, Jeanette! Isn't that your interpretation!? No more fun crucifixions and no more Christians in the amphitheatre! Tsk Tsk.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Jeanette said...

I don't bother to go over there anymore, although my aunt is still with me and has my IP address and has gone over there.

She tells me SS or Microdot or someone is making up a recipe for aborted fetuses.

Sick people. They get all upset and weepy over the death of a sea gull at an airport (so I was told by my aunt) but laugh over talking about eating aborted humans.

When I was still going over there I found their French to be so full of slang (by their own admission) that I could never understand what WOM was saying even with the translator. It translated her French words back into French words!

That blog has so much turnover in readership and only a handful of posters anyway that by next year they'll have a whole new set of people posting comments while the current crop has tired of it.

And Kristina is supposed to be so intelligent. She gets intelectually stimulated by that blog by her own admission. Strange.

steve said...

I'm sure their aborted fetus's jokes are only meant to bait you.

Speaking of Abortion, if God is so against abortion, and the Nations of the world owe their existence to God, then why is God so blessing China? In the US, we don't promote abortion, but we allow it to be legal due to issues of women's rights, medical safety/expediency, etc.. but in China abortion is STATE POLICY... What gives? China is set to be the preeminent nation of the 21'st century.. What a blessing. Not only is abortion state policy, but China has a cultural practice of aborting female fetus's and killing female newborns out of social practice.

steve said...

An aside: go out of your way to buy American products, because every Walmart dollar (or Target, or K-mart, whatever) is a dollar that ends up in the coffers of the Chinese communist party. So if you don't like Chinese abortion practices, or Chinese hegemony against Tibet / Taiwan, or the awakening Chinese militerization, then buy only American products... Good luck finding American products though since the GOP has eviscerated our manufacturing capacity in the name of making CEO's and major shareholders richer. It's going to be pretty hilarious when China turns all those Walmart widget factories we built for them into Bomb factories to sink the American Fleet guarding Taiwan.

Rob R said...

Two short answers. Your question on china presumes prosperity theology and perhaps even theological determinism where everything happens is in terms the will of God... many free will theists have a different take on that. The world is in rebellion and God has not witheld resources and oportunites from the wicked because he doesn't micromanage to begin with.

But it's not as if there was no reason to bless china. China I believe may have more Christians (perhaps "real Christians") than any other nation in the world at 100 million people, 10 % of the population.

Barb said...

Sometimes, Israel's enemies prospered and took them into captivity, also.
Our difficulties may remind us that we NEED God. They may cause stirrings of faith --and desire for the benefactor and blessor or the Bible.

The Old Testament raises the issue, "Why do the wicked prosper?"

Truly, real prosperity is that sense of well-being that comes from feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit --and the blessings of living by those love commandments --AND the Ten C's, Golden Rule, etc.

We do indeed make much misery for our self and others when we choose licentiousness --a right to sin --a right to flout the Old Testament and New Testament basic moral standards.

Jeanette said...

I'm surprised that, as a former Baptist college student, you don't already know about free will.

That's why God didn't stop Eve from eating of the forbidden fruit, or Adam either. Do you think He didn't know?

The people who belong to the "church of what's happening now" constantly try to argue points to make us doubt God when they already know the answer.

Somewhere along the line you allowed Satan to use a bigoted instructor to take you where you were already headed and needed an excuse to get there.

Presto! the bigoted, racist instructor who may or may not have been what you interpreted him to be, but it's more comfortable to go to the "church of what's happening now" because you don't have to take any responsibility for what you do in life.

You know that kind of church. I would describe it as being like the Church of Lyodecia in that it is neither hot nor cold but lukewarm. Jesus said He would rather they be hot or cold but because they are lukewarm He will spew them out of His mouth.

This is the church that has no real Christian values and very seldom preaches the Gospel of salvation by grace. Just feel good things that satisfy your urge to go to church on Sunday because you haven't quite yet broken that habit.

When it's convenient you can always blame God and you have enough background that if it were possible you could deceive the very elect.

I'm sure you've heard that somewhere.

