Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On Legitimate Rape? More of My Blog Posts

I didn't hear the gentleman on "legitimate rape," but let me guess --was he trying to distinguish between women who are really raped and those who would cry "rape!" just to get their abortions --and not because they were really raped? I bet that's what he meant by legitimate.

I think his concern probably was that if abortion is made illegal --but legal for rape --that all women will claim they were raped when they want abortions. There is nothing legit about rape, of course --and GOP knows it same as the DIMS. And it is very DIM and an effort to obfuscate the facts to misunderstand what the man meant .

Abortion takes a human life for selfish reasons. There are very few women impregnated by rape, incest --and hardly any who have to terminate a pregnancy in the 3rd trimester to save her life --via partial birth abortion. The child can be delivered early instead of aborted if the woman cannot carry to term.

Abortion should never have been legalized --except  for rape, incest, life of mother  --where the sad choices have some legitimacy.  Take the rare 12 year old rape victim who is impregnated.  (I wonder how many of these there are?)    Personally speaking,  I don't think she should also be forced through pregnancy and labor because of an act of rape, which is always against God's will.

  Gay marriage should not be legalized --for its effect on youth. 

  Romney will not  tax the middle class more than the rich.   And he isn't going to hurt the elderly.

What you don't get is that we are all going to be poor under O if we don't have REAL change --not socialistic change.  Why would we want to be like GREECE???   Obama is taking us there as fast as he can.   He's either ignorant and inept about economics --or he's determined to break us down and then take over in a  Bolshevik fashion.  I prefer to think the former.  In either case, "Hit the Road, Barack!"

 "God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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