Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Response on a Blog Re: Obama's Defense of Gay Marriage

On a blog --in response to specific comments of another blogger: 
Argue with St. Paul if you must. That was only 20 centenarians' lifetimes ago and he has more claim to divine insight than most of us since he was a persecutor of Christians who was blinded by a light on the road to Damascus ("he saw the light!".) He heard the resurrected Christ's voice telling him how and where and by whom (named him) to get his sight back (ironically on the street called Straight) --and from then on, he was a leading teacher/apologist for Christianity. Here's what He wrote: Romans 1: 18-32.

I suppose you know Sodomy gets its name from the city where the men desired sex with the angels --who were visiting Lot as men. It refers to homosexual relations. Don't be so sure (as you stated)  that these acts possible for men with each other were as common as you think for married heteros through the ages ----especially anal --or swallowing semen. I'm pretty sure my mother and grandmother never did these things. And it's not the way I have sex either. And I've yet to have a lady friend tell me she loves sex this way--but I've had a few say they got rid of guys who wanted them to do gay acts. They told 'em to get hence and find a boyfriend for the yuck stuff.

Men want these acts once they experience them, evidently. Which is why sodomy is so forbidden in the Bible. God knows that men would put their do-hickies just ANYWHERE! and come to crave the forbidden if they pursued self-gratification this way (lovers of self.) The procreative plan is for man to crave intimacy with his wife in the normal way--not to say there isn't much variety in position and in foreplay --and in oral stimulation --which is probably all permissible. As Paul wrote, "The marriage bed is undefiled."

My remark about AIDS. It was quixotic what society/media did in the wake of the AIDS crisis. It seems suicidal to promote homosexuality as a normal, unavoidable, lifestyle. But we did it --and went to great lengths in our privacy protection--because we didn't want anyone to persecute AIDS victims for fear of their blood and fluids. The country WAS terrified that we didn't know how to stop this epidemic that was fluid-borne. We feared accidental contagion through contact sports, traffic accidents, bathroom accidents, hospitals --(and some of those were afflicted and died of AIDS because of needle-sticks or surgery accidents.) It WAS the gays and "men on the downlow" who brought it to America --to the blood supply, the prostitutes, the drug addicts, wives and their babies. The promiscuity of the gay community was amazing --horrifying --so the idea of marriage came up --maybe if they married....! But if heteros weren't faithful, why would we think that homosexuals would be more so? Considering the huge beach parties, bath houses, gay bars, and the extremely promiscuous nature of the movement. Newsweek noted the young gays, late in the epidemic, didn't use condoms.  They showed photos of huge beach parties, with hundreds of men standing around at night half-dressed --some women.  No, not swimming.  Holding their drinks, networking, finding temporary boyfriends.   Sad, not gay.
"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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