Maybe you need to examine your personal relationship with the Living God. There is none before Him and none after Him, but Satan is responsible for the sin in this world and abortion is a sin. It is the willful taking of a human life, and don't use the argument of blastocells etc because once the sperm and egg unite and split once, everything needed to make a complete human being is there.

Maybe the Holy Spirit is bringing you to this and other sites like it to get you back into the fold.

Barb said...

Your first post here, Rob never posted. wonder why. It's in my email notice.

steve said...

haha! triple teamed! I'll have to give some thought to my next post.

Barb said...

Yes, you will! Thought is always a good thing --well, no, it isn't. I've been saying all along that wrong thinking leads to wrong action leads to miserable consequences in the end.

Barb said...

This is Rob's comment here that never posted:

I was just thinking how it's kind of like the cantina from Star Wars over there with conversations half in one native tongue, and half in the other, and then some strange creature coming over announcing, "I don't like you... my friend doesn't like you either... I've got the death sentences in seven systems..."

But that's putting it very kindly.

Posted by Rob R to The Barb Wire at April 1, 2008 6:55 PM

Le Raccordement Français said...

Il y a une règle de comptabilité publique qui veut que les subventions publiques soient supprimées à des groupes et associations qui commettent des délits. Quand appliquera-t-on cette règle ?

Rob R said...

presumably, you are asking when offensive personalities or blogs are removed according to some rule.

as far as I know, never from blogger. Can't say about your blog. Are you afraid they will remove it for that reason?

Le Raccordement Français said...

Astrid Betancourt s'est, quant à elle, une nouvelle fois élevée contre ces informations qu'elle juge "infondées", ne croyant "absolument pas" à une grève de la faim de sa sœur. "Ce sont des rumeurs qui ont été mises en avant par les services secrets colombiens", a-t-elle affirmé. "Aujourd'hui, il n'y a aucune information concrète ni vérifiée qui permette de confirmer que ma sœur est en grève de la faim. Les seules certitudes que l'on peut avoir sont la vidéo où elle apparaît très affaiblie, et la lettre" parvenue en décembre à sa famille, ainsi que "les difficultés qu'elle a à s'alimenter en raison de son état", estime-t-elle.

Barb said...

Is this just spam? I don't get Madamoiselle's point.

SDL freetranslation.com

Astrid Betancourt is itself, as for her, a new time object to these information that she judges "unfounded", not believing "absolutely" to a strike of the hunger of his sister. "This are rumors that were put forward by the Colombian secret services", she asserted. "Today, there is not any concrete or verified information that allows confirming that my sister is in hunger strike. The only certainties that one can have are the video where she appears very weakened, and the letter" reached in December to his family, as well as "the difficulties that she has to supply itself because of his state", she estimates.

and then dictionary.com translator

--Astrid Betancourt, as for it, protested once again against this information which it judges " infondées" , not believing " absolutely pas" with an hunger strike of his/her sister. " In fact rumors were proposed by the secret services colombiens" , she affirmed. " Today, there is no checked concrete information nor which makes it possible to confirm that my sister is in hunger strike. The only certainty which one can have are it video where it appears very weakened, and the lettre" arrived in December to its family, like " the difficulties which it has to feed because of sound état" , it estimates

Barb said...

The first French post translates this way:

There is a rule of public accounting that wants that the public subsidies are eliminated to groups and associations that commit offences. When will one apply this rule?

Barb said...

No point in translating anything else from France here, obviously.

Le Raccordement Français said...

Pour développer ce constat concernant la difficulté devant laquelle on se trouve face à la pensée de barb e jeanette, c'est que la lecture de ses « notes » et articles sont nourris d'une vaste érudition : barb connaît parfaitement l'histoire de la philosophie (les auteurs et leurs œuvres) et si c'est cette histoire qui l'intéresse, c'est en tant qu'elle est le lieu d'une bataille des Idées, dont le noyau est le conflit entre la Loi et la Philosophie.

Barb said...


