Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OBAMA --the first gay president??? on Mother's Day

Last week, Newsweek featured Obama on the cover with a rainbow halo and called him "the first gay president."  Andrew Sullivan, a married, gay conservative, wrote the article.   I noticed he suggested that Obama lacked closeness to his father and step-father  as many gays did!  (Now there's an admission that fits MY theory of gay causation!)   He likened Obama's situation as a bi-racial man to that of homosexual men.  But I have to wonder if the democrats were not chagrined to see the title, "first gay president," affixed to Obama --since Sullivan was not saying he was actually gay. 

However, allegedly, the mother of the murdered choir director at Obama's church pastored by Jeremiah Wright, came out to say her son and 2 other church men were murdered on the eve of Obama's  first presidential  candidacy because they were known to be involved with him homosexually.  One gay man came out publically after those murders to claim that he had a sexual encounter with Obama in the back seat of a limo that he (not Obama) had rented.  He said he did this so he would NOT be murdered for it, figuring if he got the story out, they wouldn't dare do him in.

 Our  minister said Sunday, that, in effect,  Obama had announced with his gay marriage affirmation during Mother's Day week that mothers (or fathers)are no longer necessary for the rearing of children. Aren't they???

Same-sex kids idolize each other as a part of normal growing up; in my youth, to turn that admiration for same-sex individuals into sexual desire was as taboo as incest or pedophilia. We slammed the mind's gate down on taboos --"didn't go there." Now the public school and media entertainment feel obligated to encourage kids into gay relations. New law for gay marriage will be a TEACHER to our kids --that they can explore same-sex possibility. What a mess on the horizon!

We do need a constitutional amendment defining marriage.   The writers never dreamed we'd be lunatic enough to make a new definition of marriage. Had they had prophetic insight, they would've defined it. If we today have any prophetic insight we SHALL define it and get it into the constitution as most states have done --before all the kids are confused, believing marriage is for any 2 (or more) people. 

Proponents of gay marriage say they have over 50% of the country in their favor.  If this isn't true, it soon will be, with youth growing up on GLEE and SISTER WIVES  and all the other media and education propaganda that says marriage and sex are for any combination of people.

Read Romans 1 to see that this problem of homosexuality is as old as the Gospel.   And the Good News is that ALL people can be forgiven of their sins and experience new life in Christ.  Repentance comes first.  Agreement with God about what is right and wrong is essential for repentance. 

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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