Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RecentBlog Posts of Mine on the Candidates and Election Issues

 Obama did it wrong --when he refused to defend federal law like DOMA --when he declared support for abortion for any reason and letting surviving abortion victims die --when he created 32 czars for unelected power at our expense --NOT legit part of the executive branch --NOT the way our gov't is supposed to work --when he disallowed our offshore drilling while funding it around So. America --when he bailed out GM who is now taking jobs to China -- when he passed the ACA (Obamacare) with its big gov't control of all aspects of healthcare and our lives --when he persecuted AZ for defending themselves against illegal aliens --when he ignored the plight of Syria --when he failed to take care of Iran --when he bowed to China's and Saudi's leaders and promised Russians (off mic --an accident)  he'd be able to please them more after the election and not before --when he said over and over again that we are not a "christian nation." When he ineptly lost weapons in Mexico to drug running murderers -- when he snubbed Israel --when he and his wife gave up their law licenses before they could be disbarred (her for insurance fraud and him for lying on application) --when he got pork money as a senator for Tony Rezko, the slum lord who blew millions of our money which Obama got for him -- when he let two terrorist radicals establish him in politics with a fund-raiser at their house --when he let himself be touted as a Constitutional law prof --when he was a lower echelon instructor who avoided the faculty discussion group mtgs. --when he invested tax money into failed green companies --when he told the Christian schools and Catholic institutions that they have to pay for birth control and abortifacients for students and employees --when his party gives money to PP whose primary business is abortion--despite their claim to provide general women's healthcare.  We have plenty of public health offices for the women's healthcare --we don't need abortionist PP and it is illegal to take our tax money to pay for abortion. 

Look at the mentors he had, and all he does is understandably either inept from no real job experience --or bent on our downfall for socialist "change."   There is a Catholic priest who reminds us at youtube --that socialism, little brother of Marxist Communism,  ultimately denies the validity of religion and takes away religious liberty.   ALready, Obama has started this in his Obamacare, forcing the religious institutions to go against their religious beliefs --or be fined hugely.


You look at a man's record --Romney is successful at management and making money. He did this for free for 8 years? (the Olympics and the Governorship.)  His goal is to make us successful economically as a country--ALL OF US can then be lifted up. There is truth to "trickle down" economics --evidenced by fact that our poor people are the richest poor people in the world --with running water, heat, A/c, electric, IPods, big screen tv's, IPads, video game systems, nice clothes, furniture, free healthcare, free money, subsidized everything, food cards, and expensive tattoos and piercings.

NOW, if we could just study harder in school, we might all experience the upward mobility of the many who started out poor and are now rich (like many people I know.) There has been opportunity in this country--and I'm tired of hearing democratic constituency belly-aching about their SELF-IMPOSED poverty (with all the benefits I listed above) --self-imposed by smoking, drinking, fathering multiple families, and refusing to even look for legit work.
(though granted, there isn't much work now in this socialistic nation. Obama wants to create more disabled on SSI (more than jobs currently) or gov't jobs --for which the gov't HAS NO MONEY!   And taxing the rich higher  can be done --but it will be a band-aid unless you stop this spending! and growth in entitlements!  

I believe he is setting us up for a violent response from his supporters if he doesn't win --his party and supporters are accusing GOP of racism and sexism (the war on women)  and greed.     The greed and envy are on the Democratic side --and it's not factually defensible to say the GOP has no compassion for the poor.  NOt so.  But we see a system that is rewarding all the wrong things --and fomenting unrest among the envious.  Convincing the elderly that they will suffer under Romney--when in fact, it is the other way around.  Obama Care rations treatment for the elderly -- in a draconian way. We have to do something to continue to care for the elderly and the truly needy who lack options  --we can't continue to do it with all the greed, fraud, envy, unrest, socialist thinking of OBama. 

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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