To develop this report concerning the difficulty in front of which one is located facing the think about barb e jeanette, this is that the reading of its "note" and items are nourished of a vast erudition: barb perfectly knows the history of philosophy (the authors and their works) and if this is this history that the interests, this is as she is the place of a battle The conflict between the Law and Philosophy.

Barb said...

I would be perfectly happy to have someone come and provide a good translation. At least this post may have been an attempt to communicate to us.

Le Raccordement Français said...

Les barb anomalies dans le fonctionnement du cerveau ont été liées à des sentiments d'anxiété et de stress moindre résistance. Lorsqu'il est confronté à un très stressante, négatif grands événements de la vie, comme un échec dans un domaine important, une personne peut avoir sa première grande dépression. Inversement, si une personne qui accomplit un succès majeur, il peut l'expérience de son premier épisode maniaque ou hypomaniaques. Les barb personnes atteintes de trouble bipolaire ont tendance à l'expérience épisode déclenche impliquant soit interpersonnelle ou de la réalisation d'événements liés à la vie. Un exemple de relations interpersonnelles-événements de la vie comprennent la chute dans l'amour ou, inversement, la mort d'un ami proche.

Jeanette said...

Now that last statement translates quite well. I won't translate it here though.

Since it makes sense in what it says I would normally say the author is Valérie, but because the writer goes so deeply into psychology, it very well could be Kristina, who is the brains behind the operation at Porky Pass.

I know it isn't Microdot because he can't speak perfect French yet.

Valérie has said she would speak more formal French so others could better understand her since when she reads the postings of WOM she gets the confusion we get because it doesn't translate very well to make any sense.

So, it's either Valérie or Kristina. Hmmmm.

Say, Valérie, look for your apology from me over at Porky Pass. You're included with the masses and not singled out. I'd correct that but I promised not to go over there and post anymmore.


Rob R said...

Rob R said...

I, don't know. There wasn't much substance in the dictionary.com translation.

It had what appeared to be technical psychological terminology, but I've started to think that this is a random text generator, perhaps one for French that creates text that is grammatically correct, supposed to look like highly technical mumbo jumbo, but is ultimately gibberish. On my old Macintosh, I had a Kant generator which produced random text that was supposed to look like the horribly garbled prose that German philosopher Emmanuel Kant wrote. His writing is so difficult to understand that supposedly, some German philosophy students would study the English translations because they are supposed to be easier to understand (but it's still extremely thick in the English). The Kant generator also had some other modules, such as the Freud generator. There were a few other scholars whom the generator emulated as well.

I know there are some other random text generators out there. Somewhere, I stumbled upon one that randomly slapped together research papers for computer science and furthermore, you could enter your name and other peoples names as authors. I put my name on it as well as a friend's name and his mother's name. The paper also cited other research paper's one of which listed me as a co-author along with an A. Einstein.

I translated a few of the French comments over at porqi thing and they usually came out much better even with some odd language here and there. Valerie's post came out fairly clearly.

I also, don't see any evidence that the person attempts at all to interact with anything that is said. Furthermore, only mom's and I think once jeanette's name came up.

Barb said...

More spam with my name thrown in.

Gee, girls from France, have you nothing more interesting to say???
I think rob is right--the texts are random as from a text generator.

I guess it's supposed to make me so angry that I'll delete. they think this is equivalent to me posting scripture on topic. I might as well delete gibberish --whereas I wouldn't delete honest differences of opinion. Or something as interesting as he Bible.

Anonymous said...

Rob, Barb,

They are not using Dictionary.com. They are using this Google translator. This is the one they all talk about, and though this seems to be an aggregator don't believe it.

The psychological references are exactly why they need to be believed as generated by someone who speaks better French than the others. Hence, Valerie or Kristina and I only include Kristina due to the psychoanalyzing.

You really need to install site meter so you can see where these are coming from.

Anonymous said...

Oops! I'm anonymous! I guess I clicked the wrong box!

Jeanette said...

It won't take just the name and URL. I'm anonymous in both the above posts.

Le Raccordement Français said...

