Sunday, August 5, 2012


The law is a teacher.  Way more women abort now than before.    We have performed 50 million legal abortions since we legalized abortion; the pro-aborts with knowledge have admitted that reports of illegal abortions causing maternal deaths annually were hugely exaggerated as propaganda for abortion prior to 1973.    That's what gay marriage will do --TEACH the youth that it makes no difference whether you do it with a woman or a man.  Because what is legal is seen as "right."
I just had this conversation with a young marijuana smoker --he said it's LEGAL as medicine in some states so it must not be that bad.  Medicine can't be bad for you.    The mature know this is not true --and know the bad effects of mj on the brain.  But the immature think the law stands for what is right and good.   Therefore, the law teaches --that there is nothing wrong with abortion, drugs now deemed mostly illegal, and homosex-perimentation and exploring one's sexuality.
Consider that in Uganda MSM are  19 times more likely to be HIV infected than someone in the general popululation --that MSM are still the leading carriers and victims of new cases of HIV in the US and the world.    You just can't sanitize or disease-proof anal sex --or oral sex with infected people.  There is a high risk of harm for MSM and their women and children.  There is risk to public health via the lowered immunity of AIDS victims.  What they can get, we can all get because their vulnerability puts diseases out there for all. 
We need to cease and desist.   Who on earth wants his anus penetrated the first time?  Only a nutcase, so the likely recipients of this act were seduced or coerced --and the result is damaged gender identity.   Those who initiate others into this gay identity and  lifestyle or encourage them to experiment with it are doing a great evil to youth.    Legal gay marriage will be a pandora's box of  sex-ploration by youth, more  people with STD's, and risk to the health of all through lowered immunity of AIDS.  And more people disinclined  to procreate and sustain normal hetero relationships and family life.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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