Saturday, January 30, 2010

From Dr. Judy Ann Fisher in Haiti --on Sun Cookers There

From Dr. Judy Ann Fisher in Haiti:

By the way, our solar ovens are cooking up a storm in Petite Riviere De Nippes.
Thanks to Pastor Jack and his loving heart, our project is cooking rice, beans, bread for over 300 people a day affected by the quake! Praise Him. And, we are starting up our BioSand water filter production again for clean water.

Bro Yoder, many people are eating cooked food because of our vision and love for Haiti. How can we say thank you for all the years you believed in solar cooking and worked hard to promote it in Haiti. Well, I am following in your foot steps with the gospel of solar cooking with the Sun and the SON! (smile).

The oven from FOHO is earning it's keep! We are promoting the Global family size, too, especially since the one I purchased in 1994 is still cooking beans with the sun!! Now that's quality merchandise, Paul Munsen!! (smile).

Every camp city needs a Villager oven! I believe God gave the inventor, the late Tom Burns the vision and knowledge to invent the Villager. His work lives on today, and is saving untold number of lives. Just having a bag of rice and beans is not enough....unless you can cook it. Has anyone ever had uncooked rice and beans for a meal? It just won't work...even for starving people.
Regards - Have a Son-filled day!!


"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Rob said...

[Totally off-topic, so feel free to delete this comment...]
Are you by any chance the same "Barb" who has been commenting on Penelope Trunk's blog recently?

If so, please let me know of some way to contact you; my posts there are being blocked -- I'm not intentionally dropping the conversation. If so, you can email me at contact [at] robwhelan [dot] com. If not, sorry to bother you.

Barb said...

Hello Rob, I couldn't get your email address to work ??

I am not that Barb –had never been to Penelope’s blog except for your link; the topic was of interest to me.

I could well be that Barb with her pro-life views.

I have a son who blogs as Rob R., so I can imagine people confusing us seen on a blog together–except that he would be pro-life, also.
The following is an exchange from

Liberal Democrat Blogger Mudrake wrote: You begin with a fetus and then change it to child.

Do you know the difference? Is there a doctor in the house who could help you learn the difference between the two?
Sat Jan 30, 09:23:00 AM EST

Barb said...
There is no difference, Mud-rake --except age. The girl fetus will have the same fingerprints, organs, DNA code, coloring --as she develops into a girl baby, girl child, adolescent girl, and grown woman.

Once conceived, human life is a continuum.

Do you want the doctor in my house to explain this to you? He will, you know. In fact, you have a daughter --and she was the first stage of who she is from the moment she was conceived. A miracle who will bless you all the days of your life, I dare say--God's gift. Precious and unique. Others choose to abort and have no idea what they have done to the child and themselves --what blessing they have foregone.
So many are glad they didn't abort --even though they may have wanted to at first.
Sat Jan 30, 08:54:00 PM EST

Barb said...

On that blog, you raised the issue of miscarriage - saying we should be striving to save every fertilized egg, filtering to save every embryonic life, if we really believe it is a life.

We pro-lifers believe in preventing miscarriage if we can --but we don't believe in filtering menstrual blood to see if there are any fertilized ova in there --we do leave some things up to God, after all!!

steve said...

>We pro-lifers believe in >preventing miscarriage if we can

Unless preventing miscarriages comes in conflict with insurance company profits, and Physicians fees.

Barb said...

Even then, Steve, we pro-lifers believe in preventing miscarriage if we can