Vous en vendez trois à votre société cotée en bourse en utilisant des lettres de créance ouvertes par votre beau-frère auprès de votre banque. Puis vous faites un “échange de dettes contre participation”, assorti d’une offre publique, et vous récupérez quatre vaches dans l’opération tout en bénéficiant d’un abattement fiscal pour l’entretien de cinq vaches

Barb said...

Once again, more psycho babble, this time about bipolarity and depression--mine. I keep getting different diagnosis from Dr. Frenchie --I'm beginning to think she's a quack.

My shrinks Dr. Frenchie and Dr. Mudrake don't agree; I KNOW he's a quack; he says it's obsessive compulsive disorder that affects my posts, but he's the one who manifests that disorder.

What's a girl to do? which medicine do I need?

I already have the best physician (not to mention Hubby.) Jesus said the sick need the physician, when He was accused of hanging about with the wrong crowd, the "winebibbers and the harlots." That's what I did over in France --bearing the prescription from the Great Physician Himself --and it got me crucified with Christ.

Barb said...

BTW, Jeanette, IMO, Kristina, the "Russian grad student" is not the "brains" at the French blog. I'd say Whynot --who has squandered his brains--and MIcrodot --who misdirects his when he channels the spirit of mudrake -those are probably the two highest I.Q.'s over there --(since you and I left!)

When Kristina explains math or multi-cultural tolerance, she falls so far short of common sensical understanding. And she didn't have the knowledge of Russian lit that Baldspot does; she doesn't seem to know to what goal Russia is paying her to study or for how long --maybe teaching --but I wouldn't recommend that because she doesn't understand where people are at when she explains things to them. No common sense.

E.G. I couldn't get it through her head that it isn't arrogant to say you believe something is true --that Christianity is the only true faith. She called that arrogance, no matter how often I explained that it was not. I said it isn't arrogance if you are convinced that something is true. E.G. if you saw a motor accident and you knew who caused it, would it be arrogance to insist on your version of the events? Of course not. Thus it is with faith in a belief system --you aren't necessarily claiming to be better or smarter than anyone else because you have faith--INstead, you are claiming that you had an experience and that you see the truth because of that experience. People don't have to believe me, but they shouldn't call it arrogance.

Arrogance is when I say I am better than another. But I consistently say that we are all equals at the foot of the cross --all sinners who need a Savior.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom --without that, all understanding is clouded. It is as though people were blind when they deny or doubt the reality of a Supreme intelligence behind the universe.

St. Paul believed in Hebrew faith--and was sure Jesus was a fraud --until he was blinded by a bright light and heard the voice of Christ speak to him while traveling with companions to deliver Christians for persecution.

After his sight was restored by a miraculous chain of events, he could say as the song, Amazing Grace: "I once was lost, but now am found --was blind, but now I see."

No offense to Kristina intended with this post, but no one is doing her any favors to keep patting her on the back for brilliant objectivity when she has demonstrated neither --though she may be very book-smart.

Barb said...

I should've acknowledged Kender's high IQ --and Romeo's and maybe Mr. P's--and certainly Deviant 1.

But Microdot in a good mood is the cleverest. It's too bad what some people let peer pressure do to them. He become irrational and delusional where I was concerned.

Le Raccordement Français said...

Beaucoup de chèvres laitières, à leur âge, en moyenne 6 à 8 kg de lait par jour (environ 3 à 4 pintes) pendant une durée de dix mois de lactation, ce qui donne plus rapidement après rafraîchir et progressivement abandon de la production vers la fin de leur lactation. Le lait en moyenne 3,5 pour cent matière grasse. Une daine peut s'attendre à atteindre son plus lourd production au cours de son troisième ou quatrième lactation. [11] Il est également dit que "la formule dérivée de chèvre lait ne convient pas aux bébés qui sont intolérants au lactose, car il contient des niveaux similaires à cow's de lactose - À base de lait pour nourrissons.

Barb said...


A lot of dairy goats, to their age, in average 6 to 8 kg of milk a day (about 3 to 4 pints) for a length of ten months of lactation, which gives more quickly after refreshing and progressively abandonment of the production towards the end of their lactation. The milk in average 3.5 percent matter fatty. A doe can expect to attain his heavier production during his third one or fourth lactation. [11] It is equally said that "diverted formula of goat milk does not suit the babies that are intolerant to the lactose, for it contains similar levels to cow's lactose - TO bases milk for let us nourish.

