Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sarah Palin --Going Rogue

I'm reading Sarah's best-seller, and so far enjoyed all the many photos and her early life and courtship.

Contrary to liberal howls and rants, this book does sound like Sarah's voice --her way of speaking, her knowledge of life in Alaska, her affection for many friends and her family. And the book does make her seem likable and virtuous. I'm impressed with her work history and all she has accomplished while being a wife and mother. Few politicians have gotten their hands dirty as she has --working in the fish industry, e.g.

She says it took 5 years to finish college because she took semesters off to work --to finish debt-free. Some have used it to suggest she was a poor student. Actually, she admits that she and her friends enjoyed the sun and surf more than their studies that first college year in Hawaii.

I can see why she encouraged her daughter to marry when she got pregnant --because she and her Todd were high school sweethearts who have succeeded at marriage.

I wouldn't wish the presidency on this lovely family --but she does have an intriguing and attractive family--with strong parents on both sides. And America loves looking at her family.

I was disgusted with Jay Leno, whom I like normally, because he has chosen to make Sarah a butt of his jokes lately. I don't think she deserves it, so I'm thinking Jay deserves to be kicked out of prime time. Maybe God is punishing him!!!

I say that not altogether facetiously, because he and others have made fun of Sarah for calling it God's will /plan that she ran for veep. Jay said it must, therefore, have been God's will for Obama to win. Well, maybe it was! So we could see just how unpopular "Change" might be! Meanwhile, Sarah, a real Christian, has ascended to national fame.

You know, that's the way we evangelical believers see life's events --because we believe in God. The Bible says if we acknowledge Him, He will direct our paths. So she felt it was a call by God to run for office and nothing she sought for herself.

I've no doubt she could be a good president --with all her good values, work experience --and her passionate support for LIFE and FAITH. I'm betting she could draw good people around her to make up for any lack of Ivy League elite "brilliance," we want in our presidents. She isn't as eloquent as some, and I find her speaking voice "shrill" more than mellifluous --so those things won't help her in this media-driven age. I would recommend she speak more slowly and thoughtfully --and simply say less --and not feel obligated to "know everything" though she should bone up on "social studies" to avoid those blunders which the media so loves to exploit.

She is a "populist" more than a slick sophisticate --yet, very attractive. All the more reason for the liberals in media to demean her. If they can succeed at making her into a joke by their constant mockery, they will try to do just that.

What I hope is that Sarah and Todd will just relax and figure out how their family can make a living --and then if the GOP clamors at her door eventually, she can "follow God's will," and go where the call leads her.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Jeanette said...

I am a big believer that nothing happens by accident, so I find nothing unusual in Palin saying she thought God wanted her to run for VP.

We don't know God's full plan but He had some reason for it. The same as He had a reason for Obama to be elected and He may see fit for Obama to be re-elected.

Prophecy shows nothing that would indicate the U.S. is going to be any kind of factor after the Rapture and during the Tribulation.

Perhaps God allowed Obama to be elected to facilitate that change according to His divine plan.

Perhaps he put Sarah Palin in the spotlight to let people see a genuine person and not just a politician.

I don't know, but one thing I do know is if the Dems were not afraid of Palin they and the press would have let go a long time ago.

She's now going to be a contributor on Fox News. All things work to good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

Barb said...

amen --how did the sister search go at your house?

Jeanette said...

sister search? Please explain. I don't have any lost sisters. LOL

Barb said...

Email me --not about YOUR sister but HIS!

Granted, there are no lost sisters in Christ --all found!

Barb said...

PS to my blog --I saw Sarah on OReilly tonight. she was VERY good --even eloquent, I thought. I think this experience will really be good for her.

Jeanette said...

OK, now I know what you mean. That turned out to be fruitless for her. Hope this answers your question.

Barb said...

(Jeanette, was talking about the search of a possible long lost sister of someone's --not about Sarah Palin --when she said something turned out "fruitless for her.")

In fact, Sarah's venture as a tv pundit may be fruitful!

Jeanette said...

I also was talking about someone's long lost sister. Her search turned out to be fruitless for her. I was not referring to Sarah Palin.