Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update No. 4 --Finding FM's and Helping Them --Making Help in Haiti Personal

CHALLENGE TO MY ATHEIST ACQUAINTANCES BELOW --see updated amendment on it --1-27-2010

Subject: Update #4 from Delia Nuesch-Olver

Port-au-Prince Report #4
Reported from Port au Prince, Haiti, by Delia NĂ¼esch-Olver on behalf of the second response team
Monday, January 25, 2010

Starting at 6 a.m. today, we divided into two teams. Ken LaBelle did many inspections of church buildings, schools and pastors’ homes, checking for structural soundness. It was his sad job to tell Superintendent Clovis and Pastor Jean Marc Zamor their homes are structurally unsafe and have to be torn down immediately to avoid further loss. When Pastor Clovis was informed he simply said: “God knows. God cares. God will provide.” – and continued ministering to other people.

Ken LaBelle has been coaching Pastor George, a Haitian leader, how to do building inspections. My favorite moment of the day was when Ken turned to Pastor George and said: “You do the next inspection.” From then on, Pastor George, a civil engineer, did them with the backing of Ken. He can now continue until more engineers come.

Many people were prayed for after we listened to their stories. Some children are starting to smile.

As we leave Haiti tomorrow, the International Child Care office is almost ready to be used, generators are re-set and working, and tools have been recovered from the FOHO building ready to be used by work teams. We also worked on preparing for the Fourth Response Team, arriving from Spring Arbor next Monday.

We are very impressed with the caliber of Jean Marc Zamor, the new Field Coordinator for FMWM Haiti response. Under his leadership, pastors have formed teams to locate church members in the refugee camps and are delivering water and food to many with the resources you send through us.

As this team returns to the U.S., we bring back information that will allow a prioritization of response according to the wishes and vision of Haitian leadership.

Thank you for all you are doing in prayer and giving to support our sisters and brothers in Haiti and around the world.

DAN ROSS BACK TO HONDURAS --Dan was part of our own church's work team that made friends with Honduras FM's there . He is going back there this week with a Toledo mission team (his dentist was going to the same town with a medical team? through other sources and invited him along) with decent tools to do work they had trouble doing previously because of faulty equipment. I think he is leaving the tools with the church perhaps as he invited us to donate more tools. Dan is a kitchen and bath designer/builder by trade, a craftsman. Our church had gone there last fall to do work on a church building.
I challenge you atheists to get your teams together and help in these works! But what comforting words will you have to offer about better days to come in the hereafter --for those who died and their loved ones?

I know --you think eternal death, eternal non-existance is preferable to Judgment Day, but hope is greatest for those who put their faith in Christ. His yoke is easy and His burden is light --why pass up His offer of Grace --unmerited favor--gained through faith and repentance alone!

I know --you say it's because you simply do not believe --cannot believe. But I marvel that you think it is preferable to spread this gospel of hopelessness to the world as though it is good for people --and I think it's an even harder sell than the demands of the self-denying godly life--though obviously preferable to you.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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