Barb said...

I think Rob is right --this is just example of random spam generation

Le Raccordement Français said...

Je pense que la vie n’a pas de fin, mais toujours des changements.
On nous faisait lever tôt le matin pour aller à la chapelle ;
J’aimais bien l’atmosphère ,fraiche et reposante mais je ne pense pas avoir adhéré une fois aux paroles dites(ces paroles ne m’imprégnaient pas et je ne sais pas pourquoi?

Barb said...

I think that life has not any end, but always changes. One did us to get up early in the morning to go to the chapel; I very much LIKED the atmosphere, fresh and resting but I do not think to have adhered once to the words dites(ces words did not impregnate me
and I do not know why?

I think you are really saying something here? Perhaps the words did not impress you because they were not inspired by a minister who truly believes in the Bible and Jesus. Perhaps because you have not thought about these ideas before?

We feel God's presence when the Holy Spirit is present to "speak" to us. The Bible tells us to draw near to God --and says He WILL draw near to us.

Jesus said if we seek God, He can be found. He loves us and wants to have a personal relationship with us --as though we were all "on line" with Him and only need to speak in His direction and He will hear and make His presence felt.

Yes, the Bible says we will live forever after we die --in Heaven or another place which we would not like. Jesus takes us to Heaven when we believe and trust in Him.

Le Raccordement Français said...

Je pense que Rob est à droite - ce n'est qu'un exemple de génération aléatoire de spam. Peut-être pas du tout. Peut-être que c'est une charge de merde déversées sur une charge de merde blog. Qui sait, et pourquoi pas?

Rob R said...

Well, this last post just proves it. Not one shred of real intellegence at operation here folks. Just more random garbage, incoherent french babble strung together that makes absolutely no sense. It's probably just some pimply faced teenager who thinks he's hilarious. No doubt, he went to the mudrake school of comedy and graduated with honors.

My recomendation, ignore it and pay no attention to that nerd behind the curtain.

Jeanette said...


As you know, I have just returned from dropping my aunt off at her home in Florida.

I couldn't resist and went over to Porky Pass. (Yes, Valérie, Porky Pass with 2 s's) and Valérie claims to be posting on your blog with her own name.

It makes sense in the sense the sentences can be understood, unlike Microdot's Frenglish and WOMs "poetic" writings which are not really decipherable in English.

Valérie thinks when I said the word "slang" I meant swear words instead of what Americans mean by slang.

Valérie, slang in America would be something like saying "ain't" instead of "isn't" i.e. "is not".

This is not a spam bot but a real person, and it appears I have hurt Valérie's feelings by not giving her a personal apology when I saw the filth the blog owner put up of you on a cross. I called them the scum of the earth because they didn't condemn what he did until after we said something.

Also, Kristina is psycholanalyzing us, as is Microdot.

When I say Kristina is the brains of the outfit I mean it sarcastically because she is always ready to tell everyone how well educated she is on any topic in the world.

You see, according to Kristina, we became insane before we were saved; otherwise we would never have believed.

I'll leave it to Valéie to confirm or deny, but the talk of the bulls and cows etc is right from their blog. I would say Valérie is the "French Connection" and since she claims to use her real name I guess she's the "French Connection". Right, Madam?

Rob R said...

Also, Kristina is psycholanalyzing us, as is Microdot.

Wonderful! They should then come to the conclusion that we are relatively psychologically healthy and well balanced people.

Otherwise, I expect they will be engaging in projection.

Российская связь said...

Да, мой дорогой Француз, этот blog полон дерьма, и это воняет ужасно!

Barb said...

The French/Russian visitor from Paris was here for 24 hours!

Die deutsche Verbindung said...

Seit vierundzwanzig Stunden! Wie konnten sie diese Scheiße lesen, die Sie dafür lange anschlagen? Es lässt mich meine eigenen Hosen vollscheißen wollen!